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This is the policy page of SML Wiki. Failure to follow these rules will result in warnings and/or disciplinary action, depending on how serious the violation was.

General Policy

  1. Per the Federal law, FANDOM requires you must be 13 years or older to make an account here. If you reveal yourself to be under the age limit, your account will be blocked by an admin, and possibly disabled globally by Fandom staff.
  2. Strictly no spamming. This includes adding useless pages, writing pointless comments/messages, making spam edits (e.g, reverting and then redoing edits).
  3. Please do not farm edits to increase your edit count or obtain badges. Badges are obtained fairly.
  4. Please mind your caps, specifically in edit summaries, and when editing as well.
  5. Please only edit your own user page, not anyone else's (unless you have permission from the other user first.)
  6. If you see a user breaking a rule, please tell an admin or moderator. Don't mini-mod by telling them what to do.
  7. Abusing multiple accounts are not allowed. You can have more than one account under normal circumstances, but if you make a second account to evade a block, your block may be extended longer, and the duplicate account(s) will be permanently banned.
    • If for any normal circumstance you choose to use a different account, we would prefer you let an admin know.
    • If you continue abusing multiple accounts, further actions will be taken.
  8. Please do not add false information.
  9. Please make sure that your edits are at the highest quality possible, and that they meet the manual of style.
  10. Vandalism is not allowed in any way possible.
  11. If you are unfamiliar with the formatting while editing a page, ask an admin for help. We would much rather help you resolve your confusion than to fix a page that was ruined by formatting errors.
  12. Be kind and respect all users.
  13. Posting private information about anyone is strictly prohibited.
  14. Light Profanity is allowed, so long as it isn't use to harass or intimidate others. General swears are allowed in normal discussion, but slurs/sexually explicit words are not. If such words are needed for quotes on pages, make sure they are censored.
  15. Please don't talk to spammers and vandals as it only incites them to cause more damage.
  16. No threatening of any sort is allowed.
  17. Please do not argue with admins or other staff, they know what they're doing. This rule also applies to other discussions outside of the wiki, e.g, Discord.
  18. Quote pages should have more than 10 quotes. If there are less than 10, the page will be deleted. A character who has said only few quotes should have their quotes in their main page in the quotes section.
  19. Please write in a neutral, unbiased, point of view. Please do not add sentences such as "[Character] has become greedy", "[Person] is a bad person", etc.

Voting Rules

  • You must be on the wiki for at least 1 week.
  • You must have at least 10 edits.

File Policy

Image Policy

  1. All images (except if they are on user pages or talk pages) must relate to SuperMarioLogan or the wiki in some way.
  2. When uploading more than one image to a page, please try to edit the page you're uploading them to one time only. In other words, add all of the pictures you want to upload and then save the page. This will save the admins some time when going through the recent changes.
  3. Make sure that the image you want to upload isn't already there. In other words don't upload duplicates. If you upload a duplicate image because yours is better quality than the old one, tell an admin the reason and the admin will keep the one he deems to be better and delete the other.
  4. Fanart is not allowed, that belongs on SML Fanon wiki.

Video Policy

  1. When uploading videos from SML Series, for example: "Bowser Junior's Summer School" or "Black Yoshi and The Birds". When there are different parts of the same video, please put them on a separate page.
  2. Do not upload duplicate videos.
  3. Do not upload any fan made videos that do not relate to SuperMarioLogan.

Messaging and Blogging Policy

  1. When someone is warned, they must listen to the warning admin. Talking back or being rude may result in a ban.
  2. Do not close or remove warnings from your wall.
  3. Nothing overly personal or pointless should even be considered worthy of a blog post. (Pointless subjects include but are not limited to: Games, number of edits one has, spam from other websites, certain types of polls, announcing an acquisition to your collection, etc.)
  4. Blog comments must keep on topic as the blog post dictates.
  5. No "test blogs" or "test comments" just for the sake of earning points. They are pointless and just clog up the activity feed.

All of the following rules (except when stated) apply to article comments, talk pages, and walls.

  • When rating videos in comments, do NOT write them in a hateful or rabid way. That will not be tolerated.

Discussions Policy

No post should be:

  1. Less than two sentences in the post (not counting the title).
  2. Text only present in the title, and the post blank.
  3. Containing only a single image, and no other explanation (Art, personal creations, and memes are exempt from this).
  4. Have only a link and nothing more (whether it be Youtube, or anything else)

(all of the above only apply to new posts, not to replies of existing posts). 5. Random obscure topics that do not matter here at all.

  1. Do not necropost. This means you cannot respond to old threads that are about topics which haven't even been discussed for months/years and a old message on someone's wall. (2 weeks to 1 month old is maximum to respond to a thread) Reviving these messages/forum threads is very unnecessary and we don't need them to come back anyhow. (Note: All minigames are exempt from this. If you see a minigame that hasn't been active in awhile, you're always free to revive it).
  1. If you see an inappropriate message in Discussions, Message Walls, or Article Comments, please hover over that message and click the "report" button. Only use this if the post violated a rule. Don't report posts just because you don't agree with them. Using this function will quickly notify all admins and mods about the situation, and they'll take care of it.
  2. Do Not mass-upvote posts. You can upvote posts that you admire, or when playing minigames, but never excessively.

Admin Policy

As well as the above rules, the admins have other obligations to help keep the Wiki fair and clean at the same time. These include, but are not limited to:

A user must be in a good standing condition with the wiki's policies, this means that if you have too many recent warnings, and if you beg for administration, you will be blocked.

  1. All admins should warn "offending" members before blocking them - depending on how serious it is. This will give the member time to voice their reasons for his/her actions. But so that order is kept, there will usually only be 1 warning, maximum is three warnings ("strikes") before the member in question is blocked for however long the admin in charge of the case sees fit.
    1. This rule does not apply to users who: spam, vandalize, offend other users, users who are exceptionally rude, or unregistered users. all of whom can be immediately blocked.
  2. Admins should try to start with shorter blocks, and assume good faith whenever possible - then give longer blocks if the user in question continues their disruption.
    1. This does not apply to users who create new account(s) to bypass an existing ban. Generally in those cases the alt account(s) will be blocked permanently, and the original account block may be extended.
    2. This rule also does not apply to users who upload NSFW images, all of whom will be permanently banned.
  3. If it is noticed amongst the administration that one member is not performing their duties in a way that benefits the site, the rest of the staff with have a discussion about your rights and whether or not you deserve to still have them.
  4. To be considered a candidate for any admin position, a user must be in good standing with the wiki.
  5. Abuse of powers will result in demotion of the account, and the account may be blocked. Sometimes abuse of powers will be reported to FANDOM depending on how severe the situation is, or if the account is a bureaucrat that will not stop misbehaving.

Signature Policy

  1. Signatures must be less than 4 lines high
  2. Signatures must not contain large pictures over twice their size
  3. Signatures must hint what the user is.
  4. Signatures must not be infoboxes, as it takes up space.