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Channel Information
Genre: Gaming/Technology
First Episode: SuperBowserLogan "Coming Soon"
February 28, 2010 (First Video)

Super Mario Sunshine All 120 stars!! "Final Boss Battle"
March 3, 2010 (First Gameplay Video)

Jeffy's Pet Shark!
July 14, 2019 (First SML Movie)
Last Episode: Bowser Junior's Big Discovery!
Series: SuperMarioLogan
Date Joined: April 15, 2008; 12 years ago
Date Shut Down: TBD
Subscribers: 3.73 million
Videos: 100+
Schedule: 2 videos every week (this schedule may vary)
Status: Formerly inactive, now active to SML Movies.
Channel Trailer

superbowserlogan's channel page as of April 9, 2020

Most Viewed Video
Bowser Junior's Lucky Penny!
SML Movie Bowser Junior's Lucky Penny!

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Lucky Penny!

SuperBowserLogan (styled as superbowserlogan) is Logan's 3rd channel and the current channel for uploading SML Movies. Gaming videos are usually uploaded here. As of July 14th, 2019, SML Movies are now uploaded here, with the rest of the videos of the eleventh season and the future seasons probably being uploaded on this channel for now on.


  • Logan has said that on October 13, 2016, this channel will have new videos every week as well as his second account. However, this is not true, since there has not been a video on this channel since January 15, 2017 that is until July 14th, 2019 where SML Movies are now uploaded..
  • So far, the longest episode of SML Movies ever uploaded on this channel was Bowser Junior's BIG Vacation!, which has a runtime of 18 minutes and 26 seconds.
    • Every SML Movie uploaded on this channel is under 20 minutes long.
  • Thus far, the shortest episode of SML Movies ever uploaded on this channel is a tie between Jeffy's Pet Shark!Bowser Junior's New Room! , and Bowser Junior's Prank Gone Wrong!
    • All three of said videos have a shared runtime of runtime of 10 minutes and 5 seconds.
    • In order for Logan to recive revinue from mid-roll ads, every episode of SML Movies will have to be at least 10 minutes long from now on.
  • In October 2017, Logan did 2 livestreams of him playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.
  • On July 11th, 2019, Logan announced that starting July 14th, 2019, he will officially be moving the SML Movies to SuperBowserLogan due to him trying to upload videos on SuperLuigiLogan but them not being monetized.
  • This channel is a family friendly channel.
  • On this channel, Some offensive words are censored such as ”Kidnap”, “Kidnapped”, ”Sex Offender” and more.
  • If Logan has an episode not family friendly, he gives a warning and uses the puppet versions of the plush charcters

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