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"Smart Jeffy" is the 260th episode of the SML Movies.


Jeffy becomes smart after a freak accident!


The video starts off with Jeffy pretending to be a poop monster with his shirt pulled up over his head and asking Mario if he can have/eat his butt. Rosalina knocks on the door, and Jeffy tells Mario he's going to hide, by somehow hiding inside the couch while making a weird face. Mario and Rosalina play pretend for a while until Jeffy poops his pants in the couch, and Mario asks Jeffy if he wants to play with Bowser Junior. Jeffy then leaves by falling down inside the couch and disappears.

Junior is playing with his new Thomas set when Jeffy comes in. Jeffy asks about a trampoline, and Junior tells him to jump on it. While Jeffy is jumping on it, he asks Junior what would happen if he landed on the table by jumping from the trampoline. Junior tells him to do so, and as a result, his pencil goes farther inside his nose upon impact with the table, and impales his brain, knocking Jeffy out. Junior then thinks that Jeffy is dead, and tells Rosalina (still finding her attractive and referring to her as “Busty Tits”) and Mario.

When they hear about it, Rosalina gets upset, and Mario immediately celebrates in the hope that Jeffy is really dead. Rosalina gets Mario to call 911, and Brooklyn T. Guy comes in. He examines Jeffy and says that Jeffy is not dead, much to Mario's dismay and Rosalina's relief. Jeffy wakes up and greets everyone. He then asks Mario why he has a diaper on the outside and says that this would get his butt infected.

Jeffy also asks why he has a bicycle helmet on and says that he is not on a bicycle so he takes it off. Brooklyn then asks Jeffy what pi is, and he says the exact correct answer. After that, Jeffy is given a Rubix cube and solves it just in moments. Brooklyn gives Jeffy an IQ test, and when he gets the results, he says that he got a 300, more than even Albert Einstein got, despite Jeffy going for a 301. Brooklyn T. Guy gets Mario to enter Jeffy into the International World's Smartest Person Contest, and at first, Mario doubts it, before Brooklyn tells him about the prize money, which is one million dollars.

Mario immediately reacts with jackpot eyes, and shows a lot of love and respect for Jeffy, even calling him his "son", but also getting disappointed when Brooklyn tells him he has to wait nine months for the contest. Nine months later, the contest starts and Mario tells Jeffy that he will go to college if he wins. Jeffy says that when he gets the prize money, he will invest in oil and 3D organ printing, and make 4.2 billion dollars in just two years. The other contestants are introduced as Cody, Stephen Hawking, and Jackie Chu. During the contest, Cody gets the first answer wrong, and Stephen Hawking gets broken and Brooklyn T. Guy has to take him to the shop to get fixed.

Jackie Chu and Jeffy get many correct answers until Jackie Chu is faced with the question, "What is the main ingredient in sushi?" Jackie Chu says dog, but Goodman says that the correct answer is rice, disqualifying him from the contest, leaving Jeffy as the only contestant left. Jeffy's final question is, "What is 8 - 4?". Jeffy begins to answer, before he sneezes, blowing his pencil out of his brain and back down his nose, leaving a hole in his brain. This reverts him to his normal self, and remembers his 8 - 4 experience, complete with a flashback from Jeffy's Homework!, before unh-ing multiple times and going into a profanity rant about the answer being 8. Goodman says it is wrong and disqualifies Jeffy from the contest, despite the answer being correct in Jeffy's Homework.

Later, Jeffy is playing with his diaper on his head and his helmet on his crotch and Mario cries in defeat and misery while Rosalina says it is "nice to have the old Jeffy back", despite Mario saying that he misses the smart Jeffy and he was gonna make him money. The video ends with Stephen Hawking attempting to do a wheelie, only to trip and fall on the floor as the video ends.



  • This video marks the first appearance of Jeffy's Weird Face, aka "Kangaroo Face" which would later become a meme and be recycled as a joke in First Day Of School!, The Quiet Game!, and Jeffy And The Beanstalk!.
  • This is the second time Mario's eyes are edited.
  • The SML Question at the end may imply that a video featuring Jeffy's parents will be coming soon.
  • The question that Cody got was a riddle/mind trick that asks, "How many months have 28 days?" The answer should be all the months because they all have at least 28 days, and this is why Cody got it wrong.
  • This is the 5th time a character changes and then goes back to normal.
  • This is the first time Jeffy becomes smart.
  • This marks the first, and only, appearance of Stephen Hawking.
  • This is the first time a character's eyes goes into Jackpot, in this case Mario.
  • This is the 4th time Jeffy jumps. The first being Jeffy's Favorite Song!, The second being The New House! (episode), and the third being Jeffy's Flu Shot!.
  • The video could've been inspired by Dabhdude as he said in his review of Bowser Junior's Game Night 3, saying to make a video where Jeffy becomes smart.
    • There were many fans requesting a video where Jeffy becomes smart before the release of this video.
  • Logan got the answer to Jeffy's first question from Wikipedia, as seen here.
  • In reality, getting stabbed through the brain would cause death since the sharp point of the pencil would penetrate the lobe, causing severe hemorrhaging and possible paralysis.
  • According to an Instagram post Logan put, this video has been demonetized.
  • This video was uploaded nine years after the first SML Video, SUPER MARIO GOT MILK.
  • This was the final video to be reacted to on the SuperLuigiLogan channel.

Cultural References

  • This episode is a parody of many popular T.V episodes. For example, "Patrick Smartpants" from SpongeBob SquarePants, "Butterfly Effect" from The Loud House, "HOMЯ" from The Simpsons and many others.
  • The first part where Jeffy is dressed as "The Poop Monster" and has his shirt up to his head is a reference to the Beavis and Butthead character Beavis' alter ego, "The Great Cornholio."
  • Jeffy's IQ of 300 could be a reference to Dr. Eggman from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, since the character has the same IQ.


  • There was originally an error at 11:10 where the scene of Goodman asking a question to Jeffy is repeated, but Logan fixed it.
  • During the International World's Smartest Person Contest, Lance's head can be seen at some points.
  • From 1:19 to 1:24 the microphone briefly changed. This error also happens in a few other videos from 2016.
  • Since Jeffy was the last person standing in "The World's Smartest Person Contest", he logically should have won by default.
  • In Jeffy's Homework!, it is proven there is a new rule in math where 8-4=8, known as Jeffy's Law. Goodman says Jeffy is incorrect for saying it's eight. However, Goodman was the one who made it officially correct.
  • When Jeffy disappears into the couch, when they look in the couch, just before the scene changes, you can slightly see his sleeve.
  • Jeffy says Pi is 3.14159265359 which is from Google's calculator when you search up Pi on, while Pi is actually an infinite set of numbers the first few numbers are supposed to be 3.141592653589.
  • Junior calls Gordon "Thomas" by mistake.


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