Skittles was a rare African bird adopted by Woody in The Bird, and the mother of all five Angry Birds. She was killed by Black Yoshi. The five Angry Birds went to get revenge on Black Yoshi, creating the Black Yoshi and the Birds series.


Originally called "The Froot Loops Bird" by Woody, she laid eggs which Woody thought would hatch Shrimpos. When Woody caught the bird, he was going to behead it, cook it, and eat it. But when Woody realizes how beautiful the bird is, he decides to keep it as a pet. He puts it in Shrek's room because he says his room is too small. He then tells Skittles to stay out of trouble.

Later, Shrek comes in his room having sex with some cheesecake. When he sees the bird in his bed, he replies by yelling "AH, WHAT THE FUUUUUUUU-" only to be cut off by Black Yoshi playing and talking about how he's now playing Call of Duty on the Xbox 360 because some "folks" were hacking the PlayStation Network. When he is about to start playing, he is interrupted by Shrek screaming to which Black Yoshi yells "Cheesecake ain't that good!" The third time Shrek yells, Black Yoshi comes to Shrek's room with his gun. When he sees Skittles, he asks what it is. Then as soon as he pets her, she bites his head and would not let go. So Black Yoshi yelled to Shrek to shoot the bird, but he misses by hitting Black Yoshi in the nose. Then Woody hears screaming so he checks it out and finds Skittles biting Black Yoshi's head. So Woody tells her to stop and she does and takes her to the bathroom after getting threatened by Black Yoshi. Shrek tries to relax but now he needs to take a crap. So he goes to the bathroom but the door is closed and he figures out it was Skittles in there then Shrek gets angry. Shrek takes the bird out of the bathroom then the bird goes to the black Yoshi's room to play call of duty then bites the controller. After Black Yoshi comes out of the bathroom, he notices the bird, and tries to shoot him. The bird than flies away. Meanwhile, Shrek got out of the bathroom, and is about to eat McDonald's. But,he says he needs his cheesecake, but he couldn't find it. Shrek comes back, seeing that his McDonald's was eaten by the bird, then he rushes to Black Yoshi's room, telling him that they were gonna kill Skittles. Black Yoshi agrees, and they promised first thing in the morning. The bird is heard yelling while Shrek is about to go to sleep.

The next day, Shrek is getting ready to kill the bird,and gets Black Yoshi. Shrek gives Black Yoshi a garbage bag to kidnap him in. Black Yoshi than covers the bird in the bag, while he is trying to wake up Woody. Shrek starts stabbing the bag with the bird in it. The two and the bird went outside, and Shrek threw the bag against the house. Finally, Black Yoshi shot and killed the bird with a few shots from his flock, ending the bird's life. When they went inside, they watched the news, and it turns out the bird was a missing bird from the African Zoo, and whom to bring it back would get $20,000,00.00 dollars. Black Yoshi comes back with the bird's body,and tries to make it look alive. In the end, you see the bird's eggs hatched, and one of them had Big Red in them, ending the film. Skittles reappears in Black Yoshi and the Birds Episode 1 when Speedy shows Black Yoshi a clip from The Bird, where Black Yoshi kills Skittles with help from Shrek.


About 8 (almost 9) years later, the bird puppet came back in Bowser Junior Gets a Job!. It's unknown if this could be Skittles herself, or if it's just a different bird portrayed by the same bird plush. Despite being a female, Brooklyn T Guy says the bird is a male in that episode. In the episode, it's under the care of Brooklyn Guy (Who claims the bird species as a Rainbow Dodo and wants to find another so they can mate) before Junior and Cody arrives. Junior feeds the bird Cocoa Puffs and the bird faints before running off.


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