Other Names

African Shrimpo



First Appearance

Shrimpo Hunter Episode 1

Latest Appearance

Shrimpo Hunter Episode 5


Ghost Shrimpo
Flying Shrimpo
Galloping Shrimpo
Giant Shrimpp


King Puppet

Shrimpos are the favorite food of Woody. They are also wild animals in the SML world and unlike their ancestors, they live on land. Shrimpos mostly appear in Woody's Spin-off series called Shrimpo Hunter. Shrimpos hatch in eggs. Their parent species are shrimp.

Known Species Of Shrimpos

  • Regular and African Shrimpos (Regular Shrimpos that moves on Land and Shrimpos found in Africa)
  • Ghost Shrimpo (Deceased Counterpart, Haunts The Person or Peoples that killed and ate it)
  • Giant Shrimpo (Rarest and Largest Shrimpo, Only Found In Africa).
  • Flying Shrimpo (Shrimpo that has Eagle Wings and can Fly, Wings can be Shot Off by a Bullet Size 50. Caliber or Larger, Only Found In Africa).


A Shrimpo's Diet is unclear as it was seen eating A Debbie Cake and Thought Woody's Fingers were "Grubs" (Small Bigs in Shrimpo Hunter Episode 2), (Shrimpo Hunter Episode 4) But since they eat Bugs and Debbie Cakes it is Suggested that they are either Omnivores or Meateaters but are more Likely Meateaters as they are known to attack Things that gets near Them especially Shrimpos that are Poisonous such as one Shrimpo who Bit Mufasa in which he died, Their poison appears to be so strong that it can kill a Human Being but only a Fraction of all Shrimpos have this Poison.

In The Wild

Shrimpos appear to live Individually as When Woody was Hunting Shrimpos he mostly hunt Shrimpos that are Separated or Live alone but leaves Tracks which can be detected by Mufasa Zimbwubwu who is Likely a Person by The Zimbwubwu Peoples who also communicates in Clicks which also Suggest that other Tribe members can smell Shrimpos as Well, In The Wild About 1/4 of all Shrimpos secretes (Produce) a Deadly Poison that can kill a Human Being in which one Shrimpo manage to Kill Mufasa, Shrimpos sometimes leaves False Tracks to Trick other Shrimpo Hunters into going somewhere else when The Shrimpo is actually in a Nearby Bush in which Woody said that The Tracks had Tricked Many Shrimpo Hunters before him suggesting that Shrimpos has been a Food Source for A Long Time, Shrimpos appeared to be Hostile as one Poisonous Shrimpo attacked Mufasa and another One was shown Growling in a Nearby Bush and Ambushed/Attacked Woody when he got close Enough and Dragged him Offscreen at The End of Shrimpo Hunter Episode 3 suggesting that Shrimpos have some Degree of Smartness/Intelligence as a Shrimpo was seen Growling and Attracts Woody and then Ambushes him .

As A Food Source

Shrimpos are Usually Cooked and served with Cocktail Sauce to Make Prawn Cocktail or Shrimp Cocktails and can also be cooked with Noodles to Make Shrimp Alfredo and is Said to be able to Make Shrimpo Soups out of it or simply just Fry or Boil them to make regular Cooked Shrimps, However it can also be Eatened Raw or Dead as showed in Shrimpo Hunter Episode 1 and Shrimpo Hunter Episode 3 as a Shrimpo was seen devoured by apparently another NASCAR and Beer loving Cowboy until only The Shrimpo's Tail is The Only Thing Left (Signifying that The tail of a Shrimpo is inedible) in Episode 1 and After Woody Ranned over an innocent Shrimpo with his "Shrimpomobile" (An Obvious Parody of The Batmobile from Batman) In which he at first attempted to Bury it but changed his mind and Gobbled it up, Because of The Fact that Shrimpos can be Eatened Raw, Many Hunters that are Lost while Hunting for Shrimpos can eat The Shrimpo Raw if They Don't have any Cooking Equipments with Them, It is Unlikely that a Poisonous Shrimp can be eatened unless if The Poison is for example Produced from The Tail in which The Shrimpo in Episode 1 might be a Poisonous Shrimpo but The Other Hunter didn't eat The Tail.