"Shrek The Babysitter!" is the 38th video of SML Shorts.


Shrek has to babysit Junior and Jeffy.


The video starts with Mario and Jeffy on the couch, when Bowser and Chef Pee Pee appear and Bowser asks to watch Junior while they are going to a gay gentlemen's club, and right after that, Chef Pee Pee says "kill me". Mario asks Bowser why and Bowser says it's not gay and he just likes to see guys shake their butts on stage.

Mario agrees to babysit Junior, only for Black Yoshi to arrive and ask him if he's ready to "go". Mario asks him where, and Black Yoshi is irritated because Mario forgot about his probation meeting, and he has to be there in 20 minutes and if he is late again, he will end up in jail.

Mario tries to tell Black Yoshi that he doesn't have anyone to watch Jeffy since he just agreed to watch Junior, but he reluctantly caves in after Black Yoshi starts nagging him "please" to get him to take him.

Mario then decides to ask Shrek to babysit Junior and Jeffy, and asks Black Yoshi to watch Jeffy for a while. Mario calls Shrek, who asks Mario to come in his bathroom, which he calls his "office". As he repeatedly poops, Shrek says he can't babysit the kids because he is "completely booked up for toady" which is his crapping schedule, and finally accepts, asking Mario to hurry the nemeses.

The video cuts back to Black Yoshi as he asks why Jeffy has a pencil in his nose, and Jeffy replies that he doesn't even know. Mario then tells Black Yoshi that Shrek accepted the offer, and asks him to wait in the car so he can talk to Jeffy. Mario then promises Jeffy that Shrek (whom he calls "nice green ogre man" in this case) will watch him for a few minutes and wants him to be on his best behavior.

Jeffy then gets closer to Mario before screaming right in his face. Mario later approaches Shrek to call him if anything goes wrong. Shrek asks Mario if he means if he runs out of cheesecake and toilet paper, but Mario means Shrek should call him if anything happens to the kids. Shrek then demands Mario to be quick.

Shrek goes upstairs and calls for Junior and Jeffy's attention. They come and Shrek introduces himself. Junior asks why Shrek calls them donkeys. Jeffy starts spanking his diaper while Shrek asks why he is doing that. Shrek asks Jeffy to stop it, but Jeffy replies "Nnn-Nope!"

Junior asks what Shrek is supposed to be. Shrek explains that he is an ogre and tells them they have seen his movie, which Junior denies. Shrek wants to know what the kids like to do. Junior asks if he lets Mexicans ride on them, which is clearly not true. Shrek then has a potty emergency, and Junior thinks he is having a heart attack because he's sad. Shrek then lets them be, and Jeffy remains spanking his diaper, just as Junior asks Jeffy if he wants to shoot Thomas off the stairs with the Sky-High Bridge Jump set.

Junior and Jeffy then get ready to shoot Thomas off the stairs, and Jeffy thinks he'll go to China. As both launch Thomas, a slow-motion scene occurs as Thomas descends down the drop. A close-up of Thomas is seen as he falls down the stairs and intentionally lands in the basket. The kids celebrate, and Junior offers Jeffy a turn.

Junior goes down the stairs to watch Thomas land in the basket. Jeffy ends up shoving the entire toy down and for the looks of it, he breaks it, saying "five stars". Junior complains about Jeffy breaking it, but Jeffy denies it as usual. Junior explains that he was supposed to launch Thomas and not the entire thing down the stairs. Jeffy says he "didn't know that." Junior questions what they'll do now, and Jeffy comes up with the idea to lock Shrek in the bathroom. Replying to this, Junior simply says "boss."

In the bathroom, Junior and Jeffy slowly put a chair under the doorknob to block the door. Junior chuckles and Jeffy spanks his diaper, then they run away. Inside, Shrek then flushes the toilet and tries to open the door, only to find out that it is locked, calling for help after he realizes this. Junior and Jeffy are seen in the kitchen laughing and Jeffy is spanking his diaper respectively.

Junior asks Jeffy what they will do. Jeffy then says he wants to put his "pee pee in the Cheerios box." He is then seen humping a box of Honey-Nut Cheerios. After that, Junior tries to get something from the fridge, and notices Shrek's cheesecake. They get it out to eat it. and Jeffy wants to put his pee pee in it, but Junior thankfully denies it because he wants to eat it. Back in the bathroom, Shrek admits that since he's stuck inside, he has to get a head-start on pulling his "butthole hairs" out, when he smells something. Shrek tries to figure it out before eventually realizing that it's his cheesecake.

After this, Shrek breaks the entire door down, blinded by his cheesecake addiction. Shrek hurries to the fridge, and doesn't find his cheesecake, only to turn around and find Junior and Jeffy eating it. Jeffy and Junior then run, with Shrek obviously deserving it.

The kids hide behind the curtains, but Jeffy uh uhs behind the curtain. Junior is in the other curtain and tells Jeffy to "shut up." Shrek pulls out Jeffy's curtain and Jeffy screams in panic. Shrek captures Jeffy, much to Junior's shock. Junior runs up to Shrek supposedly trying to save Jeffy, only to get caught by Shrek as well.

When Mario returns, he finds Shrek sitting down, and asks where the kids are. Shrek angrily explains that they ate his cheesecake and says that he put them in timeout, when he really locked them in the bathroom, which was their deserving punishment. Junior and Jeffy constantly scream trying to get out. Shrek then explains that "it's better": the toilet is clogged, probably meaning that they can't escape that way or they can't use the bathroom. Mario high-fives Shrek upon hearing this, ending the video.



  • This is the second time someone had to babysit Jeffy. The first one was Mario The Babysitter! the 3rd being Chef Pee Pee The Babysitter!.
  • This is possibly the first video to not have Jeffy torture Mario, since Logan promised that there would be no more videos where Jeffy tortures Mario since Locked Out was uploaded. This video has Jeffy torturing Shrek. Shrek acts like himself from his original movie as he gets his revenge by locking Jeffy and Junior in the bathroom.
  • Black Yoshi and Jeffy have not starred in a video together since Jeffy's Mistake!.
  • The line "like an onion and cake we have layers" is a reference to the Shrek movie.
  • This is the first canon SML video in which Junior and Shrek meet and converse with each other.
    • This is also the first time Jeffy and Black Yoshi officially meet, due to Jeffy's Jeffy's Mistake! being a dream.
  • This video was uploaded on Friday rather than Thursday. This was due to a project made about schizophrenia, uploaded on the SuperLuigiLogan channel, as well as Logan being sick throughout the week, leaving him unable to edit the video on time.
  • Jeffy's supposed "crazy side" from Jeffy's Cellphone! returns when he comes up with the idea to lock Shrek in the bathroom.
  • This episode is similar to Toad's Mistake 3 from 2014, in which both Toad, Bowser Junior, and Jeffy eat Shrek's cheesecake, which leads to them getting tortured by Shrek (and in Toad's case, even killed). Despite this, Shrek The Babysitter! could most likely be a sequel to one of the older videos.
  • This episode reveals that Shrek can smell his cheesecake from far away.
    • It also reveals that Shrek has the power to knock down a door if he has the cheesecake fudge.
  • This video implies that Jeffy knows why he sticks a pencil up his nose, and that it doesn't hurt his testicles when he pats his diaper.
  • If the viewer listens closely at 6:14, Shrek can be heard mimicking Jeffy's sound when he poops his pants.
  • This is another video in where Jeffy and Rosalina aren't in a video together, since Rosalina makes no appearance in this video.
  • This is the 13th video to be filmed at the new House.
  • This is the one of the crossover videos in the SML series. More crossovers have been happening.
  • This is the first SML video of December 2016.
  • Due to Shrek and Jeffy both being voiced by Lance, there were times in the video where only one could be voiced.
  • Bowser's bisexuality is once again implied.
  • Bowser Junior hasn't seen any of the Shrek films.
  • This is the first time Jeffy knows what Thomas is.
  • Instead of making Jeffy and Bowser Junior eat his crap, He locked them in the bathroom instead.
  • When Jeffy was being taken by Shrek, Junior runs to save Jeffy, showing that Junior would never let anything bad happen to Jeffy since they are best friends.
  • It is possible that Shrek got in trouble with Bowser for locking his son in the bathroom as Mario didn't care
  • Bowser is revealed to have grammar problems, as he says "while me and Chef Pee Pee" instead of "while Chef Pee Pee and I".
  • This is also the first time Jeffy is physically seen putting his "pee-pee" in the Cheerios box, in other words humping it. He is later seen humping Cheerios in Jeffy Loses His Pencil! and also is seen humping cookies in Happy Merry Christmas!
  • This is the second time Jeffy has been put into Time Out, the first was in Turkey Tyranny!.
  • Bowser Junior and Jeffy are the 2nd and 3rd SML Character(s) that ate Shrek's Cheesecake, the first was Toad.
  • This is the moment where Mario congratulates Shrek for punishing Jeffy, because he wanted payback for locking him out in “Locked Out”.
  • This episode was uploaded 1 year after Bowser Junior's Playtime 3
  • This is the final SML Short of 2016 to feature Jeffy.


  • In the description, the word "thanks" is misspelled as "tnanks".
  • Shrek locked Jeffy and Junior in the bathroom despite him knocking it down.


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