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"Shrek's Costume" is the 4th episode of SML Movies and the final episode of the first season, and the first Halloween special of the series.


Shrek has a weird costume, and Mario doesn't like it.


On Halloween, Mario prepares to scare people with his cool new Spider-Man costume when he hears Shrek calling for him from the other room. Frustrated, Mario leaves the bathroom to see what the ogre wants. He is shocked and somewhat surprised to see Shrek dressed up as Mario. Shrek also tells Mario that he made the suit all by himself. When Mario asks Shrek to take the "ridiculous mustache" off, Shrek tells him that he can't because he grew the mustache. Mario asks how he could grow a mustache overnight. Shrek explains how he was thinking about Mario on the toilet and suddenly grew a mustache, leading him to create the costume. After Mario complains about the costume, Shrek suggests that Mario should dress up as Shrek. Mario denies, and Shrek tells him he is jealous because people may mistake him for the real Mario.

Mario says a retarded person would be the only one who could mistake Shrek for Mario when Woody comes into the room in a Froot Loops box costume. Woody greets both of his friends, referring to them both as "Mario." Mario objects, and Woody claims they cloned the plumber. Mario questions Woody's costume, and Woody tells of the fantastic tale of how he found a Froot Loops box in the dumpster when he was diving for shrimpos. Shrek reminds Mario that Woody did believe he was the real Mario. Mario then says the only reason Woody thought he was Mario was because his mind was messed up from eating too many shrimpos. Shrek says that he eats too much cheesecake, but he stills understands the difference between Mario and Fake Mario. Mr. Pig comes into the room in his Star Wars costume, referring to Mario as Shrek and Shrek as Mario. When Mario makes fun of Mr. Pig's costume, the pig flips out and threatens to hurt Mario. He leaves to go get Black Yoshi.

In his room, Black Yoshi is busy playing Call of Duty. Black Yoshi brings his glock with him and surrounds both Mario and Shrek. Black Yoshi allows Mario to explain. Mario asks why Black Yoshi is mad. The dinosaur replies, saying that there are two Marios in the house. Mario protests, saying the larger plumber is actually Shrek, but Black Yoshi does not believe him. Black Yoshi gets in Shrek's face and takes off his hat and mustache with his glock. He realizes that it truly is Shrek, not Mario. Black Yoshi goes back to play Call of Duty and Mario grabs his Spider-Man costume, leaving Shrek alone, wondering what it would be like if he was the real "Donkey."

There is an post video scene where Black Yoshi goes trick-or-treating with his glock and pays Toad a visit. Black Yoshi raps for Toad and robs him of his candy and killed him. The episode ends with Black Yoshi wishing the viewers a happy Halloween.



  • Toad is shot and killed by Black Yoshi.


  • All the effects used in this video are made by MixedStudios, who's now renamed to The Locomotive.
  • Shrek calls Black Yoshi by his real name, but in other videos such as Black Yoshi's Girlfriend, he calls him Black Donkey.
  • When Shrek imagines what it would be like if he were Mario, his face is put in place of Mario's on the covers of several games. These games are Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Paper Mario, New Super Mario Bros., Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • This is the final SML Movie of 2009 and the 2000’s decade.
  • This is the first SML Halloween special.


  • While Shrek imagines being Mario, the cover for Super Mario Bros. 3 is actually the cover of an DVD of the animated series "The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3".
  • Super Smash Bros Brawl is not a ''Mario'' game, it just has Mario elements in it.


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