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Sharon is the current wife of Brooklyn T. Guy. She was also an antagonist in Home Alone 2 and The Purge!.


Sharon is very oblivious, annoying, unintelligent, loud, and very obnoxious in all videos she's in.

Sharon also appears to be extremely whiny and childish as she complains about her mask in Home Alone 2!

Despite being very dumb she is actually mentioned to be good at making clothes as in Bowser Juniors Christmas Eve! where she made Simmons elf costume to rob Juniors apartment.

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  • In Ratatouille, her name was revealed when Brooklyn Guy says, "Oh Nancy, you can come out now," when he jokes about his wife being a rat.
    • However, her name is Sharon, as mentioned in Jeffy Has Hiccups! by her husband and in her appearance in Black Yoshi's Mistake!.
  • In many episodes she's in, such as Black Yoshi's Mistake!, she is seen calling her husband, Brooklyn T. Guy, "Boiny".
    • It is not confirmed if that is his real name but if it isn't it is unknown why she calls him Boiny.
  • In August 2019, Chilly confirmed in her facebook comment that Elaina retired from SML, so it remains unclear if the character will either retire or have a new actress or actor.


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