The eleventh season of SML Movies began airing January 5, 2019, on SuperLuigiLogan.


This season will be the first to be entirely released on SuperLuigiLogan, with Season 10 having the first 15 episodes broadcast on SuperMarioLogan and the rest of the episodes broadcast on SuperLuigiLogan, following the SML crisis. Along with this, the episodes will be censored and the "SLL first, SML second" plan, where Logan would upload a SML video on SuperMarioLogan then later on the flagship SML channel will not be action due to the plan abruptly getting stopped and the only place to watch SML was on LuigiLogan. The characters will remain the same will possible room for expansion with new characters. The episode count may decline due to the SML crisis, where the videos must be appealed for ads before releasing to the public, which in a case, makes for one episode per week, instead of the normal 2.



of episode

Name Air date
1 The Pantry! January 5, 2019
Bowser Junior and Cody get stuck in the pantry!
2 Cody's New Family January 10, 2019
Cody gets a new family...kinda
3 Jeffy Gets Braces! January 15, 2019
Jeffy doesn't like the gap between his teeth, so he wants to get braces!
4 Jeffy's Imaginary Friend! January 19, 2019
Jeffy has no friends so he makes an imaginary friend!


Characters Introduced