"Scrambled Eggs" is the 20th episode of SML Shorts.


The Birds all have nightmares.


The video starts on a night where the Birds (except Chad and Taliban) are sleeping, Big Red has a nightmare where he sees an egg being cooked by Lovell Stanton, causing him to scream and then he wakes up, Speedy also has a nightmare where he sees Lovell eating the scrambled eggs he made, also causing him to scream, Blue also has a nightmare where he is in a bathroom, then he sees Lovell eating more scrambled eggs while taking a bath, causing him to scream, Tony also has a nightmare, but instead of dreaming about him seeing Lovell eating scrambled eggs, he has a nightmare where Chad breaks with him, also causing him to scream, Tony then says he made ''tee wee'', Big Red tells Tony he is disgusting, Blue says to go sleep again.

Meanwhile, at Lovell's house, he discovers that they are no more eggs, causing him to sadly leave.




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