"Hey fat boy, you wanna fight?"
— Scooter's catchphrase in Jeffy's Clone

Scooter was a one-time character and the main antagonist of Jeffy's Clone!. He was a clone of Jeffy created by Cody in the episode he was featured in. There isn't much known about Scooter, aside from the ending where he dies.


Scooter was a clone of Jeffy created by Cody with his cloning machine. He was created with Jeffy's clothes, helmet and personality (although slightly differed), but was changed when Jeffy pointed out his name was Scooter, and his shirt had the name Jeffy written on it. When Mario saw Scooter, he told Jeffy to get him out, albeit he only put him under his crib. Then, Jeffy genuinely kicked Scooter out of the house but came back with a Walmart shopping cart. Afterwards, Mario pushed him down the stairs. When he got up, Bowser Junior shot and presumably killed him with a Nerf gun.


  • The puppet used for Scooter is the same puppet used for the Anger Jeffy from Inside Jeffy, with Sad Jeffy's shirt.
  • He was revealed in a sneak peek on Chilly's channel.
  • He may be played by a cousin of Logan and Lance, but his identity is unknown.
    • It is possible that the portrayer is Matthew Thirtyacre, who portrays Jeff The Killer and his and Scooters voices are almost identical.
  • In a Chilly vlog where she pretends Jeffy got destroyed by snowball, Logan got Scooter to show that Jeffy cannot be replaced.
  • The birth of Scooter was kinda similar to Mama Luigi but expect, the original counterpart Luigi was put in a printer and had scanned him which made the birth of Mama Luigi.



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