"Scooter doesn't lie!"
— Scooters catchphrase in "Jeffy and Junior Skip School!"
"Hey, fat boy!"
— Scooter's catchphrase
— Scooter's catchphrase in Scooter's Birthday!

Scooter Denis Jeffy (Nutkiss-Calvin-François-Mario) is a supporting (formerly minor) character in the SuperMarioLogan series who is the clone of Jeffy and the main antagonist of Jeffy's Clone! and Jeffy's Scooter!. He was created by Cody's CCCloning Machine in the episode he was featured in. He returns in Jeffy and Junior Skip School! meaning he somehow survived the ending events of his debut appearance, however it's possible the Nerf gun did just knock him out and not kill him.


Scooter is the youngest brother of Jeffy and Feebee created by Cody with his cloning machine. He was created with Jeffy's clothes, helmet and personality (although slightly differed) though he is even more stupid then Jeffy, but was changed when Jeffy pointed out his name is Scooter, and his shirt had the name Jeffy written on it. When Mario saw Scooter, he told Jeffy to get him out, albeit he only put him under his crib. Then, Jeffy genuinely kicked Scooter out of the house but came back with a Walmart shopping cart. Afterwards, Mario pushed him down the stairs. When he got up, Bowser Junior shot and presumably knocked him out with a Nerf gun.

He was revived somehow, and in “Junior and Jeffy Skip School!”, he goes to school for Jeffy and he nearly blows his cover many times because he refuses to lie. Towards the end at Mario’s house he snitches on Jeffy and Mario grounds Jeffy. Mario rewards Scooter by giving him his Walmart Shopping Cart, where Scooter proceeds to get inside of it and fall down the stairs. Considering the fact that it isn't stated how he came back to life after Cody shot him with his Nerf Gun, it is assumed that he survived it and ran off until Junior found him.

Likes and dislikes


  • Fighting
  • His scooter (which is actually just a shopping cart)
  • Falling down stairs
  • Calling people "Fat Boy"
  • His shirt
  • Pulling his ear
  • Jeffy
  • Throwing objects
  • Being paid
  • Rapping so he could get money
  • Richard's Scooter
  • Saying " Well, well, well!"
  • Eating grass (without the "gr")
  • His birthday


  • Mario (formerly)
  • Bully Bill
  • Getting shot
  • Junior (sometimes)
  • Cody (sometimes)
  • Jeffy's lack of ability to play Simon
  • Bullying
  • Lying
  • Being called "Jeffy"
  • Jackie Chu (Possibly)
  • Being poor
  • Not having a birthday every day


  • The puppet used for Scooter is the same puppet used for the Anger Jeffy from Inside Jeffy, without it's unibrow and with Sad Jeffy's shirt.
  • He was revealed in a sneak peek on Chilly's channel.
  • He is played by a cousin of Logan and Lance, Matthew Thirtyacre, who portrays Jeff The Killer and his and Scooters voices are almost identical.
  • In a Chilly vlog where she pretends Jeffy got destroyed by Snowball, Logan got Scooter's puppet to show that Jeffy cannot be replaced.
  • The birth of Scooter was similar to Mama Luigi except the original counterpart Luigi was put in a printer and had scanned him which made the birth of Mama Luigi.
  • As Scooter is a clone of Jeffy, he has the same blood as Jeffy and is therefore, part of his family. However, as he is not a biological child of Jacques Pierre François (due to being a clone), Scooter will not receive any of his money when Jeffy turns 18.
  • It is revealed in “ Jeffy and Junior Skip School!" that Scooter never tells a lie, and always tells the truth.
  • Despite his lack of intelligence he is smart enough to be able to throw a perfect throw with throwing something into the trash.
  • His character theme song is the same as Jeffy's, which makes sense as he is a clone of Jeffy.


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