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Schizophrenia Case Study is a video uploaded on SuperLuigiLogan.


Lance Thirtyacre's Schizophrenia Case Study for University of West Florida Nursing School. This is a class college project we decided to upload. Not canon to the SML videos.


The video starts with a brief history of Maria Gonzalez, a woman who suffers from schizophrenia. One night, Maria is cutting Banana Twinkies when Craig the Devil tells her to cut her wrist and put her son in the microwave. Maria sees her son walk in and she tries to put him in the microwave, which prompts him to call 911. A police officer (namely officer Goodman) puts Maria on a Baker Act while she sees a clown and some unicorns in that order.

Brooklyn Guy (as a doctor) comes in trying to make a joke, namely the "It smells like up-dawg in here" joke. While Brooklyn is trying to figure things out with what Maria has, and therefore how to diagnose her, she hits herself with a stick and she thinks there is a lion about to eat him.After a more successful up-dawg joke from Brooklyn, Maria's son comes in and Maria sees an alligator trying to sell her a watch for $1000. Brooklyn comes back and prescribes her to Clozaril and tells her about the medicine and it's side effects. Maria starts hallucinating yet again and sees him as a chicken, dolphin, and camel in that order. He then sends her home and she starts screaming for an unknown reason.

A week later the doctor comes to Maria's house for a home therapy session and she makes the same up dog joke that he made. The doctor starts asking questions about how she is feeling and about the medicine. She says she has the normal side effects he talked about and that she is no longer hallucination or hearing voices. The doctor goes in the kitchen for a glass of water and sees her son in the microwave. The video ends with the doctor saying, "Oh, Mrs. Gonzalez" and text saying "That's all Folks" with the doctor's face in a black circle.



  • This video was made as Lance's project in college.
  • This is the second appearance of Leppy the Lion, The Crocodile, and Hump Day Camel.
  • This is the first time we see the Loan Dolphin without his leather jacket.
  • This is Mr. Goodman's last appearance as a police officer, canonical or not.
  • Most of the people think this is a SML Movie like the others.
  • This video is much less explicit than normal videos and is also has less adult content than normal videos.
    • However it still dealt with heavy subject matter.
  • This video is not canon to SML.
  • The video says "That's All Folks!" at the end, which is a reference to Warner Bros's Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes.
  • A lot of people gave this video a positive video due to the entertainment.
  • This could be considered a SLL Movie, making it the first one in 7 years, since Mario's New Car.
  • This episode features a lot of minor characters and lots of them make returns, such as FelipeCraig and Screwball.
  • This is the 3rd appearance of Joseph's Mom in her alive form.
  • The Brooklyn T. Guy shown in this episode may not be Does Bad Things Guy because this video is not canon to SML.
  • This video was not demonetized due to being made for educational purposes.


  • The crocodile is called an alligator in this video.
  • When Maria put Felipe in the microwave, one of the cast member's heads is shown.
  • At the part of the narration in the sentence that was said by the narrator as "each time", the word time was missing.
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