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Salty or referenced as The Ugly Red One by Bowser Junior is a wooden toy train from Thomas & Friends. He is part of a running gag in which multiple people are playing with Bowser Junior's trains and, though they insist on playing with Thomas, Bowser Junior makes them play with Salty instead. This irritates many characters, especially Black Yoshi. He was burned in Bowser's House Fire! along with almost all the things in there, except for Thomas and the picture from Bowser Junior Goes To The Fair!. After the house fire, he has not been seen ever since possibly meaning he died in the fire.


Salty is based of the character from the popular television series Thomas & Friends. He was first seen on television in the sixth series in the episode Salty’s Secret. The episode first aired on September 16th 2002 in the UK and September 24th 2002 in the US. As of his debut, many toys of him have been produced. The one Bowser Junior has was built sometime between late 2012 and early 2013 at Fisher-Price. He was sent over to a Toys R Us in Pensacola, Florida in the United States. He was eventually bought by either Chef Pee Pee or Bowser in either 2013 or 2014. When he was given to Bowser Junior, he started to show a dislike towards him and called him The Ugly Red One.


  • Despite his real name being on his side and undercarriage, Junior doesn’t know his name, unlike how he knew Percy’s name in Bowser Junior Orders a Pizza.
  • In real life, Salty is based off a British Rail Class 07 dock switcher (shunter) locomotive.


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