Sally is a strange creature that appears in Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures. It is unknown if Sally is a boy or a girl. None of the characters except for Goomba Max can understand it as it speaks with incomprehensible gurgling.


It appeared as an inmate in jail along with Mario, Bubbles (Wario), Goomba Max, Jamaican Croco, and Crack Bear. The reasoning for its placement in jail is unknown. Sally's nature can be described as feral since according to Goomba Max, Sally wanted to eat Mario's flesh. In Mario's prison escape plan, Sally is supposed to attack the Officer if he wakes up, which leaves Sally behind. Despite given this job, Sally fails at attacking the officer and is completely forgotten about by Logan. Sally does not get out of jail in the escape and it is unknown if Sally is either still in jail or has possibly been released. It never appears ever again on SML's channel entirely.

Sally being introduced before randomly violating Mario's personal space. It must dislike strangers.