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This article is about the remake of Super Mario Got Milk. If you were looking for the original, see SUPER MARIO GOT MILK.

"SUPER MARIO GOT MILK" is the remake of Logan's first ever video of the same name, which was released a decade ago.


Logan and Chilly are playing Super Mario Odyssey, but Mario won't reach the coin block so they give up. Mario pops out of the TV, lands on a dog toy, jumps on a soccer ball and trips on a Dino Toy and lands a skateboard bringing him to the fridge, Mario then drinks the milk and becomes human-sized,

Mario wipes off the milk from his mustache and he kicks out of the fridge harshly, destroying stuff in the fridge. He jumps over the skateboard and soccer ball and jumps on the TV almost breaking it and Mario falls down.


Video Differences

In the 2017 version of the video, the beginning starts off with Logan and Chilly playing Super Mario Odyssey, this is different in the original 2007 version where Super Mario Bros. (1985) takes its place. The filming in 2017 is majorly superior to the 2007 version. Editing is also superior, as it is not present in the original since it was Logan's first time on YouTube.

Commercial Differences

In the original, the room is much darker while the new one is brighter. In the new video, Logan and Chilly are playing Super Mario Odyssey, while in the old video they are playing Super Mario Bros. But in the commercial, they were playing Super Mario 64.



  • This was published on the ten-year anniversary of Logan's YouTube channel.
  • This is the second time Logan re-created a video; the first time was Toad's Mistake!.
  • This is the first time no SuperMarioLogan characters appear; although, it can be argued that Tito was playing Mario and that Logan, Chilly, and Tito are technically SuperMarioLogan characters for their appearances in various canon videos.
  • Logan and Chilly were playing Super Mario Odyssey in this video, and the world they were playing in was the Lost Kingdom.
  • Unlike the original, the remake has better editing and a high-quality Canon camera was used.
  • Chilly's dog, Snowball was the dog in the video
  • This is one the rare occurrences of snow in an SML Movie (or in Chilly's vlog in this case) with snow in the "Behind the senses" video since they live in Florida. The other time there was snow was Chilly's vlog "Logan filming a movie in the snow" when they were in Minnesota.


  • At the beginning of the video in which Logan and Chilly were playing Super Mario Odyssey, their positions on the couch switch between when the gameplay can be seen and when Mario jumps out of the TV.
    • However, this may be a reference to the original commercial, in which the same error occurs.
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