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SML Vlogs (formerly superwariologan) is a channel Logan recovered for a backup to his other channels. The channel was founded by Logan on April 15, 2008 alongside SuperPeachLogan, SuperToadLogan, SuperBowserLogan, SuperYoshiLogan, SuperWaluigiLogan, and SuperDaisyLogan as his backup channels in case SuperMarioLogan and SuperLuigiLogan got terminated, hacked, or demonetized. If SuperYoshiLogan (backup for SuperBowserLogan) gets demonitized the new SML videos will be uploaded here. This is Logan's 5th channel.

On February 11, 2021, the channel was renamed to "SML Vlogs", due to Logan receiving a cease and desist letter from Nintendo, thus forcing Logan to rename all of his channels to remove any mention of the company's name, though the old name is still included in the url as of March 13, 2021. Ironically, this channel is now designated for vlogging, despite the fact that most of these are posted on Lance's account.

As of March 17, 2021, Due to the unchangeable special URL violating Nintendo's trademark, YouTube made the channel permanently unusable alongside all of Logan's other backup channels. It hasn't been terminated yet, it just means that the account access is disabled, this is why Logan had to create a new SML channel.

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