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May 18, 2009 - Spetember 8, 2018

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4:3 SD (episodes 1-5, 7, 9 only), 16:9 HD, English


SuperMarioLogan (episodes 1-50)
Chilly (episode 51)

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SML Shorts are SuperMarioLogan episodes that are brief in length, and have a simple, quick plot, or event. They are usually 5–8 minutes in length and there are currently 51 episodes. SML Shorts are no longer being produced due to episodes having to be 10 minutes or longer, in order for them to eligible for mid-roll ads.


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On the second Behind the Scenes video for Bowser Junior's Wings!, Logan officially announced that SML Shorts are no longer being made to the videos needing to be 10 minutes or longer in order to earn revenue.


Season 1

Ep Thumbnail Episode Uploaded Description
1 Luigi's Secret Luigi's Secret May 18, 2009 SML Short: Luigi's Secret
2 Toad's Mistake Toad's Mistake May 23, 2009 SML Short: Toad's Mistake
3 Mario's Nightmare Mario's Nightmare June 12, 2009 Mario goes to bed and has a bad dream.
4 The New ShamWow The New ShamWow July 16, 2009 The new ShamWow, brought to you by Mama Luigi!
5 A Crappy Thanksgiving A Crappy Thanksgiving November 26, 2009 Shrek eats all the thanksgiving food.....and takes a crap...

Season 2

Ep Thumbnail Episode Uploaded Description
6 Toad's Mistake 2 Toad's Mistake 2 January 19, 2010 That Toad keeps screwing up, do you think Black Yoshi over-reacted?
7 Dorito's Super Bowl XLIV Commercial Rare Dorito's Super Bowl XLIV Commercial "RARE" February 10, 2010 Dorito's Super Bowl XLIV Commercial "Rare"
8 Stride Mystery Gum Stride Mystery Gum March 30, 2010 Stride Mystery Gum "Commercial"
9 Black Yoshi April Fools Black Yoshi April Fools April 1, 2010 Black Yoshi can't take a joke!
10 How Black Yoshi Saved Christmas How Black Yoshi Saved Christmas December 29, 2010 Merry Christmas

Season 3

Ep Thumbnail Episode Uploaded Description
11 Black Yoshi's Speakers Black Yoshi's Speakers April 27, 2011 Black Yoshi steals a new stereo system!
12 Toad Away Toad Away July 25, 2011 Bowser invents a new product named Toad Away.
13 Koopa's New Job Koopa's New Job July 26, 2011 The second video of the SML Short Week!
A new SML Short will be uploaded every day of this week!
So make sure to come back every day this week to see a new SML Short!
14 Toad's New Ball Toad's New Ball July 27, 2011 Look both ways before crossing the street....
15 Stuck in a Tree Stuck in a Tree July 29, 2011 SML Short: Stuck in a tree
16 Nerd and Bully's Nerd and Bully's October 24, 2011 Toad finds a Yugioh card and meets a nerdy bully who makes fun of him. In the end, the nerd meets a real bully and Toad decides not to help.
17 The Bird's and the Bee's The Bird's and the Bee's December 5, 2011 Diddy Kong has started getting interested in girls, so Donkey Kong thinks it's time to give his son "The Talk". When Donkey Kong tires to explain to his son what "The Bird's and The Bee's" are, he gets interrupted by a Big Red.... and he isn't very happy about what Donkey Kong has to say.
18 The Perfect Pizza The Perfect Pizza December 6, 2011 When Chef Pee Pee makes Bowser a disgusting bowl of pasta, Bowser threatens to kill Chef Pee Pee if he does not make him a perfect pizza. If he does not make a perfect pizza, then Bowser will kill him.
19 No Towel No Towel December 8, 2011 Toad forgets to get a towel.

Season 4

Ep Thumbnail Episode Uploaded Description
20 Scrambled Eggs Scrambled Eggs May 2, 2012 The Birds all have nightmares.
21 Super Big Red Super Big Red August 19, 2012 Big Red is tired of being a useless bird! He wants to help people and be useful! So when Toad needs help getting the mailbox open, Big Red decides it's his chance to be useful!
22 The Car The Car October 6, 2012 he gang decides to drain Mario's bank account and buy a car!
23 Replacement Egg Replacement Egg November 21, 2012 Tony and Chad laid an egg together! But Toad really wants to touch it...

Season 5

Ep Thumbnail Episode Uploaded Description
24 Delta Shrimpo Delta Shrimpo April 7, 2013 Woody is on a top secret military mission to capture an enemy shrimpo.
25 Bowser's 4th Of July Bowser's 4th Of July July 3, 2013 SML Short: 4th Of July
26 Bowser Jr's Playtime Problem Bowser Jr's Playtime Problem October 19, 2013 No one wants to play with Bowser Junior, except one person....

Season 6

Ep Thumbnail Episode Uploaded Description
27 Black Yoshi's Bad Deal Black Yoshi's Bad Deal January 4, 2014 Black Yoshi wants the new PS4, but will he get one?
28 Bowser's Doritos Bowser's Doritos February 1, 2014 Someone ate Bowser's Doritos!
29 Toad's Mistake 3 Toad's Mistake 3 June 15, 2014 Toad made a huge mistake when he decided to eat Shrek's cheesecake.

Season 7

Ep Thumbnail Episode Uploaded Description
30 The Button The Button! August 27, 2015 Chef Pee Pee is tired of always having to tell Junior NO! So he decides to make a button to do it for him... and it doesn't work out too well..
31 The Drone The Drone! September 19, 2015 Cody invented a Drone and wanted to show his friends!
32 Bowser Junior's GoKart Race Bowser Junior's GoKart Race! November 9, 2015 Bowser Junior and his friends have a GoKart Race!
33 Black Yoshi's Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Black Yoshi's Call of Duty Black Ops 3! November 15, 2015 Black Yoshi really wants the new Call Of Duty game! And he will do ANYTHING to get it..anything. This video was made to honor the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

Season 8

Ep Thumbnail Episode Uploaded Description
34 Bowser Junior's Nerf War Bowser Junior's Nerf War! March 31, 2016 Bowser Junior and his friends have a huge nerf war!
35 No Crust No Crust! October 1, 2016 Chef Pee Pee cuts the crust off Junior's sandwich.
36 Bowser Junior Stubs His Toe Bowser Junior Stubs His Toe! October 5, 2016 Bowser Junior stubs his toe. Stale Cheezits. The title is longer than the video. Savage!
37 Locked Out Locked Out November 17, 2016 Mario gets locked out of the house. Will Jeffy let him in?
38 Shrek The Babysitter Shrek The Babysitter! December 2, 2016 Shrek has to babysit Junior and Jeffy.
39 Life Is Ruff Life Is Ruff! December 11, 2016 In this Disney Channel Original Movie, Bowser Junior and Chompy get hit by a truck! They switch bodies somehow!

Season 9

Ep Thumbnail Episode Uploaded Description
40 Chef Pee Pee's Cooking Sucks Chef Pee Pee's Cooking Sucks! January 14, 2017 Chef Pee Pee thinks he is good at cooking, but someone needs to let him know the truth!
41 Jeffy's Bathtime Jeffy's Bathtime! February 12, 2017 It's time to give Jeffy a bath!
42 Pinch Pinch Pinch Pinch! Pinch! Pinch! March 17, 2017 It's Saint Patrick's Day! So Junior is pinching everyone who isn't wearing green!
43 Jeffy's Tantrum Jeffy's Tantrum! March 24, 2017 Jeffy wants a game on the app store but Mario won't buy it for him!
44 Toad's Mistake 2017 Toad's Mistake! May 23, 2017 8 Years after the original! Made with the goat Zeke!
45 Jeffy Has Hiccups Jeffy Has Hiccups! July 30, 2017 Jeffy has hiccups and Mario tries to get rid of them!
46 Attack Of The Killer Shrimp Attack Of The Killer Shrimp! August 4, 2017 Who will save everyone from the killer shrimp?
47 Jeffy's Haircut Jeffy's Haircut! December 21, 2017 Jeffy gets his haircut!

Season 10

Ep Thumbnail Episode Uploaded Description
48 Bowser Junior's Allergy Bowser Junior's Allergy! January 5, 2018 Bowser Junior is allergic to something!
49 Zombie Bowser Zombie Bowser! January 9, 2018 Bowser eats a rotten cheeseburger!
50 Cody The Vampire Cody The Vampire! February 3, 2018 Bowser Junior and his friends think Cody is a vampire!
51 The Ugly Duckling The Ugly Duckling September 8, 2018 A duck finds the girl of his life only to be played by someone.


  • It is heavily theorized that the lack of SML Shorts is due to Youtube favoring longer videos, as videos need to be a certain length to have mid roll ads.
  • Not counting Logan's early years on YouTube in 2007 and 2008, 2019 & 2020 were the only years with no SML Shorts.
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