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Template:Series SML Reacts (formerly known as Logan Reacts) is a series of videos on SuperLuigiLogan that show Logan and members of the SML cast reacting to various SuperMarioLogan videos.


Logan Reacts

  1. Logan Reacts: Drawing Jeffy!
  2. Logan Reacts: Bowser Junior's Lightsaber!
  3. Logan Reacts: Bowser Junior's Imaginary Friend!
  4. Logan Reacts: Bowser Junior's Playtime 4
  5. Logan Reacts: Bowser Junior's Credit Card!
  6. Logan Reacts: The Elevator!
  7. Logan Reacts: Bowser Junior Goes To The Sun!
  8. Logan Reacts" Cody The Magician!
  9. Logan Reacts: Where's Jeffy?
  10. Logan Reacts: Cool Cody!
  11. Logan Reacts: Forsaken
  12. Logan Reacts: Bowser Junior Learns Karate!
  13. Logan Reacts: Bowser Junior's Painting!
  14. Logan Reacts: Bowser Junior's Lottery Ticket!
  15. Logan Reacts: Mario The Babysitter!
  16. Logan Reacts: Bowser Junior Loses Thomas!
  17. Logan Reacts: Bowser Junior's YouTube Channel!
  18. Logan Reacts: The Burger!
  19. Logan Reacts: Bowser Junior's World Record!
  20. Logan Reacts: Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 4
  21. Logan Reacts: Mario's Hobo Problem!
  22. Logan Reacts: Netflix and Fun
  23. Logan Reacts: Pinch! Pinch! Pinch!
  24. Logan Reacts: Jeffy's TV Show!
  25. Logan Reacts: Bowser Junior's Playtime 3
  26. Logan Reacts: The Past Machine!
  27. Logan Reacts: Bowser's Drivers License!
  28. Logan Reacts: Chef Pee Pee's Cooking Sucks!
  29. Logan Reacts: Bowser Junior The Dog
  30. Logan Reacts: Stuck!
  31. Logan Reacts: The Bake Sale!
  32. Logan Reacts: Jeffy's Bedtime!
  33. Logan Reacts: Jeffy Has Hiccups!
  34. Logan Reacts: The Golden Egg!
  35. Logan Reacts: Bowser Junior's Piggy Bank!
  36. Logan Reacts: Bowser Junior Stubs His Toe!
  37. Logan Reacts: No Crust!
  38. Logan Reacts: Bowser Junior Loves Coffee
  39. Logan Reacts: Inside Jeffy
  40. Logan Reacts: Jeffy Goes To The Zoo
  41. Logan Reacts: Jeffy Finds A Treat
  42. Logan Reacts: Bowser Junior's Bad Luck
  43. Logan Reacts: The Warp Pipe
  44. Logan Reacts: Bowser Junior's Lemonade Stand
  45. Logan Reacts: The Perfect Plan
  46. Logan Reacts: The Drone
  47. Logan Reacts: The Cat In The Hat
  48. Logan Reacts: The Quiet Game
  49. Logan Reacts: Jeffy's Brain
  50. Logan Reacts: Cody The Vampire
  51. Logan Reacts: Charley And Friends The Movie
  52. Logan Reacts: Jeffy's Cellphone
  53. Logan Reacts: Jeffy's Ice Cream
  54. Logan Reacts: Bowser Junior's Biggest Fear
  55. Logan Reacts: Bowser Junior's Annoying Toy
  56. Logan Reacts: Bowser Junior's Pillow Fort

SML Reacts

  1. SML Reacts: Spoken
  2. SML Reacts: Jeffy's Favorite Song
  3. SML Reacts: Bowser's Video Game
  4. SML Reacts: Jeffy's Fishing Trip
  5. SML Reacts: Jeffy's Bathtime
  6. SML Reacts: Joseph's House
  7. SML Reacts: Chef Pee Pee Quits
  8. SML Reacts: Jeffy's Mistake
  9. SML Reacts: Jeffy's Birthday Wish
  10. SML Reacts: Jeffy's Flu Shot
  11. SML Reacts: The Alien
  12. SML Reacts: 2 Tickets
  13. SML Reacts: Jeffy The Rapper
  14. SML Reacts: SuperPowers
  15. SML Reacts: Jeffy Sneaks Out
  16. SML Reacts: Cody's Missing
  17. SML Reacts: The Button
  18. SML Reacts: Jeffy's Haircut
  19. SML Reacts: Jeffy's Dog
  20. SML Reacts: Jeffy's Diamond
  21. SML Reacts: Jeffy's Stupid Home Video
  22. SML Reacts: Jeffy Loses His Teeth!
  23. SML Reacts: Bowser Junior's 1st Grade Part 1
  24. SML Reacts: Jeffy's Fidget Spinner
  25. SML Reacts: Jeffy's Sister
  26. SML Reacts: Bowser Junior's Home Alone
  27. SML Reacts: Jeffy's Parents!
  28. SML Reacts: Black Yoshi's Blank Check!
  29. SML Reacts: Chef Pee Pee's Mistake!
  30. SML Reacts: The President's Chef!
  31. SML Reacts: Sicken
  32. SML Reacts: Broken
  33. SML Reacts: Cody's Sister!
  34. SML Reacts: Jeffy's Home Alone!
  35. SML Reacts: Smart Jeffy


  • SML Reacts is the newest series, longest series and the most common series on SuperLuigiLogan.
  • Logan started this series as a means of maintaining a steady income when YouTube began demonetizing his videos again (and eventually removed him from the YouTube Partner Program).
  • Some of the videos that they react to with "inappropriate titles," such as The Dead Body! are titled differently, so the video doesn't get demonetized as easily.
  • Logan was in Ohio during the reaction to SpoKen, so Lance and Pablo did the video together without Logan. As a result, the video was called SML Reacts instead of Logan Reacts.
    • And the series has since Been renamed to SML Reacts.
      • Their excuse was that Logan was crying in the bathroom over his channel getting demonitized.
  • Here are a list of Logan's SML reaction companion in frequency order:
  • Black Yoshi's Blank Check is the first reaction with James.
  • The Alien is the first reaction with Anthony.