The twelfth season of SML Movies began airing January 2, 2020.



Season 12 will most likely be the first season entirely in SuperBowserLogan, assuming he may switch channels again. The season starts with five videos about all five of the main characters: Bowser Junior with Bowser Junior Gets a Job!, Jeffy with Detective Jeffy!, Black Yoshi with Black Yoshi's SuperPowers!, Joseph in The Imaginary Girlfriend and Cody (and Ken) in ChicKEN! giving them all a fair share of spotlight. Also, it was revealed that Logan and Chilly are officially broken up for various reasons. Chilly and her family left the SML Crew as a result and Logan now has a new love-interest. Chilly also had a new love interest named Roy, who was made fun of in "The School Dance!", but she moved on from him too and has a new love interest named Marc. Another big change is Joseph breaking his green shell in Joseph's New Shell! and getting a new red one with wings, a change that Logan confirmed would be permanent. This season also introduces the Rosalina puppet (due to Elaina's return as Logan is no longer with Chilly) along with a human Bully Bill puppet which resembles and references Buford from Phineas and Ferb. It is the first season filmed during the Cough-Cough and Chris Netherton decided that he would not film with them to protect the health of his parents. However, in The Baseball Game!, he temporarily came back, but wore a face mask while recording, resulting in the characters he plays, such as Cody, Brooklyn Guy, and Judy, sounding slightly muffled. Jeffy, Mario, and Rosalina head to Disney World for the first time ever in Jeffy Goes To Disney World, and in Jeffy and Junior’s BIG Heist!, Jeffy and Junior meet Charleyyy for the first time. In this season, most likely because of the divorce between Logan and Chilly, videos started to feel less rushed and/or pandering to their audience. Also, the channel's cash cow, Jeffy, was noticeably less overused in videos, much to the fans' pleasure. This season is also known for classic characters like Tony, Shrek, and Toad returning as either cameos or temporary appearances. However in this season, Mario has become selfish, cruel and greedy because of how he loves money. Due to this Logan used more less used characters such as Scooter, Richard, and Benjamin. This season also introduces a new Feebee puppet & a Jeffy the Rapper puppet coming to the SML merch store. In Jeffy Wins The Lottery! and Goodman's Son Gets a Job! Rosalina and Mario must take Jeffy to Jimmy John's for a happy meal and Richard must work at Jimmy John's because McDonalds is closed due to it being under quarantine like all other businesses in the whole world. Coming up to the SuperBowserLogan channel is SuperMarioLogan in Central New York where ten SuperMarioLogan characters spend three weeks inside the Comfort Inn & Suites Airport hotel in 6701 Buckley Rd, Syracuse NY and it's first SuperMarioLogan in Central New York video is Shopping at Green Hills Farms.


Ep Thumbnail Episode Uploaded Description
487 Bowser Junior Gets a Job Bowser Junior Gets a Job! January 2, 2020 Bowser Junior gets a job!
488 Detective Jeffy Detective Jeffy! January 10, 2020 Jeffy has to save Mario!
489 Black Yoshi's SuperPowers Black Yoshi's SuperPowers! January 15, 2020 Black Yoshi gets SuperPowers!
490 The Imaginary Girlfriend The Imaginary Girlfriend! January 20, 2020 Joseph gets an imaginary girlfriend!
491 ChicKEN Chicken! January 24, 2020 Ken gets turned into a chicken!
492 Jeffy and Junior Skip School! Jeffy and Junior Skip School! January 30, 2020 Jeffy and Junior want to go mini golf!
493 Jeffy's New Dad Jeffy's New Dad! February 6, 2020 Mario has to change to be Jeffy's dad!
494 The School Dance The School Dance! February 16, 2020 Junior and his friends are going to the school dance!
495 Baby Jeffy Baby Jeffy! February 25, 2020 Jeffy is a baby!
496 The Time Machine The Time Machine! March 1, 2020 Cody makes a time machine!
497 Jeffy's Lie Jeffy's Lie! March 10, 2020 Jeffy tells a hug lie!
498 Bowser Junior's Stinky Friend Bowser Junior's Stinky Friend! March 15, 2020 Junior finds a new friend!
499 Jeffy Goes To Disney World Jeffy Goes To Disney World! March 22, 2020 Jeffy goes to Disney World!
500 Jeffy Goes Bowling Jeffy Goes Bowling! March 28, 2020 Jeffy enters a bowling tournament!
501 Jeffy's Online School Jeffy's Online School! April 3, 2020 Jeffy has to do school online!
502 Black Yoshi's Big Bamboozle Black Yoshi's Big Bamboozle! April 7, 2020 Black Yoshi bamboozles everyone!
503 Bowser Junior's SICK Pool Party Bowser Junior's SICK Pool Party! April 10, 2020 Bowser Junior wants to have a pool party!
504 Jeffy's Pet Tiger Jeffy's Pet Tiger! April 15, 2020 Jeffy gets a pet tiger!
505 Bowser's Change! Bowser's Change! April 19, 2020 Bowser needs his change!
506 Joseph's New Shell Joseph's New Shell! April 23, 2020 Joseph gets a new shell!
507 Jeffy Gets Stuck Jeffy Gets Stuck! April 29, 2020 Jeffy gets stuck under a tree!
508 Richard Gets a Job Goodman's Son Gets a Job! May 2, 2020 Mr. Goodman is making his son get a job so that he can learn the value of money!
509 Jeffy's New Friend Jeffy's New Friend! May 6, 2020 Jeffy has to be friends with someone he does not like!
510 Bowser Junior's Wings! Bowser Junior's Wings! May 9, 2020 Bowser Junior gets wings!
511 Jeffy's Scooter Jeffy's Scooter! May 13, 2020 Jeffy wants a scooter!!
512 Bowser Junior The Babysitter Bowser Junior The Babysitter! May 16, 2020 Bowser Junior babysits!
513 JeffyandJuniorsBigHeist Jeffy and Junior's Big Heist! May 20, 2020 Jeffy and Junior have to get Charleyyy's autograph!
514 Bowser Junior's Girlfriend Problem Bowser Junior's Girlfriend Problem! May 23, 2020 Bowser Junior gets a girlfriend!
515 Scooter the Rapper! Scooter the Rapper! May 27, 2020 Scooter becomes a rapper!
516 Jeffy's Car Accident Jeffy's Car Accident! May 30, 2020 Jeffy gets into a car accident!
517 Bowser Junior's Rat Problem Bowser Junior's Rat Problem! June 3, 2020 Bowser Junior wants to help this rat!
518 The Baseball Game The Baseball Game! June 6, 2020 All of the SML characters play baseball!
519 Bowser Junior's House Party Bowser Junior's House Party! June 11, 2020 Bowser Junior throws a party!
520 Jeffy's Scary Movie Jeffy's Scary Movie! June 15, 2020 Jeffy watches a scary movie!
521 Mario Sells Jeffy Mario Sells Jeffy! June 19, 2020 Mario sells Jeffy to Mr. Goodman.
522 Scooter's Birthday Scooter's Birthday! June 23, 2020 It is Scooter's birthday!
523 Bowser Junior's Prank Gone Wrong Bowser Junior's Prank Gone Wrong! June 27, 2020 Bowser Junior's prank goes wrong!
524 Jeffy and Junior Sneak Out Jeffy and Junior Sneak Out! July 3, 2020 Jeffy and Junior sneak to the park!
525 Jeffy Wins The Lottery! Jeffy Wins The Lottery! July 8, 2020 Jeffy wins the lottery!
526 The Redo Button! The Redo Button! July 12, 2020 Bowser Junior has a redo button!
527 Scooter's Parents! Scooter's Parents! July 15, 2020 Scooter doesn't have parents!
528 Jeffy's Future Jeffy's Future! July 18, 2020 Jeffy sees his future!
529 Joseph's Imaginary Family Joseph's Imaginary Family! July 23, 2020 Joseph gets a family! Kinda
530 Bowser Junior's Big Discovery Bowser Junior's Big Discovery! July 26, 2020 Bowser Junior makes a huge discovery!
531 Jeffy's Big Mess Jeffy's Big Mess! July 30, 2020 Jeffy makes a huge mess and Mario gets payback!
532 Say Cheese and Bye! Say Cheese and Bye! August 5, 2020 Bowser Junior finds a camera in the attic!


Expected/Likely to Appear

Possible to Appear

Characters Introduced

Likely Videos

Videos that are likely to be seen in this season.

  • Jeffy's 16th Birthday
  • Bowser Junior's 12th Birthday
  • Halloween Special
  • Christmas Special

Confirmed/Hinted in Vlogs

  • Jeffy Pool Video (featuring a giant beach ball, Junior, and Joseph)
    • Jeffy's Swimming Lessons
  • Jeffy the Rapper 3
  • Goodman's Yacht
  • Jeffy Goes Skating
  • Jeffy the Prankster
  • The Life Of Mr. Goodman
  • Feebee Video
  • Superhero Video
  • Jeffy The Frog

Possible Videos

  • Thanksgiving Special
  • Pokemon Series continuation
  • Bowser Junior's Playtime 7
  • Bowser Junior's Game Night 8
  • Joseph's 12th Birthday


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Title Sung by Episode
Happy Birthday Jeffy Jeffy's Big Mess!
E-I-E-I-O Chef Pee Pee Bowser Junior's Big Discovery!
Frère Jacques Jeffy Jeffy's Scooter!


  • This is the first SML season of the 2020's and the second season to be released on a leap year, first being Season 8.
  • The Pokémon series may receive a release or get redone entirely according to Logan.
  • After the final SuperMarioLogan in Central New York, the SuperMarioLogan's own version of Worth It from fifth harmony is heard in the end credits and is performed by Matthew, Logan, and Lance. The SuperMarioLogan in Central New York series has references from The Wiggles.
  • Coincidentally, both Season 11 and Season 12 start with a video specifically about Cody and Junior without Joseph.
  • Logan has used the human puppets a lot less often and is using the standard Mario characters.
    • The Mario puppet was used in Jeffy's New Dad!, but the switch isn't permanent according to Logan.
    • The Junior and friends puppets returned in The School Dance! but it was likely to advertise the last day of the puppet sales.
    • According to Dabhdude, Logan has a contract where he must do one puppet video per month.
      • February and June were the only months to have a video that features the new puppets despite this contract Logan has.
    • Jeffy's New Friend! also had featured the puppets, which was primarily done to promote the newly made puppets of Rosalina and Bully Bill.
      • The Rosalina and Bully Bill puppets were limited edition items that are no longer available.
  • This season will mark Mario and Rosalina's 5th anniversary.
  • This is the first season to be released after Logan and Chilly's divorce (break-up).
  • This season included the 500th episode
  • This season marks Elaina's full return to the series. The reason she wasn't appearing in most of April was due to living in another state but returned in Jeffy Gets Stuck! before returning home again.
  • During most of the season, Brooklyn Guy, Cody, and Judy appeared in a FaceTime call. This is because Pablo has to FaceTime his scenes due to the pandemic and Pablo not wanting to risk going to Logan's house to infect him or his parents.
    • Because of this, Harry was eventually introduced to serve as a replacement for Cody.
  • In Lances BTS for Bowser Junior the Babysitter!, SML introduced two new puppets: Jeffy the Rapper and Feebee.
  • So far, this season's longest episode is Bowser Junior's Stinky Friend!
    • This episode has a runtime of 17 minutes and 41 seconds.


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