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The SuperMarioLogan Characters.

SuperMarioLogan (known colloquially as SML) is an American independent production company which launched as a channel on YouTube and on December 8, 2007, that creates plush videos revolving around an amateur comedy series of puppetry/live-action videos, featuring the crossover cast of characters from different franchises (e.g. Nintendo, Sega, Capcom, DreamWorks Animation, Walt Disney Animation Studios & Pixar, etc.) all created, written and produced by Logan Thirtyacre.


These movies share a variety of plush characters, puppetry, and live action, following the bizarre life and misadventures of Mario, Bowser Junior, and Jeffy.  

Most of the videos by SuperMarioLogan contain a series of adult themes, toilet humor, dark humor, and popular culture references. This is recommended for ages 10 and up, though videos can occasionally have a much higher age limit.  

Mario and Friends

This is one of the main series of SML Movies. It surrounds the strange adventures of the suburban normal guy version of Mario, whose life is anything but strange.

The series is about Mario (the famous Nintendo plumber mascot in red) having adventures with his crazy friends/roommates Black Yoshi, Shrek, Woody.

More recently, however, many other stories have begun to take shape alongside the main stories in the series where Mario and his girlfriend (now wife) Rosalina who is passionate about space, must take care of Jeffy, a highly stupid and retarded boy who has many stupid habits and catchphrase like saying "Why do that?," putting pencils up his nose, spanking his wrongly-put diaper, being very violent when not supposed to, yelling and screaming at random times around non-scary things and when he's in trouble, and much more.

Lately, Rosalina has begun to disappear for long amounts of time and Mario must contend with his former friend Goodman, who has become corrupt with money and is the landlord of Mario's house. Mario must constantly deal with him and find ways to pay him off.

The Bowser Family

This series of SML Movies is about the most unconventional and dysfunctional family ever, Bowser, a strict single father who has retired from villainy and spends his days watching a show called 'Charleyyy and Friends' and his bratty son Bowser Junior (Namely referred as 'Junior'). Thus, not in every SML Movie is Bowser's wife, Shelby. The father and son have their own personal chef, Chef Pee Pee, a miserable and constantly angry man who they both enjoy abusing though the chef does get back at them from time to time. Bowser Junior likes hanging out with his friends; Joseph, a Koopa Troopa who lives by himself (due to his mother abandoning him), Cody, a nerdy and gay Magikoopa and from time to time, the troublemaker Toad. After being threatened to be thrown out of school and even the house, Junior, Joseph, Cody and Bowser drank a potion which transformed them into humans, a change which Logan confirmed to be permanent but later he revealed he will switch between the plushes and puppets.

Shared between the series

The Brooklyn Guy (Brooklyn T. Guy) is part of both series. Hence his name, he is a Brooklyn-accented guy who originates from Brooklyn. He has many jobs in the SML universe, much like his police boss, Goodman. for example, he's a firefighter, a doctor, and a cop, and can be some crazy professions as well, such as a Pokémon professor, a fake Mickey Mouse at Disney World, and an employee at Toys "R" Us and Chuck E. Cheese's. Toad is also part of both series, being friends with Bowser Junior, Joseph, and Cody, and is in the same class and school as them.


Main Characters

The main cast has always consisted of Mario and his friends, or Bowser Junior and his gang, who all live in the same house. Though some live away and merely visit.

  • Mario - The sane, down-to-earth normal man who must deal with the antics of everyone around him. He is forced to deal with his adopted son Jeffy and greedy landlord Goodman, both of whom make his life miserable. He serves as the the main protagonist of the series.
  • Bowser - The grouchy and temperamental strict father of his son, Bowser Junior. He is obsessed with TV, namely a show called Charleyyy and Friends, and once served as the show's former main antagonist.
  • Black Yoshi - A gangster who mooches off of Mario and does nothing but play Call of Duty and annoy other players in the game. He serves as the show's secondary antagonist.
  • Chef Pee Pee - A snarky and depressed chef trapped as Bowser's slave.
  • Bowser Junior - The bratty and spoiled son of Bowser who causes trouble and makes Chef Pee Pee's life a living hell. He serves as the secondary protagonist of the show.
  • Joseph - One of Bowser Junior's best friends, a homeless and slightly insane Koopa who loves sports and was abandoned by his mother.
  • Cody - One of Bowser Junior's best friends, a gay and nerdy Magikoopa who is the only smart one of the group.
  • Jeffy - A brash, foul-mouthed and mentally handicapped boy that Mario adopted when his mother abandoned him at the latter's doorstep, and though the two make each other's life hell, they truly do love and can't cope without each other. He also serves as a good friend of Bowser Junior, Joseph and Cody, occasionally getting involved in or even causing their shenanigans.
  • Brooklyn T. Guy - A man with multiple jobs who shows up every time the cast need something done. He is often the only sane man, but can be just as crooked and immature as the others.
  • Goodman - Originally a supporting character with good intentions. He has since become villainous, representing the dark side of American capitalism by essentially being the local crime boss, and often shaking Mario down for money under the guise of "house payments", using threats of extreme physical harm to force others to comply with his often-unreasonable demands, and flipping out at extremely minor offenses. He has replaced Bowser as the shows main antagonist.

Supporting Characters

  • Though not main characters, there are a few supporting characters who add just as much entertainment.
    • Jackie Chu - A Chinese man who's intelligence causes people to mistake him for an Asian. He serves as the teacher for Bowser Junior and his friends at the various schools they attend.
    • Tyrone Calvin/Pookie - A close friend of Black Yoshi and Cody's stepdad who converted his family to Judaism, when in actuality everything he does to celebrate the religion is wrong.
    • Bully Bill - A violent and dark bully at school who usually harasses Jeffy only for Jeffy to kick his ass that serves as the tertiary antagonist of the series.
    • Judy - Cody's sex-crazed mother who celebrates Judaism with Tyrone but like him, she usually celebrates the wrong thing.
    • Ken - Cody's sex doll who he believes is real, though, throughout the series, it is hinted that Ken might actually be alive.
    • Charleyyy - The main character of a comedy show titled 'Charleyyy and Friends" that Bowser is obsessed with.
    • Craig the Devil - The king of hell who causes trouble for the gang both intentionally and unintentionally.
    • Screwball - A paedophile who lived with Joseph and followed the kids around though he usually got caught by the police.
    • Patrick - A comedic relief character whom is mostly seen in 'YU Dumb??' elementary school. Patrick likes eating Jelly Beans and Eating cookies for breakfast and wears a blue lightning-bolted shirt.
    • Richard Goodman - Goodman's son who shows off how rich he is. He's friends with Junior, Joseph, and Cody but makes fun of them by calling them poor, though they helped show him that money isn't everything. He serves as one of the two main antagonists of Season 11, alongside his father.

Former Main and Supporting Characters

  • Sadly, a few main and supporting characters in SML have lost their status and have been reduced to minor, supporting, forgotten, or deceased characters.
    • Mama Luigi - A retarded yet hilarious clone of Mario's brother and the former deuteragonist of SML before his death in MLSDA and his disappearance in the main series. He is now a forgotten character.
    • Luigi - Mario’s timid brother who occasionally visits him, he is scared of the boos, he doe not appear much in newer episodes, and is now a minor character.
    • Peach - Mario's ex-wife and the former tritagonist of the series before she dumped Mario for his baldness. She made a brief return only to be kicked out by Mario for her brattiness. She is now a minor antagonist.
    • Toad - An annoying kid who gets on everyone's nerves but he never listens. He lost his status for his highly low appearances and has become a minor character.
    • Shrek - An obese Ogre who spends his days eating Cheesecake and crapping on the toilet. He lost his status as his crapping tendencies violated YouTube's rules and it took too long for the SML cast to remove the messes he made. He is now a supporting character.
    • Rosalina - Mario's ditsy yet lovable girlfriend-turned-wife who he met after Black Yoshi introduced them, and she quickly cemented herself as the tritagonist of Mario's side of the series. She lost her status due to her voice actress being transferred to an out of state college, she is now a forgotten character. It is currently unknown if Logan will re-casted her or if she will remain an non-existing character.
    • Tony the Tiger - A highly stupid Tiger that Mario and Peach adopted. He lost his status as his voice actor Lance was unable to do his voice anymore. He is now a forgotten character.
    • Woody - A cowboy obsessed with hunting Shrimpo's and one of Mario's closest friends. He lost his status because of the increasing popularity of new main characters. He is now a minor character.
    • Mr. Pig - A pig who grew up in the ghetto like Black Yoshi though not as violent as he is. He lost his status due to both the rising popularity of Mama Luigi and Tony the Tiger, and Mario confirming his death in a Jeffy video. He is now a deceased character.
    • Big Red - A Gruff red Bird who originally wanted to kill Black Yoshi only to become friends with him along with his brothers. He lost his status due to the number of years it's been since his last appearance. He is now a forgotten character.

Running Gags

  • The Ugly Red One (Bowser Junior's Happy Meal - Bowser's House Fire!) - Whenever Junior played trains with his friends, he'd always demand they play with the Ugly Red One while he played with Thomas. Due to the Ugly Red One being destroyed in the house fire, the joke stopped.
  • "MY MOM'S DEAD!" (Bowser Junior's Halloween Problem! - Joseph's Mom!) - After Joseph informed his friends that his mother had passed away. Junior would either mock Joseph with this fact or Joseph would bring it up at the worst times. With the revelation that she was still alive, the joke stopped.
  • ARE YOU HIGH!?" - (Jeffy Loses His Teeth! - Ongoing) - Replacing his catchphrase of "Why?" Jeffy has taken to screaming this constantly whenever he gets into trouble or just plain angry.
  • "Nah Just me N*gga!" (Bowser Junior's Doll! - Bowser Junior's 9th Birthday!) - Whenever Chef Pee Pee manages to fool someone, he mocks them with this phrase which causes them either shock or rage, depending on who it is.
  • The Sun is a Planet (Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 5 - Ongoing) - After a heated (no pun intended) debate at their school which caused it to burn down, Junior and Cody have been arguing about this topic ever since.
  • Brooklyn T. Guy's Ex-Wife (Bowser Junior's Game Night 7 - Ongoing) - Because of all the suffering she put him through, Brooklyn Guy constantly mocks his ex-wife for her greed and obesity.
  • Candy the Stripper (The Button! - Jeffy The Rapper 2) - Since being hired by Junior and Toad, Candy the Stripper had appeared in multiple videos twerking for various people including Bowser, Barack Obama, and Chompy, only for her father to yell her name in rage and embarrassment and take her home. For an unknown reason, after a long hiatus, it's assumed this joke stopped.
  • Judy Jokes (Bowser Junior's 6th Birthday - Ongoing) - Junior and Joseph would constantly make fun of Cody's mom whether it's her weight or her overall appearance.
  • Big Hero 6 Jokes (Cody's Revenge! - Ongoing) - Junior constantly tends to get over dramatic over this movie whenever this is mentioned and even threatened this multiple times

Main Locations

  • The Old House (Twin Pines Circle) December 8, 2007 – April 16, 2015, September 28, 2019
  • The Apartment (Nine Mile) April 16, 2015 – October 16, 2016
  • The New House (Lake Ridge Lane) October 20, 2016 – present


Current Cast Members

Former Cast Members


Series Overview

Series Episodes Year
Pilot 2007
Pre-0 21 2007
0 43 2008
1 4 2009
2 2 2010
3 5 2011
4 5 2012
5 14 2013
6 59 2014
7 80 2015
8 100 2016
9 93 2017
10 56 2018
11 28 (Right Now) 2019

Early Pilot (2007)

  • Super Mario Got Milk: Based on the Mario Got Milk advertisement from the 90s where two people lose a level from Super Mario 64. It involves Mario becoming alive and going out of the TV. He runs to the fridge to have milk, but he gets super big... This was SuperMarioLogan's first-ever video uploaded!

Pre-Season 0 (2007)

Before Logan actually started making SML Movies, Logan made some videos that act as a pre-season 1, or Season 0. This was set in the Beta Age, which preceded the Golden Age.

  1. Nintendo Game Systems
  2. SuperMarioLogan Paintings
  3. Mario Loves To Fart
  4. SuperMarioLogan's Cats
  5. Nintendo Monopoly Review
  6. Super Mario Galaxy Review
  7. Wario's BMX Challenge
  8. DS Games "2007"
  9. Wii Games "2007"
  10. Mario Saves Someone "part 1"
  11. Mario Interview: "Elmo"
  12. Gamecube Games "2007"
  13. Yoshi Takes Mario to McDonald's
  14. NES Games "2007"
  15. SuperMarioLogan's Nintendo Merchinedise
  16. Christmas "2007"
  17. Mario Likes Bacon
  18. Kitten in a Christmas Tree
  19. Mario Interview: "Tony The Tiger"
  20. Mario and Tony: Watch Blues Clues
  21. Mario and Tony: happy new year

Season 0 (2008)

  1. Mario and Luigi: Work Problems (Season Premiere)
  2. The Worst Game Ever!!
  3. Everybody hates Toad "animation"
  4. Mario Pivot Animation
  5. SNES Games "2007"
  6. Mario and Tony: What is better?
  7. American Idol Mario Edition. Episode 1
  8. American Idol Mario Edition. Episode 2
  9. Mario saves someone "part 2"
  10. Mario and Tony: Ladye Bug
  11. Mario Pivot Animation "bad day"
  12. American Idol Mario Edition. Episode 3
  13. American Idol Mario Edition. Episode 4
  14. American Idol Mario Edition. Episode 5
  15. I got tagged "5 facts"
  16. Mario and Tony: What is better? "Results"
  17. Luigi in Super Smash Bros. Brawl "proof"
  18. Mario and Tony: What is even better?
  19. Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  20. SuperMarioLogan and his kittens!
  21. Mario and Tony: Mickey Mouse Club House
  23. Mario and Tony: What is even better? "Results"
  24. Nintendo 64 Games "2007"
  26. American Idol Mario Edition. Episode 6
  27. the caramelldenson
  28. SuperMarioLogan Beats Super Mario Bros. "Commentary"
  29. I Got 100 Subscribers!
  30. Mario Kart Wii "Unboxing and Gameplay"
  32. Wii Fit "Unboxing and gameplay"
  33. American Idol Mario Edition. Episode 7
  37. Brian Crashed His Car...
  38. American Idol Mario Edition. Episode 8
  39. Super Mario Sluggers Review
  40. SuperMarioLogan Reviews Rock Band and Guitar Hero
  42. Tony gets a girlfriend (part 1)
  43. Tony gets a girlfriend (part 2) (Season Finale)

Season 1: 2009

This is the first season of SML Movies, there were only four in this season. These, along with Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures, began the Golden Age.

Season 2: 2010

In Season 2, the video quality improved and reached higher YouTube standards. These were set in the Bronze Age when Black Yoshi was introduced as Mama Luigi's replacement. This season also has the least amount of SML videos with only 2.

Season 3: 2011

In Season 3, the Angry Birds were introduced.

Season 4: 2012

In Season 4, Chef Pee Pee was introduced and the camera changed once again. This initiated the Modern Age of SML.

Season 5: 2013

In Season 5, Bowser became an anti-hero and started watching the new show Charleyyy and Friends. Chef Pee Pee now has to contend with a new main character: Bowser Junior.

Season 6: 2014

Within this season, Bowser became more bossy, violent and cruel and major characters such as Cody, Joseph, Jackie Chu, and Screwball got introduced. This season is known to be the peak of Bowser Junior's cruelty over Chef Pee Pee. This season is where the show got darker, like cursing more frequently, adult and sexual humor and adult themes.

Season 7: 2015

This season was the last to use the old house and as well as the last 'classic' SML season as evidenced by only 26 episodes from this season using the old house. Several characters personalities like Joseph, Chef Pee Pee and Toad started to change from this season onward. Later on in the season, Mario's current girlfriend, Rosalina was introduced.

Season 8: 2016

This season, Jeffy was introduced and was an immediate success. His introduction more than tripled the channel's sub count. He has since become arguably the deuteragonist of the series. Over the course of the season, he became a very controversial character. Many people hated him for his behavior around Mario and eventually Bowser Junior, and others loved him. This season was also the last appearance of Peach, who had been dropping in character status since Mario's Hair. Once she tries to interfere in Mario and Rosalina's relationship, Mario has enough of her bratty behavior and kicks her out. Since Jeffy was introduced, his behavior has caused swearing to become more and more common throughout SML as the season progressed. Due to Jeffy's Introduction and Bowser Junior's major character development throughout the Season, Season 8 has often been criticized by SML fans for having brutal character derailment, bland humor and numerous clichés due to Jeffy's pre-character development behavior towards Mario and Bowser Junior's character development throughout the season.

Season 9: 2017

Compared to previous seasons, the new era has begun to introduce many more videos with deeper plots than previous seasons, adding more lore than ever before to the SML canon. This season has had more swearing than last season and Logan has stopped censoring the profanity and has also begun to introduce videos featuring a wide majority of the SML cast. Thus far, the 9th season has been so far met with mixed to average reviews with some saying that Logan is starting to improve. Unfortunately, later throughout the year, the season has suddenly been met with similar lesser criticism to what the 8th Season received with a lot of diehard fans questioning if the series is getting worse or not. This is the first season to result in well documented YouTube drama about behind the scenes stuff and is also the first season to have many videos end up on the YouTube trending page. The new era is one of the most important seasons in the history of SML Movies, since not only has Logan gained the most subscribers in a season, but his channel has begun to be at its most popular heights in history. Also, this season marks the end of Bowser's role as the main antagonist of the show, as Goodman now takes this role, having become inexplicably rich and now serving as the greedy landlord of the family's house, and Mario is constantly forced to find ridiculous ways to pay his former friend off. This season has been noted from taking great inspiration in some of its plots from Spongebob, and more inspiration from Family Guy, South Park, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force have been spotted in the overall humor than any previous season.

Season 10: 2018

Ever since the videos got age-restricted, it was thought there would be no swearing in this season (or at least have it censored in some episodes, but there would be non-profane adult jokes like in Pixar/Disney movies). Jeffy the Rapper 2 was the only episode to have cussing (albeit only the word “ass”) until Cody the Vampire brought back cussing (albeit censored). Logan was forced to make SuperLuigiLogan his main channel when SML was falsely removed from the YouTube Partner Program for stealing content (although this was actually because large numbers of people re-upload Logan's videos as their own). After a few videos on SLL, Logan was able to bring back uncensored cursing full-swing in "Jeffy Gets Expelled!" since YouTube is not as strict towards most other channels as they are toward SML. This season also saw the exit of Mario's wife/Jeffy's adopted mother, Rosalina, due to her voice actor being unavailable, though none of the characters have acknowledged her disappearance, leading to fans to speculate she was erased from the SML universe as a whole. Season 10 was panned by fans who criticized the over usage of Jeffy, the patreon scam, continuation of annoying running gags like Brooklyn T. Guy's ex-wife, product advertising and with Logan going as far to say that he would get rid of Jeffy if his main channel got it's ads back, only to reveal he lied and that Jeffy will remain on his channel and even insulting his fans. As a result of all this, many fans decided they lost faith in Logan and left his channel.

Season 11: 2019

This season immediately begins with a serious start, with Cody's parents getting a divorce once Tyrone is revealed to both, have been cheating and to have a whole separate family. This season also ended the long-running debate over the identity of Bowser Junior's mother. Mario's grandfather and Bowser's mother both returned after a 3-year hiatus. This season also introduced two sons of Goodman, with the eldest, Richard, currently serving as the main antagonist of the season. It also introduced Makes Bad Decisions Guy. He is currently a one-time character. This season marks another channel change to SuperBowserLogan as new videos uploaded to SLL were unable to get monetized. Along with the move Logan recovered four old channels for backup. But perhaps the biggest change in the season or even in the entire series, is that in The Human Potion!, Bowser Junior, Joseph, Cody and Bowser drank a potion which transformed them into humans to reverse being kicked out of both school and the house, a change that Logan confirmed would become permanent.

Note: Information about Season 11 will be added as the season progresses.


Upcoming Videos

List of upcoming SuperMarioLogan Videos

Lost Episodes

Logan has deleted various episodes of the show. Some of these aren't Logan's past videos, but they are no longer on YouTube, and are simply connected to SuperMarioLogan, therefore they are "lost episodes". Episodes 1-17 can be found on the SMLArchive YouTube channel.

NOTE: A (MV) indicates the video is missing it's full copy

  3. Logan's Old Russian School Video Project
  4. Logan's Old Russian School Video Project 2
  5. mario cant find a movie to watch!!!
  7. Deadly Boredom
  8. Happy Birthday FroggyCompany!
  10. what mario thinks about the ps3 (MV)
  11. SuperMarioLogan Racism Techno Remix
  12. Stupid and Black Remix feat. SuperMarioLogan
  14. Unknown SML Flash Video (MV)
  15. FroggyCompany singing
  16. Mario Kart Wii: SuperMarioLogan vs. Dalekjd
  17. FroggyCompany Archive
  20. gone for spring break (MV)

Unreleased Episodes

These are episodes Logan has made but were never uploaded.

  1. Bowser Junior's Doggy
  2. Bowser Junior's New Doggy
  3. Bowser Junior's Cellphone 2
  4. Bowser Junior's Puppy!
  5. Bowser Junior goes to the mall!
  6. Shrek's Cheesy Date
  7. Mario's Grandpa Moves Out!
  8. Chef Pee Pee Goes To New York
  9. Bowser's Addiction
  10. Bowser Junior's Cavity
  11. The Retarded Robbery
  12. Deadly Boredom
  13. Bowser Junior's Mistake. 
  14. Short Mario (said by Logan in a SML reviewer live stream)

Use Of Controversial Themes

SML Movies have gotten controversy for adult-only themes in the videos in recent years, despite the fact they aren't meant for people under the age of 13. [citation needed] In early years (2009-early 2014), they got their fair balance of appropriate and inappropriate humor. In recent years, SML Movies have made jokes about more serious things such as racism, sexism, religion jokes, pedophiles, politically incorrect themes, and jokes about pop culture and serious problems such as Ebola, people often find it offensive. When Logan and his friends found out how negative people (especially Asian fans) reacted to the "Asians eat cats" joke, they decided to stop using it. SML's "fanboys" often attack people who give their opinion on an SML video with racist jokes. But 2016 was laden with controversy, with 8 videos being largely disliked by fans, especially Jeffy's Bad Word, which is the most disliked SML Movie with almost 4K thumbs down.

YouTube Kids Incidents

Because the series makes use of plushes, and several other kinds of toys such as plastic dolls or Thomas The Tank Engine merchandise, such as a bed and many toys, SML Movies have been frequently confused by YouTube to be aimed at children, despite the containing inappropriate content at times, such as characters cursing (saying words like s**t, , what the f**k and son of a ). For example, one of the movies, Jeffy Goes To The Zoo!, was discovered on YouTube Kids on one occasion, possibly believed to be due to confusion over the movie's title and description, making YouTube suggest that it is aimed at particularly younger children. However, it actually depicts footage of riots (as Harambe, a late gorilla that used to live at the Cincinnati Zoo, is shot and killed during the episode), has several uses of the word "d**ks", and also includes a scene that depicts Mario showing his genitals on live TV for all to see (although this scene is censored, it is still very suggestive).

  • This incident and similar incidents have generated significant controversy with the YouTube Kids app, with the most controversial example being a video from a terminated channel named Superkidz Finger Family, a channel that used to publish videos of the popular Nursery Rhyme, Finger Family, however, in mid-2016, some mothers uploaded videos in Facebook warning other parents about a video in the channel, which included a segment showing the popular cartoon character Mickey Mouse and his family dressed as Deadpool, a fictional superhero made by Marvel whose movie is rated R, shooting each other and committing suicide (despite the blood being yellow instead of red), after this incident happened, the channel started deleting videos from itself and was terminated in mid-September 2016.

The first video from SML that was discovered on YouTube Kids was The Christmas Special!, despite not being as inappropriate as other videos and despite the SunnyPuppets company making devil puppets, Craig the Devil might be considered inappropriate.

The second video discovered on YouTube Kids was Mario's Valentines Day Problem!, in one scene, Mario tells Peach that she is a, despite being censored, it's still inappropriate.

The latest video from SML found in YouTube Kids is Joseph's House!, even though a clown is shown about to engage in sexual behavior with a skeleton (even mentioning he's getting a boner), and there being a fair amount of profanity.

Demonetization and Age Restriction

Recently, many of Logan's videos are demonetized as shown in Chilly's Vlog and Logan's Instagram which means that Logan's video is unable to get money from ads. This is caused by extensive swearing or cussing, drugged theme humor, demons, or sexual reference. Some are also demonetized because the word "Retard " was mentioned. Here are all the demonetized SML videos so far.

Soon in around August, his video started to get more and more demonetized and some video like The Fender Bender started getting age restricted in around the time. This has cause Logan to started to make more family friendly content on his channel.

However, during December, he hits the peak of the problem after he got full demonitization tool access gone. This is why now he currently use Sll.

Logan has got his ad on his channel back from YouTube as of September 3.

SLL Movies

SLL Movies were the second spinoff to SML Movies. It formerly aired on SuperMarioLogan's 2nd channel SuperLuigiLogan, but were cancelled after their only episode.

SBL Plays

SBL Plays is the fourth (third if not counting the SLL Movies spinoff) spinoff to SML Movies. They (so far) have starred Brooklyn Guy who is playing video games. While in a much different style, as SBL Plays is gameplay footage while SML Movies are stories, they both use comedy, as Brooklyn Guy's comments are sarcastic making fun of video game logic. Logan revived it in 2016, but Brooklyn Guy was replaced with Logan.

Toad Music Videos

The Toad Music Videos are the fifth (fourth if not counting the SLL Movies spinoff) spinoff of the SML Movies series. The SML Movies Episode "SML Movie: Toad is Cool" spawned a spinoff of music videos made by Toad rapping as he becomes a rapper with his partner Ray Cheesy.

SML Specials

SML Specials are another spinoff to SML Movies. It's purpose was to only have episodes on holidays, and only had one Valentine's themed episode. SML holiday episodes are now simply referred to as SML Movies.

Baby Shrek

The Baby Shrek series was a classic spinoff of the SML Movies. After the episode, "SML Movie: Baby Shrek", it spawned a spinoff about Baby Shrek's childhood while being raised by Shrek. After episode 2, it got cancelled.

Black Yoshi - Call of Duty

Black Yoshi - Call of Duty was a former SBL Plays inspired spinoff of the SML Movies that centered on Black Yoshi playing call of duty, and having commentary. It had a pilot but ended up cancelled after one episode.


  • Many episodes before they are released are confirmed over Livestreams that used to be held by dabhdude, SML Reviewer, and Flamey Cat.
  • However, sometimes, episodes are confirmed in Logan vlogs posted on Chilly's vlog channel.
  • Sometimes, videos are made 1 day after a previous video.
  • Most videos are uploaded every Thursday & Sunday.
  • Most videos are 10-14 Minutes, but can sometimes be as long as 18–20 minutes.
  • Although the videos contain a series of adult themes, toilet humor, dark humor, and popular culture references and are recommended for ages 13 and up and sometimes much higher age limit, many younger aged kids younger than 13 years of age make up a medium-sized percentage of the viewership of SML, although not all. This is an ongoing trend on how young kids are watching 13 and plus older YouTube channels. A very large chunk of Logan's viewers are young children.
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