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"Rosalina's Ex-Boyfriend!" is the 186th video of SML Movies.


Rosalina's Ex-Boyfriend wants to visit her after years of not talking! But he's a fighter! Mario then gets jealous!


The video starts off with Rosalina showing Mario a globe, and tells him about the stars and their birth signs. After that Rosalina gets a text from her ex boyfriend. Mario was jealous because of Rosalina talking to him. He then asked her why is she still talking to him, she explained that he “just wanted to catch up”, Mario didn’t believe it and that he was nervous seeing her ex-boyfriend. They opened the door and it was revealed that D-Money was Rosalina’s ex boyfriend, at first he beated Mario and he fell down, D-Money then hugged Rosalina. And eve hugged Mario.

He then explained everything about how met Rosalina and how he broke up with her. After talking for a while. Mario asked Black Yoshi for advice, he was making Kool-Aid and then told everything about him,Mario also told Black a Yoshi he wanted to fight D-Money. Black Yoshi then poured more KoolAid into the cup. Black Yoshi then trained Mario, he was getting tired and Black Yoshi didn’t wanted Mario to lose. After a few more practices, Mario was finally ready to beat D-Money. He then went to the living room and told him he want to fight him, D-Money accepts it, but Rosalina tried to stop Mario for beating D-Money. After for a few loses. Mario presumably fought D-Money back, while led D-Money into the ground. Rosalina and Black Yoshi were cheering, Rosalina then kissed Mario. D-Money told Mario how he fought him and thanked him, Mario was injured from fighting, and then D-Money left.

Mario told Rosalina about how he kicked his butt, Rosalina then agreed.



  • This marks the first appearance of D-Money Senior.
  • This is the first time Mario's racist side is shown, as he is shocked that D-Money is black and even seems slightly angry because of it.
  • It is revealed that Mario was born in November in the SML universe (Possibly same Birthday as Logan). However Nintendo Mario was born on October as mentioned on a Nintendo Power magazine.
  • This is the first time Mario's been involved in a major fight since The Final Battle, and the first one he does around Rosalina.
  • The day this video was uploaded, an EF-3 Tornado struck parts of Pensacola and Ferry Pass, Florida, very close to where the SML Apartment was. While the apartment was undamaged, it came close, and destroyed many buildings.
  • This is the first time that an SML video has Rosalina in the name. The second time is Rosalina's Parents!.


  • D Money might be loosely a parody of famous Olympic boxer and activist, Muhammad Ali, who died on June 3, 2016 from Septic Shock.


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