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Rosalina Wilfred (also known as Rosalina Mario or Jeffy's Mom or Rose) is the main female character in the SuperMarioLogan series.

She made her debut in the American Idol reboot, but she wasn't properly introduced until Mario's New Girlfriend!.

She is a human that was born and raised in outer space by two green aliens, and it's possible but in confirmed that she still lives with them. She is the adoptive mother of Jeffy. As of October 27, 2017, Rosalina became the official wife of Mario.

After Bowser's Mistake! on the 25th of July 2018, Rosalina appeared seldomly due to her actress Elaina Keyes attending school outside of Florida and having personal problems with some of the SML crew, namely Chilly, leading to the belief that she has been retired from the series as a main character. However, she returned in Doctor Jeffy after a long hiatus. Rosalina has appeared in most Jeffy videos since and seems to be a main character again though she seems to be appearing on and off in similar cases to Black Yoshi. As of Hurricane Jeffy!, she has seemed to become a full time character once again due to Elaina moving back to Florida.

Since Logan got a Cease and Desist from Nintendo, Rosalina's name was shortened to Rose to avoid any legal action from Nintendo.


Rosalina was born by two human parents who possibly were neglectful and left her as a baby. Rosalina was found as a baby by two green aliens, who adopted her, although they didn't tell her that they were not her real parents. Her real parents are unknown.

Rosalina first appeared in the American Idol reboot series, but she wasn't properly introduced until the video, Mario's New Girlfriend!, where she and Mario fell in love and started dating.

There have been times where Mario would argue, but these arguments mostly have been caused by Jeffy.

There were also times when Rosalina was theorized to have broken up with Mario, but they remain together to this day.


Rosalina appears the same as she does in numerous Mario games, having a long cyan gown, platinum blonde hair with a side bang that covers one of her eyes and cyan eyes.

In her puppet form, Rosalina wears a cyan tank top and blue pants. The star brooch appears as a necklace worn on her neck. She also wore sandals in her first appearance as a puppet, though she seems to have ditched them in the rest of her appearances as a puppet like Crystal did with her sandals in her later appearances, and as a result is now barefoot. Instead of platinum blonde hair, her hair is completely blonde akin to Peach's.


In her first two appearances, she was a crybaby who sobbed over the stars because the sun took them away. She and Junior had two things in common: they were both big crybabies and idiots, and they both believed the sun was a planet. Rosalina missed her star, Luma. But then, Mario brought him back to her, causing her to love him.

For the rest of her appearances, she has been portrayed as a stereotypical ditzy dumb blonde, most likely because her initial personality was flat, one-note, and annoying. Despite this, she is incredibly sweet and caring. For example, in Mario's New Girlfriend!, just like Bowser Junior, she thinks the sun is a planet and not a star and in Doctor Jeffy!, she gets stuck at a stop sign for a year while thinking it's supposed to turn green.

Over time she developed to be more intelligent and less dumb and much more serious and not oblivious.

She is very kind to Mario and is very in love with him, unlike Peach, who treated him like dirt, often for very minor reasons that makes her seem like she's using him for her own ends. Rosalina also has deep motherly affections towards Jeffy, while Mario hates Jeffy and wants to get rid of him.

She can get defensive of Jeffy to the point that she ruined her own husband's reputation, claiming to the police that Mario likes to beat Jeffy up all the time, which is not factual.

However, in her recent appearances since the introduction of Jeffy, her relationship/marriage with Mario escalated into a female-on-male abusive relationship with Rosalina as the perpetrator.

Rosalina is shown to be unreasonably impatient towards others, especially Mario, to the point where she acts like a selfish brat, shown in Jeffy's New Toy! where she imitates Mario being shocked by her sudden appearance in his house.

In the same episode, she is revealed to have an evil and torturous side, as she terrifies Mario just for lying to her. This revealed that Rosalina can also be hypocritical, as she criticized Mario for lying, even though Rosalina lied to the police that Mario likes to beat Jeffy all the time.

Furthermore, Rosalina was with Mario the whole day, leaving there no time for Mario to call a prostitute. She also attempted to call the police on Mario in The Dead Body!, assuming that Mario purposely killed a hobo, without any evidence that he purposely did so, or letting him give an explanation.

Additionally, Rosalina is shown to be immature for her age, due to her initial cries over the sun blocking the stars, though this seems to subside. In addition, in Jeffy's Brain!, she thought it was perfectly acceptable to throw her plate of unwanted food at the wall, just because Jeffy, a twelve-year-old kid who also acts immature, does the same multiple times.

Rosalina is presumed to have some pedophiliac tendencies , as shown in Shrek's Coma!, Where she was shown to have found Shrek in the body of Atso, a second-grader, to be sexy.

She said is most videos that she is vegetarian and does not believe in harmed animals. But once in a video, she says she would have Tofurkey for dinner . So it doesn’t make her a vegetarian since tofurkey is mixed with tofu and turkey, and turkey is a meat that comes from the animal, turkey. But Rosalina is positive that she is a Vegetarian and does not believe in harmed animals in most videos when talking to Mario.

She absolutely hates having a ton of money and wants Mario to do the same thing. She would only spend some time with Mario and her annoying son Jeffy, and tells Mario most of the time to control is anger.

As of 2020, she acts more antagonistic and her personality has become more whiny, cruel, insensitive, unintelligent, cranky, and spoiled. She is also known to be paranoid, as she sometimes thinks another girl is dating Mario.

Personality Traits

  • Formerly:
    • Friendly
    • Kind
    • Playful
    • Caring
    • Selfless
    • Dull-witted
  • Currently:
    • Immature
    • Temperamental
    • Emotional
    • Stern
    • Loud
    • Bratty
    • Obnoxious
    • Mean
    • Dumb

Likes and Dislikes



  • Mario (Currently, because of his abusive nature and his current personality)
  • Nancy
  • The Sun (only because it makes the stars go away)
  • Daytime
  • People swearing (despite swearing herself)
  • Bad behavior (despite having bad behavior herself)
  • Liars (despite making lies herself)
  • Snakes
  • Wormy
  • Does Bad Things Guy
  • Dead bodies
  • People who kill or hurt Jeffy (Especially Mario)
  • Jeffy's bad behavior (sometimes)
  • Mario scolding and insulting Jeffy
  • Mario abusing Jeffy
  • Being kidnapped
  • Going To Jail
  • Mario (Currently)
  • Mario watching porn (She counts this as cheating)
  • Mario doing something foolish
  • Iceberg Lettuce
  • Pizza (likely)
  • Spaghetti and Meatballs
  • Products that made of animals (mostly meat and animal skin coats)
  • Mario's Pencil Girlfriend (possibly)
  • Threatening animals
  • Eggs
  • Mario going to strip club (She counts this cheating)
  • Mario's irresponsible behavior
  • Money
  • Meat (Due to being vegan)
  • Mario cheating on her (Despite cheating on Mario herself)
  • Mario being immature (despite being immature herself)
  • People killing animals for food
  • The dark
  • Craig Junior
  • Simmons
  • Super D (Sometimes)
  • Butterball
  • Running Out Of Toilet Paper
  • Not getting in her way


  • "Star Wars..."
  • "Ew!!!"
  • "I sure hope so, Mario."
  • "Mario, calm down!"
  • "Hi, Mario!"
  • "He's just being creative!" or "He's just having fun!"
  • "I don't like pizza!"
  • "Oh, he'll never think to look there!"

Criminal Record

Even though Rosalina can be sweet and ditzy, she still has a criminal record. Right now, Rosalina has committed 24 crimes.

  • Spousal Abuse- In almost every Jeffy video, she will abuse Mario after he disciplined or punished Jeffy for his actions and even gone as far as to lie to Brooklyn T. Guy about Mario beating Jeffy up as a hobby in Jeffy's Bad Word!. She also shouted at Mario for calling Jeffy stupid in Rich Mario! causing them to fight.
  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct: In Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Episode 3, she told Mario to look up the answer to a question.
  • Grievous Body Harm - In Jeffy's Cellphone!, she beats up Mario after accusing him of cheating on him with Crystal, even though Jeffy just prank called her while pretending to be Mario.
  • Adultery - She has had sex with other people on some occasions.
  • Poisoning - In Jeffy's Bedtime!, and the 2021 remake, she and Mario paint 2 eggs and ham green, which is toxic for other people including Jeffy.
  • Murder - In Among Us, she threw Mario into space along with everyone else.
  • Torture - Throughout seasons 12 and 13, she torments Mario with the way she acts and joins in on Jeffy's bad behavior.
  • Child Abuse - In Jeffy's Flu Shot!, she hit Jeffy with a spoon while trying to get the TV remote out of his mouth.
  • Trespassing/Breaking & Entering - In Jeffy's New Toy!, she walks into Mario's house unexpectedly, and rudely complains to his response.
  • Filing a False Report - In Jeffy's Bad Word!, she lied to Brooklyn Guy that Mario likes to beat Jeffy up and also accusing him for rape.
  • Vandalism - In Jeffy's Brain!, she throws a temper tantrum like a baby and tossed a plate of pizza and hot wings at the wall, shattering the dish.
  • Neglect - Due to her large absences in modern videos, she is neglecting Mario and Jeffy.
  • Pedophilia - In Shrek's Coma!, she goes on a date with Shrek, who is in Atso's body, which even though Atso was of age to registered as a pedophile, is technically considered to be pedophilic. In Jeffy's Brain!, she flirts on Jeffy despite only being 12 years old at the time.
  • Driving Violations - In Doctor Jeffy!, she stated that she waited at a stop sign for a year, thinking it would turn green.
  • Animal Cruelty - In Jeffy's Dog!, it is revealed that she paralyzed Poopy Butt so he couldn't run away.
  • Battery - In Jeffy's Scary Movie!, she pops a confetti popper in Jeffy's face, which was very loud and could have hurt his ears.
  • Attempted Manslaughter - In Jeffy Learns Manners!, she stabs the side of a box, almost killing Brooklyn Guy.
  • Attempted Murder - In Jeffy's New Toy!, she dresses up as Ariola the scary doll as a disguise and tries to kill Mario when he lies to her about watching Ass Pounders II. In Mr. Goodman's Revenge!, she tried to throw a hammer at Mario.
  • Property Destruction - In Mr. Goodman's Revenge!, she accidentally throws a hammer at Mr. Goodman's car damaging the windshield when she tried to throw it at Mario and got arrested and sent to jail for it.
  • Bestiality - In Jeffy’s Easter Eggs!, it’s hinted that she and Tyreese had sex.
  • Causing a Hit and Run - In Jeffy Gets Ran Over!, she caused Mario to run over Jeffy by calling him.
  • Face Mask Violation (COVID-19 exclusive): In The Hypnosis Ray!, she and Super D go to the cinema during the COVID-19 pandemic without wearing face masks
  • Public Disturbance - In The Hypnosis Ray!, she kept saying "I love you, Super D" in a movie theater.
  • Harboring a Fugitive - In Mr. Goodman's Clone!, she and Mario hide Mr. Goodman in their house, who committed a lot of crimes and is technically a fugitive of the law. Even though it was a prank and Brooklyn Guy, who is a cop, was in on it, it was still a crime and Goodman was still a crime boss.


  • Maroon (between 2009-2011) Honda Civic (shared with Mario; currently)

Death Count



Rosalina kissing Mario

Rosalina truly loves Mario and has a strong bond with him. He's Rosalina's husband. She is mostly seen hanging out with him. She also takes care of Jeffy with Mario as a parental guardian. Nowadays, Rosalina rarely gets really irritated with him being mean to Jeffy, though. She also tends to cheat on Mario.

After Jeffy got taken away in Jeffy's Parents!, she gets mad at Mario for his heartlessness and breaks up with him on the spot. She later returns to him when he adopts Jeffy. In Black Yoshi's Mistake!, Mario proposes to Rosalina. Surprised and delighted, she says yes.

In Mario's New Hat!, the two's wedding day has finally arrived. Though she almost calls it off when Mario mysteriously disappears. Once Mario finally shows up as a Frog and explains what happened, Rosalina declares that she doesn't care what he looks like and she loves him for him. Goodman (after comically warning Mario that she'll take everything he owns because she didn't sign the prenup) makes them take their vows and they finally get married, with their kiss breaking the spell over Mario.

How, her mostly healthy relationship/marriage with Mario…

Eventually in 2020, she eventually still gets frustrated with Mario when he becomes very greedy and selfish in recent videos. However, due to her own unintelligent nature, she tends to give very dumb advice on why Mario shouldn't be greedy, such as in Mario Sells Jeffy! when she thought that people only went to work "for fun" and not to pay for bills, food, and other necessities.

As of 2021. Rosalina often assumes that Mario has been cheating on her with other woman whenever he is gone for a while or doesn't answer her calls. She even sometimes causes Mario's stress and anger by joining in on Jeffy's bad behavior. Rosalina even blames Mario for abusing Jeffy and calling him mean names, despite Jeffy is the one abusing him. Rosalina even sometimes likes to cheat on Mario. For example she cheated on Mario with Tyreese, Shrek, Super D (after they broke up) and others and claims that Mario was being jealous. Rosalina often hates how Mario is so reluctant to protect her from harm and even wants to leave him when he doesn't get what she and/or Jeffy wants.

Status: Couple/Neutral


Rosalina finds Jeffy in a cupboard after Mario spanks him

Rosalina is very nice to Jeffy and shows to love and really care about him. She does not seem to have a serious problem with Jeffy's lack of intelligence and is willing to spend time with him. Rosalina is best described as a "pushover parent", in that she blindly defends everything Jeffy does, even if he misbehaves, and labels any form of discipline on Mario's part to be child abuse. She is a terrible influence on Jeffy.

The only time Rosalina gets frustrated with Jeffy was in Jeffy Gets Potty Trained! when she forced him to eat his peas, but Jeffy demanded marshmallows instead. She also sometimes gets mad at him in recent videos. And in Jeffy's first apperance (Mario the Babysitter!) she did not like Jeffy and was even a little scared of him.

As of 2021. Rosalina is only rarely frustrated with Jeffy. She even likes to join in on Jeffy's abusive behavior towards Mario and others.

Status: Neutral (Friends on Jeffy's side)


Rosalina's ex-boyfriend that Mario got jealous over. D-Money broke up with her since she was being dragged along with him too much. Her parents had preferred her dating him instead of Mario.

Bowser Junior

Bowser Jr

Rosalina first met Bowser Junior in Jeffy's Birthday!, when Jeffy was about to go on the jungle gym with Junior and his friends, and Junior found her really hot and liked her breasts.

In Smart Jeffy, Junior caught Rosalina's attention by calling her "Busty Tits" and Junior explaining to her what happened to Jeffy.

However in Jeffy and Junior Sneak to Disney World!, she is very angry that Junior and his friends snuck to Disney World.

Rosalina is shown to be nice to Junior, he is shown to have a little crush on her (as Junior told Jeffy that his mother is very hot in Jeffy's Birthday!), but it's unknown if they still have a good relationship. In Jeffy and Junior sneak to Disney world. However, in recent videos. Bowser Junior is shown to dislike her. in Jeffy and Junior sneak to Disney World, he insults her by calling her old. In Among us, when Rosalina was the first one to report Jeffy. Junior is the first one to call her sus.

Status: Neutral


Rosalina has held a grudge against her since Jeffy's Parents!. She can't stand her beating up Jeffy. When Jeffy gets taken away, she got frustrated with Mario, yelling that she can't believe he let Nancy take him away, trying to convince him that Nancy beats Jeffy, but Mario shows absolutely no concern, even stating that it's good that she beats him, leading Rosalina to break up with Mario for his heartlessness.

Status: Enemies


Rosalina and Shrek dated in Shrek's Coma!, showing that Rosalina likes Shrek and considered him a nice guy. However, they broke up in the same episode.


Though the two have rarely interacted directly, it can be assumed she dislikes him considering Mario's dream at the beginning of Mario The Babysitter! and she was horrified when Bowser knocks Mario to the ground in The New House!. However, in Jeffy Goes To The Zoo!, Rosalina does not intervene when Bowser makes fun of Mario over Harambe's death, even laughing briefly when Bowser tells him that Junior would never do anything bad around gorillas. As seen in Bowser's Mistake!, she feels bad for Bowser's Ex-Wife for having to date him.

Status: Friends

Brooklyn T. Guy

It was revealed in Doctor Jeffy! that he has a dislike to her. This could have been done as a joke as if she returns to the main cast he would be reverted to a supporting character in Mario/Jeffy videos.


  • In Rosalina's Ex-Boyfriend!, it is revealed that Rosalina's birth sign is Aquarius, which means she was born between January 20 through February 18.
  • Rosalina is allergic to ramen according to Mario's New Girlfriend!.
  • Rosalina's status in the series was unknown between December 2017 to December 2019 as she first went on a hiatus from Jeffy's Kids! to Jeffy's Switcheroo! (excuse was that the Chinese restaurant she went to had a extremely long line) and then went on another hiatus from Jeffy's Summer School to Bowser's Mistake! (no excuse given) before going on a third hiatus from Bowser's Mistake! to Doctor Jeffy! (excuse was that she was stuck at a stop sign the whole time, and it wouldn't turn green). Afterwards, she seems to appear as an on and off main character just like with Black Yoshi.
    • As a result of the long hiatuses and the reasons Rosalina gave as well as other events in the series, some fans theorized that she was cheating on Mario and sleeping with other men (which might explain the origins of Goodman's baby), and covered it up by lying which this theory probably led to the result of Logan creating Jeffy's Online School!.
      • Though, the controversy of her behavior in that video led to Rosalina going on another hiatus until Jeffy Gets Stuck!.
      • There are also some fans who believe she is secretly going to college or became a secret agent during her hiatuses and is playing dumb on Mario and Jeffy.
    • It was claimed by Chilly in her Facebook that that the real reason why Rosalina hadn't appeared for a while was that her voice actress Elaina no longer works in SML, hence that she attends an out of state college far away from Florida. However, she has officially returned in Doctor Jeffy! proving she still exists and has seemed to have returned as an on and off main character.
      • It was later revealed Chilly kicked Elaina out of the house according to Lovell, Logan's manager and later Logan himself.
        • According to Lovell's livestream with Logan, Logan stated that whenever he films a Rosalina video, Chilly would place cameras all over the house, because she doesn't like Elaina, which is possibly why Elaina never appears in Chilly's vlogs.
        • But since the whole SML cast hates Chilly and her family now, Elaina is happy to be rid of her and is back to voice Rosalina now.
    • Ironically, Rosalina hasn't appeared in recent videos recently likely due to the pandemic. The reason is the same as to why Pablo is using his characters on face time or not appearing at all, that Elaina didn't want to get the coronavirus, although she, alongside most of the cast and crew (Save for Pablo.) wound up getting it in November 2020. However, despite that, Elaina still filmed scenes as Rosalina and Karen despite having coronavirus at that time.
  • In Draw My Life - SuperMarioLogan, Logan confirmed that Rosalina was intended to replace Peach as the main female character because that character brought up bad memories between him and his girlfriend Chilly Jimenez, who was also Peach's voice actor, due to a breakup. When he and Chilly got back together, he thought of reintroducing Peach and having Chilly reprise her role, but opted not to and instead introduced Rosalina into the series and had her voiced by Elaina.
  • Rosalina is the only female character to be a main character, even though she doesn’t appear normally.
  • She learned Chinese sometime between Jeffy Has Kids! and Jeffy's Switcheroo!
  • In Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Episode 3, it is revealed that Rosalina believes in the flat Earth theory after being asked in a question for $10,000 by Brooklyn T. Guy about if the Earth is flat or not.
  • It has been revealed that she is officially married to Mario in Mario's New Hat!.
  • Rosalina states to be a vegetarian.
    • Despite being a vegetarian, Rosalina loves Starbucks.[1]
    • Her vegetarianism was possibly undone in Jeffy's Switcheroo!, meaning she likely was on a diet and couldn't eat meat until than.
    • She returned to not eating meat in Rich Mario! meaning she possibly picked the meat off the pizza or she switches back and fourth and deep down really is flexitarianism.
    • Though, she was seen at Jimmy Johns in Jeffy's Online School! which proves she is flexitarianism.
    • It's also possible she is lying about being vegan if you go by the theory above that she is playing dumb on Mario and Jeffy.
    • Another possibility is that the videos where she is vegan are set in the human puppet universe while the main universe Rosalina has a normal diet.
    • It's also possible she is bipolar and has a mood disorder.
  • She has been shown to be a big fan of Star Wars in several videos.
  • Like Bowser Junior and Joseph, Rosalina also believes that the sun is a planet [2].
  • It is possible Bowser Junior causing the gang to move into the apartment is what led to the result of her meeting Mario as shown in Bowser Junior's 11th Birthday!, Brooklyn T. Guy is shown to be homeless if Junior never existed despite Mario also needing his help meaning Black Yoshi might have successfully pressured Mario into killing himself due to not finding the right new girlfriend due to living in a different location.
  • Prior to Doctor Jeffy!, it was revealed she believed stop signs turned green.
  • As of now, her age group has never been revealed but it can be assumed she is around the same age as the Mario Bros and Peach.
  • She is the only member of Mario's current family not to have met Luigi depending if the Luigi's Mansion series is canon.
  • In a Meet The Cast video for her voice actress Elaina, a puppet version of her has been revealed alongside Bully Bill which her puppet looks more tomboyish.
    • Their puppets are now released on Also, Rosalina's puppet design has slightly changed from the Meet the Cast design meaning the one shown in the vlog was a prototype.
    • Her puppet design is a lot more plumper while her Nintendo design is slim.
    • Most SML fans overall dislike the design of Rosalina's puppet with some finding it to be either creepy or weird.
  • Before 2020, she was hated by many fans due to her cruel behavior towards Mario, but as of recent videos, some fans now liked her since Mario becomes cruel towards Jeffy and the others, much to Rosalina's frustration and objection with Mario's cruel and greedy behavior.
  • Post Jeffy's Bad Word, she only abuses Mario whenever he doesn’t stay out of her way or when he abuses Jeffy. Since Logan is now family friendly, Rosalina doesn’t abuse Mario anymore as of now, she just sometimes yells at him when he acts greedy or cruel.
  • She is SMR's least favorite character, until Bowser Junior took her place since Taken Away!.
  • In Jeffy's 16th Birthday she briefly mentions about 3 other ex's she's had which are a rapper, an archaeologist, & an astronaut.





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