"Ok. First off, It smells like poor in here.


Mr. Goodman's Son! Richard’s first words
— --Richard Goodman's catchphrase
"Hey Poor Kid!"
— Richard to Bowser Junior
"Call my f*cking dad!"
— Richard to Siri
"I can’t breathe in your poor air!"
— Richard Goodman

Richard Goodman is a recurring antagonist of the SuperMarioLogan franchise. He is the legitimate and unloved biological pubescent son of Mr. Goodman and his ex-wife. He made his debut as the main antagonist in Mr. Goodman's Son! and served as the central antagonist of Season 11, with even his father afraid to stand up to him. His voice is completely identical to his father's voice. He is as heartless as his father and his brother, Benjamin Franklin Goodman.


  • EW, POOR!
  • (Singing) Something about the meat, then you add some nuggets, how about some fries, dont forget the tomatoes, ketchup ketchup ketchup. ketchup ketchup ketchup. ketchup ketchup ketchup.


Richard was seen as a carbon copy of Goodman. He was snobby, spoiled, egotistical, selfish and greedy like his father. His methods of getting stuff that he wants to be involved tempting those with money, which is different from his father, who threatens physical mutilation to force others' compliance with his demands. He was seen to be a rich bully, who only wanted to make those around him feel lower class and inferior. Richard also described everything he saw or smelled 'poor'.

But later, Junior and Cody manage to convince him that money can't buy happiness, and the most important things in life were friends and family, which later makes him a nice person with a conscience. However, his father does not agree with him.

  • It is revealed that Goodman abuses his son, smacking his Air Pods off his face in the end of Mr. Goodman's Son!. And forces him to be like him. This shows that Richard's personality stemmed from his father, though he later reformed when learning the truth his father refused to hear. He bribes people for anything he wants.

In Bowser Junior's AirPods!, Richard seems to have forgotten who Junior was and seems to be back to how he was in his debut. This implies that his father had corrupted Richard's mind so much to where he forgot who he is friends with. And like his father, he doesn't seem to know how technology works nowadays with him not knowing he is able to charge his phone instead of buying a new one.

Despite being reformed in his first appearance, Richard returned to being antagonistic in his later appearances. This could be from Goodman forcing Richard to be like him.

In Goodman's Son Gets A Job, he is shown clogging the toilet because he used $100 dollar bill as tissue wipes. Mr. Goodman is then ultimately furious--he is not angry at him for clogging toilets, he is angry that his son didn't learn the value of money and gives him a 'poor people' job in McDonalds, but really it's Jimmy Johns because Tyrone brought the McDonalds food to Jimmy Johns because McDonalds is closed due to the cough cough.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Money
  • Bowser Junior
  • Calling people poor
  • Cody
  • Joseph
  • His AirPods
  • Blue Scooters
  • Pulling Scooter's ears
  • Charles
  • His private helicopter
  • Ken
  • His Dad (Sometimes)
  • Being rich like his dad
  • Taking expensive things
  • His Lamborghini
  • Being a Millionaire like his Dad
  • Jeffy
  • Tyrone
  • Fruit Loops


  • Being and getting grounded
  • His Dad (Usually)
  • "Poor Things"
  • "Poor People"
  • Working at McDonalds
  • Having a Sleepover in Bowser Junior's House
  • Having only one desk
  • Chives (in Jeffy's Car Accident!)
  • People crashing his Lamborghini
  • Losing Money
  • Losing his AirPods
  • Being "Poor"
  • LGBT People

Criminal Record

  • Bribing: It states that he bribes money to get anything that he wants.
  • Theft: He takes Ken and Cody’s bike away from Cody, The Game Of Life away from Junior, and Mario’s clothes away from Mario.


  • Richard has the same face as Goodman, except that he has lighter hair.
  • Richard puppet is actually from Sunny Puppets Chef glove puppet with Silly Puppets Kenny's clothes on.


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