"Replacement Egg" is the 23rd episode of SML Shorts.


Tony and Chad laid an egg together! But Toad really wants to touch it...


The short begins with Tony and Chad making an announcement that they are having a baby. Tony tells them that it will hatch any day. She asks Toad, Big Red, Speedy and Blue what they think but they all disappear but Toad.

Toad was amazed on seeing the egg and asks Tony who the dad was, which was Chad and she calls Toad a "silly goose". She tells Toad that she's glad he was not mad just like Big Red, Blue and Speedy and just disappear for no reason.

Toad wanted to babysit the child and asks Tony and Chad if he could babysit but Tony hides it in a glass box and says that he couldn't due to the child being too fragile. She says that he could crack and probably die. She tells it to Chad and he tells her that it's okay. Tony tells Toad to not touch it and to get out.

Tony tells Chad that they could go and watch a movie. He agrees on it and they leave, but they didn't realise Toad is still there. He stares at the egg, and says that he couldn't touch it and he could just look at it. He goes up close to the glass box. He says the egg is beautiful, he also liked the feel of the glass box. He said that he liked the smell of eggs and that he never babysit an egg before. He lifts up the glass box to smell the egg, to which he said that it smelled liked dandelions. He touches it and realised it moved but it fell off the table and cracked presumably killing the child. He drops the glass box but lifts it back up.

Toad asked what he was going to do, he decided if he could borrow another egg. He looks in the refrigerator and finds another egg but accidentally drops it. He thinks of what he was going to do again and has no eggs and says that he is going to die. So he thinks of laying an egg himself, he then poops and hides the poop in the glass box. Tony and Chad are back from watching the movie but realise the egg was now poop and Tony thinks that the egg hatched but Chad said that it wasn't the child and it was black and that Toad cheated on them.



  • Lovell is the only voice actor in this video.
  • Taliban is the only Angry Bird not to appear.


  • When the video starts, Logan is seen holding Toad, but when Toad is looking at the egg, Lovell is seen holding Toad.
    • This is probably because in the start of the video, Lovell was controlling Big Red and Speedy.
  • If one looks closely while Chad and Tony are talking before they reveal the egg, you can see part of the egg.
  • In the video description, there's no capital T in Toad.


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