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Puppet Ken was the main antagonist of Spoken. He was the ventriloquist puppet counterpart of the original doll, Ken, created by Cody to prove that he is alive. But he got killed off later on, because Cody set him on fire.

The original puppet was made by Evelinka from Beacon Art Studios (Eva Gronowitz)


When Cody failed to prove that Ken was alive, he decided to make a ventriloquist dummy version of Ken. He then tried to make Joseph and Bowser Junior believe he is alive but that didn't work. A sad Cody then wishes that he was alive to so he can beat them up and as he went to sleep, his wand then unleashed a dark magic that brought the Ken Puppet to life.

Puppet Ken then went to Junior's house at night and killed Joseph with a knife while he was sleeping, he then tried to kill Junior but Cody defended Junior saying that he prefers his friends more than him. Angered by Cody's decision, Puppet Ken threatened to kill Cody and chased after him and Junior. Cody then decided to burn him up so he tricked him into believing that he changed his mind and decided to give him a massage. Cody later poured gasoline on him and ended his reign of terror by lighting him up causing him to melt and burn up while screaming in pain.

Cultural References

  • Puppet Ken is loosely a parody of the popular Goosebumps character, Slappy.
  • He is made out of wood.
  • He also resembles Billy from Dead Silence.
  • He could also be base off Charles Lee Ray/Chucky from the Child's Play series, a killer doll possessed by the soul of a serial killer.


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