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"Pop Rocks and Coke!" is the 199th episode of SML Movies.


Junior and his friends think you will explode if you eat Pop Rocks and drink Coke!


When Junior and his friends are watching Doofy the Dragon, Junior thinks that you'll explode when you eat pop rocks and drink coke. Chef Pee Pee demonstrates Junior, proving that you can't explode while eating pop rocks and drink coke. Junior and his friends were playing horse while Chef Pee Pee's stomach was hurting. After they heard a loud BOOM, Junior, Joseph, and Cody saw Chef Pee Pee's shirt that is covered with blood. Joseph gets scared by this so he runs away.

Junior and Cody starts to clean up the mess and put Chef Pee Pee's shirt in the laundry. When Bowser is calling Chef Pee Pee, Junior and Cody dressed up like Chef Pee Pee. Junior starts calling the cops about what happened to Chef Pee Pee, but the Brooklyn Guy came. He tells Junior that he forgot his hat, sarcastically. Junior starts explaining to the Brooklyn Guy about the murder he did, but the Brooklyn Guy thinks it's a prank. The Brooklyn Guy thinks that you can't explode by eating pop rocks and coke, but he explodes anyway. Finally, Chef Pee Pee came out of the pantry, playing a joke on Junior.



  • The combination of the Pop Rocks and Coca-Cola is an obvious reference to the common childhood myth that pop rocks and soda makes things explode
  • This is the second time where Brooklyn Guy dies, the first time was in The Purge!
  • This episode brings back the Asians eat cats joke from Bowser Junior's Cellphone. The joke itself is a common racist joke, as Cody mentions
  • It is revealed that Bowser is so fed up with Junior, he wants to give him up for adoption although in previous and later videos Bowser is shown to be a caring father.
  • There is a possibility that this video is non-canon or Bowser might have felt bad for threatening to rid him or may have forgot.
  • Chompy makes a cameo in this video.
  • This episode was the third to come out one day after a previous video. The second was Bowser Junior's Christmas Eve!
  • This is the third time Bowser mistakes Bowser Junior for Chef Pee Pee. The first being Switching Bodies!, The second being Chef Pee Pee Gets Sick!.
  • This is the first Doofy Episode that has puppets in 2016, the second that year behind Bowser Junior Orders A Pizza!, which was an April Fool's video.
    • This is the one of if not the only times Doofy accidentally killed himself.
  • When Cody Throws the ball, the same scenes from when Joseph threw the basketball played again.
  • This is the second time Joseph runs away in shock. The first time was in "Bowser Junior's Clown Car!".


  • It is unknown how Brooklyn Guy survived 5 years after trying the pop rocks & coke challenge, since when Doofy tried it, he died immediately.
  • Chef Pee Pee opens the fridge twice during Cody and Joseph's basketball shots and he also repeats himself.


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