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Poopy Butt, also known as Poop Butt and formerly known as Shitass, is a minor character who appeared in Jeffy's Dog! as Jeffy's new pet to replace Melvin (Pee Pee Suck II) for getting lost during hide and seek. Shitass is known for randomly pooping on the couch. He is paralyzed from the neck down, which is why Rosalina chose him: so he can't run away from Jeffy.

When Jeffy started having vision problems, Brooklyn Guy was called over to check on him. However, he was under the belief that he was called over to euthanize Shitass and came to the house with a syringe. After learning that he was not asked to euthanize Shitass, he disposed of the syringe by sticking it into Shitass's abdomen, so he died anyway. Jeffy did not notice that Shitass was dead as he moved him off the couch.

He later appears alive in Jeffy's New Shoes!.

He than died for real in Jeffy's Bad Dog! after eating Jeffy's chocolate cake & been revived by Craig the Devil. Only thing is he is now evil,immortal, & un-paralyzed. Until Jeffy dropped a bowling ball on him which made him be paralyzed again.

He got his name from Jeffy's tendency to give his pets vulgar names. However, in Jeffy's Pokemon Card!, he's called Poopy Butt due to YouTube's Community Guidelines.


  1. Jeffy Gets Glasses! (


  • Poopy Butt is Chilly's favorite character.
  • Logan changed the name from Shitass to Poopy Butt in order to maintain the channel's family-friendly streak in early 2018. Even after SML videos started using profanity again, the name Poopy Butt remained (changed to Poop Butt because it is closer to his original name).


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