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"Bowser’s a retard!"
— Polly the Parrot

Polly the Parrot was an SML character who made his first and only appearance in Bowser's Parrot!. He was voiced by Lance. Polly was a parrot who belonged to Charleyyy before Charleyyy decided to have a contest to give him away to a fan after not wanting him anymore.

Bowser's Parrot

After Bowser has won Polly in a contest, he is delivered to Bowser's apartment by Brooklyn T. Guy. Chef Pee Pee takes Polly to Bowser's room. Bowser has fun with Polly by saying some things. When Bowser Junior wanted to play with the parrot, Bowser tells him no. Then after Bowser Junior's friends, Joseph and Cody come over, Bowser Junior drives away Bowser for Junior and his friends to play with Polly. Then after they say "Bowser is a retard", Polly prompts himself to repeat it over and over. Then Junior, Joseph, and Cody indirectly beat him into unconsciousness, believing him to be dead. Then Joseph and Cody flee, leaving Junior to deal with the bird. Junior impersonates the bird by holding him so that Bowser doesn't find out about his apparent "death". Then when Bowser leaves to go get Polly bird food, Junior makes the scene look like a suicide by putting ketchup on a napkin as blood with a gun near Polly's body. Then Bowser comes back and believes that Polly has committed suicide. Then Bowser decides to have a funeral for Polly. Junior and Bowser go to an unknown area to bury Polly. When Junior is saying nice things about Polly, Polly regains consciousness. Bowser tells him to say something. Polly then says "Bowser is a retard", which angers Bowser and kills him by hitting him with the gardening shovel. Bowser and Junior then get in the car and Junior asks about what they are going to do next. Bowser replies that they get another pet.


  • The Puppet for the Parrot was used in Titototter's Video, "Werehog" where the Parrot was a Great Guardian who summons the greatest and most mighty warriors.


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