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"Pokemon Part 6" is the 218th video of SML Movies and the 6th part of Pokemon.


Bowser Junior continues his quest to find a Poliwhirl!


The episode starts with Bowser Junior as usual saying "Ok Guys! I'm ready to find me a Poliwhirl!" Chef Pee Pee Then replied with "Oh My God Junior! Where are we gonna find a Poliwhirl?" Junior then nonchalantly Said that they just need to find a body of water Cody then replied that there aren't any bodies of water anywhere, But Junior not giving up just say Well we're just gonna keep looking!.

The Trio then found a Lake with Junior shouting "Look Guys! Water! You know what's around water?" Chef Pee Pee said Boats? But Cody said Poliwhirls? Junior then said Poliwhirls! And the trio head over to the dock, Junior then states "Alright guys, If we don't find a Poliwhirl here, I'm giving up!" Cody then said that "Well there is a lot of water so there's probably a Poli-" But was cut off by Chef Pee Pee Screaming "JUNIOR! IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT POLIWHIRLS THERE'S OTHER POKEMONS HERE!"

Junior screamed back saying "BUT I WANT A POLIWHIRL!" and then said " And look there a big body of water There has to be a Poliwhirl here", Chef Pee Pee then said "Well where is the Poliwhirl Then?" But then a Deep voice was heard saying "OH YEAH TENTACOOL!", The Trio then turned their head and saw a Tentacool On the Dock and Junior Pointed his Pokedex at it, The description said "That is Tentacool, The Jellyfish Pokemon" Junior then said "I'm gonna catch it!" But Cody asked if he actually wants to do that because its name sound weird, But Junior already made up his mind and said that it looks "Awesome" and that he wants to "Catch Em All" and initiates a Battle, Junior chose Ivysaur and told him to use tackle, But as Ivysaur was about to do it Tentacool slapped him and Junior said "IVYSAUR DID YOU JUST GET SLAPPED BY A TENTACOOL?

Junior told Ivysaur he better hit Tentacool with his Vine Whip and get revenge but Tentacool just kept slapping Ivysaur and It flew up into the air and said "OH YEAH! TENTACOOL COMIN AT YA!" And blasts Ivysur with Water Pulse which made Ivysaur Faint (Even though Water-types are not very effective against Grass Types) Tentacool then chose to go back into The Water, Junior returned Ivysaur into his Pokeball while Chef Pee Pee and Cody were laughing at him and Chef Pee Pee Saying "That was pathetic Junior!" And Cody mocking Junior saying that he got beat by a squid, Junior then said "YEAH? WELL I'LL LIKE TO SEE YOU CATCH IT!"

But Cody defended himself by saying that he has a Water Type and that it wouldn't work, Chef Pee Pee then asked Junior "So are you gonna continue looking for a Poliwhirl?" Junior, Staying true with his words said that he gave up because they are too hard to find, While walking away from The Dock Junior silently mutters "Aww Poliwhirl" Chef Pee Pee then told Junior that he doesn't need the Poliwhirl anyway and Cody told Junior that there are a lot more cooler Pokemon but then a Leaf fell on them and they look up to find Jeffy In The tree who made his "Uh!" Noise, he then said "I want a Pokemon Battle" Chef Pee Pee said that it shouldn't be hard and Junior accepted Jeffy's Challenge while Jeffy Went UH! UH! UH! Junior choose to use his new Pokemon Pidgeotto, Jeffy Chose Cookie Monster even though he is not a Pokemon, Junior and Jeffy Argue about Cookie Monster being a Pokemon, Cody Showed Junior The Pokedex which said "ERROR" On it.

Although Jeffy tries to defend by saying that he caught Cookie Monster, Bowser Junior ask where Jeffy caught him and Jeffy replied with "Sesame Street!" Junior then chose not to fight Jeffy as he doesn't have an actual Pokemon, Jeffy then said "Cookie Monster! Use Thunderbolt! Cookie Monster used Thunderbolt (Somehow) And defeated Pidgeotto, Junior said that Cookie Monster doesn't know Thunderbolt but Jeffy claimed that he "Taught" Him Thunderbolt, Junior told Cody that he should Battle Jeffy but Cody rejects saying "I'm not fighting A Cookie Monster who Knows Thunderbolt Junior! Who knows what other moves he have?" Junior decided to let Jeffy Win In which he screamed "YAY!" And begin Spanking his diaper again while Cody and Junior walks off, The Trio regroups but a Familiar Voice said "What's Up Dweebs?"

It is then revealed to be Joseph, Joseph asks Junior how many Pokemons he caught Junior replies with "I caught like 2 or 3" in which Joseph Bursts out laughing saying that he caught 6 Pokemons and asks if Junior's Bulbasaur Transformed/Evolved into a Venasaur Yet Junior replied with No but asks how Joseph's Charmander is doing and he said to "Check this out" As he threw a Pokeball into the air and while it's still in Midair a Charizard Bursts Out revealing that Joseph's Charmander has evolved into a Charizard over the Course of 6 Episodes.

Joseph then claims that He Maxed out Charizards HP (Health Point) so he is "Impossible To Beat" Junior was then confused about how Joseph have a Charmander and Joseph told Junior because he trains a lot and he's Better than Junior, Junior and Joseph then commence a Battle to settle on superiority, Junior asks Cody what Pokemon he should use first, Both Cody and Joseph Recommend Junior's Starter Pokemon, Junior told Cody that he only have an Ivysaur but Cody told Junior to just do It, Junior summons out Ivysaur but forgot that He is Still fainted from The Battle with Tentacool, Joseph laughs at how weak Junior's Ivysaur is and Told Charizard to use Flamethrowe, which weakened Bulbasaur even more since Fire Types Are Superior To Grass Types, Junior told Cody how he was defeated and Cody said that he had a Grass Type against a Fire Type and that it wasn't a good match, Junior then blamed Cody by saying that Cody Told Junior to use Ivysaur But Cody said that he thought that they are doing starters Ash shows up and wants him back, but he electrocutes him. When Junior goes to fight Joseph, Charizard uses Fly, and crushes Pikachu.

While Joseph is bragging about how much better he is than Junior, Cookie Monster comes out of nowhere and pours water on Charizard, and which puts him out of ability. The episode ends with a 'To be Continued' text.



(In Chronological Order)

  • Bowser Junior V.S. Tentacool-Winner: Tentacool (Technically)- Bowser Junior chosed Ivysaur and told him to use Tackle but when Ivysaur was about to use Tackle he slapped Ivysaur, Junior then told Ivysaur to use Vine Whip but The Tentacool just keeps rapidly Slapping Ivysaur, It then flew up into The Air Saying "OH YEAH TENTACOOL COMIN AT YA!" and Blasts Ivysaur with Water Pulse, It then returned into The Lake.
  • Bowser Junior V.S. Jeffy-Winner: Jeffy- Bowser Junior called out Pidgeotto and Jeffy Called out Cookie Monster, Jeffy told Cookie Monster to use Thunderbolt which defeated Pidgeotto in one hit, Junior decided to let Jeffy Win.
  • Bowser Junior V.S. Joseph-Winner: Joseph- Joseph brings out Charizard while Bowser Junior brings out Ivysaur but forgot that he was still Fainted from The Battle with Tentacool, Joseph told Charizard to use Flamethrower on The Already weakened Ivysaur which weakened it even more, Junior then called out Pikachu in which Charizard used Fly and defeated It in One Hit, Junior automatically loses The Battle since all 3 of his Pokemons are fainted: Ivysaur fainted when Battling Tentacool, Pidgeotto fainted when battling Jeffy, and Pikachu fainted fighting Joseph.
  • Joseph V.S. Jeffy- Winner: Jeffy- Jeffy gets his cookie monster, and brings him a bottle of water. The Cookie Monster gets the water bottle and ambushes Joseph by pouring the water on Joseph's Charizard's tail before Joseph can even react. The water puts out the blazing fire on Charizard's tail, and leads into Charizard fainting.


  • The Dock
  • Underneath a Tree
  • Dirt Plain


  • This is the first Pokemon part to be released in nearly a whole year.
  • This is the first and so far only Pokemon part to have Jeffy in it.
  • This is the second appearance of Cookie Monster, even though he isn't a Pokemon. The first was The Pizza Delivery!.
  • It is revealed that Jeffy's Cookie Monster can use Thunderbolt, but it is unknown how he learned it.
  • Jeffy gains a new voice from this video onwards.
  • It remains unclear if the Pokemon series will resume after its hiatus for almost three years since Logan moved away from his parents' house and his old apartment.
  • In a Chilly vlog,during an update on The SuperMarioLogan Movie,Logan revealed that,even though this series is one of his favorites,the reason there hasn't been a new Pokemon episode is that when they were filming this episode it was so hot outside and that they couldn't take the heat anymore so that was there hasn't been new episode
  • This is the 3rd time we see Jeffy without him in the thumbnail.


  • At 3:42 into the video, the "F" word is uncensored.
  • In the Pokemon games, how Fly works is that the Pokemon (Charizard, in this case) flies up and waits a turn before attacking. But here, he attacks after being used. It is possible that he was holding a Power Herb, which negates charging time for specific moves.
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