"Pokemon Part 5" is the 145th video of SML Movies and the 5th part of Pokemon.


Bowser Junior, Cody, and Chef Pee Pee continue on their Pokémon journey!


Picking up after the events of Pokemon Part 4, The Gang continues their Pokemon Journey, While running into Another Butterfree, Cody Uses Water Gun on him/her and his Squirtle Evolves into a Wartortle.

Then they encountered a Pidgeotto. Bowser Junior Battled Him "Gameboy Style" and sent out his Ivysaur and used Tackle on Pidgeotto 2 Times with The Second one evaded. Pidgeotto used Peck which the first one took away half of Ivysaur's health and Ivysaur was charging up for Solar Beam in which he missed and fainted.

Junior later called up Pikachu in which it used Thundershock and weakened the Pidgeotto. Then The Gang Decides To look in a Forest, They came across a Bridge and Junior saw an Ant And Decide to Tackle it But killed it While Cody pointed out that they are in a Swamp While Junior attempted to Sing "The Poliwhirl Song" Singing "Hello? Is it me your looking for?"

Before being cut off by Chef Pee Pee saying That it was actually Final Richy Song while Cody saw a Poliwag, But Junior says that he Want a Poliwhirl that's Already Evolved And While Junior and Chef Pee Pee Argues about taking it (With Junior not wanting The Poliwag and Want a Poliwhirl But also Doesn't Want Chef Pee Pee To Get it As then He'll eventually get a Poliwhirl and He want himself to be The Only One With a Poliwhirl) While Chef Pee Pee brings out his Magikarp While Cody Suggest Junior that if He Wants to Stop Chef Pee Pee He can Use Pikachu's Thunderbolt Attack in Which The Noise Made The Poliwag Run Away and When Chef Pee Pee Attempt To Beat Up Junior Pikachu defended him By Using his "Shocking Touch" Ability While Team Rocket Got a Meowth who only says "Wow, I'm a Talking Cat, How Silly! Ah Cha Cha Cha!"

In which Waluigi Says is "Pet Smart" And While Meowth Keeps Messing up Team Rocket's Motto While Also Messing Up his Own Line by Saying "Meowth! That's Correct!" When it is supposed to Be "Meowth! That's Right!" And with a Single Thunderbolt, Blasted Team Rocket Out Of The Stratosphere (Second layer of Earth's Atmosphere) While The gang Continues To Find a Poliwhirl With Chef Pee Pee saying "Again".



  • Ivysaur (Junior's)
  • Pikachu (Junior's)
  • Squirtle->Wartortle (Cody's)
  • Butterfree (Cody's)
  • Pidgeotto (Junior's)
  • Magikarp (Chef Pee Pee's)
  • Poliwag
  • Meowth
  • Ant
  • Psyduck (Mentioned)
  • Snorlax (Mentioned)


(In Chronological Order)

  • Cody V.S. Butterfree-Winner: Cody- Cody chose Squirtle And Defeated The Butterfree with a Single Water Gun Attack, Then Cody succeeded in capturing Butterfree and Cody's Squirtle evolved into a Wartortle.
  • Bowser Junior V.S. Pidgeotto-Winner: Bowser Junior- Junior picked Ivysaur and they Battled "Game Boy Style", Ivysaur used Tackle but it only did a Little bit of Damage, Pidgeotto used Peck which took away 1/2 Of Ivysaur's HP (Health Point), Junior told Ivysaur to do another Tackle Attack but it missed, Pidgeotto did another Peck, Junior then told Ivysaur to use Solar Beam but it takes 2 Turns, Pidgeotto has a Free Turn and uses Peck again this time almost Defeating Ivysaur, Ivysaur fires his Solar Beam but it missed and Pidgeotto used Peck Again this time Fainting Ivysaur, Junior attempts to Run but it says "Can't Run Now >:)", Junior then called out Pikachu who is at Level 99 and defeats Pidgeotto With a Single Thundershock while Junior succeeds in Capturing The Pidgeotto.
  • Chef Pee Pee V.S. Poliwag-Winner: None/Poliwag- Chef Pee Pee Attempts to catch a Poliwag after Junior doesn't want it due to the fact he Want a Poliwhirl that's already evolved, Not wanting Chef Pee Pee to get his hand on A Poliwag either, Junior told Pikachu to use Thunderbolt on Chef Pee Pee, The Noise which made The Poliwag Run Away.


  • Near a Tree
  • Grassy Field/Plain
  • Swamp


  • Cody catches a Butterfree.
  • Cody's Squirtle evolves into Wartortle.
  • Bowser Junior catches a Pidgeotto.
  • Bowser Junior killed the Ant.
  • The gang encounters a Poliwag for the first time.
  • Bowser Junior reveals that he doesn't want a Poliwag and only wants a Poliwhirl that is already evolved.
  • Team Rocket now has a Meowth as part of their team.


  • This is Meowth's first appearance in an SML Movie and his first appearance since TONY'S LIFE STORY back in 2008. In this video, he's voiced by Chris instead of Logan.
  • This video did not feature a custom thumbnail because Logan had surgery. It was added later after Logan was released from the hospital.
  • One of Pikachu's moves was "Steal wallet", a move that Toad's Jigglypuff has done in Pokemon Part 3.
  • After a four-month hiatus, the series finally gets a new episode.
  • Bowser Junior is an asshole in this episode, as he thinks completely negative about Poliwag becoming a Poliwhirl to the point he is impatient and lazy about having to level it up.
  • The Meowth plush used in this episode is different from the one used in Tony's Life Story.


  • When Junior is trying to sing the Poliwhirl song, he is trying to sing "Is It Me You're Looking For" which is sung by Lionel Richie.


  • Ivysaur fainted when battling Pidgeotto, but later Junior calls him out to fight the Ant.
  • Junior commands Pikachu to use Thunderbolt on Chef Pee Pee, but it wasn't seen in his move set when fighting Pidgeotto and has "Thunderape" in its place.
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