"Pokemon Part 4" is the 117th video of SML Movies and the 4th part of Pokemon.


Bowser Junior and the gang continue their adventure to find a Poliwhirl! New Pokemon are discovered, and Junior meets a surprising new trainer!

Plot Edit

The Episode Begin With a Bellsprout in a Grass Bed saying "Bellsprout!" When Bowser Junior, Chef Pee Pee, and Cody was seen continuing their search for a Poliwhirl with Junior saying "Oh Man guys we'll never find a Poliwhirl at this rate!" but Chef Pee Pee angrily replied with "Junior Shut up about that stupid Poliwhirl Ok?! I'm more concerned about Jigglypuff Drawing On Our Faces!"

Junior then said "Well the ink came off so stop being a Whiney Puh Chef Pee Pee!" Cody asked what the Thing in The Grass Bed was in which Junior said excite "WOAH I think that's a New Pokemon! Or a Weed or something" in which Chef Pee Pee commented that it looked like grass, Junior was seen pulling out his Pokedex in which it said "That is Bellsprout, The plant-based Pokemon"

Junior announced that he's going to catch it but Chef Pee Pee said that he should catch it but Junior defended by Saying that he "Caught Like The Last 2 Pokemons" But Chef Pee Pee said that it is still his turn to catch it, They argued until Cody Screamed "GUYS!" And then he told The Two how he only have one Pokemon and that he should catch it, Cody tried to take a more friendly approach to the Bellsprout rather than fighting it saying "Hey there little Bellsprout, Wanna be friends? Junior then said that he isn't suppose to be nice to the Bellsprout and that he need to beat him up and catch him, Cody excused by saying "But he's just a Cute little weed" Junior asks him what he'll do if it runs away but Cody backtalked saying That it's a Weed and that it isn't going to run away, Cody gave in to Junior's Impatienc and told Squirtle to use "Punch" in which it beat up Bellsprout badly with Junior Screaming "World Star!", Cody threw a Pokeball at The Knocked out Bellsprout and actually succeeds, He proceeded to kiss Squirtle in which Junior and Chef Pee Pee told him to stop as it is "Beastiality" they then heard something said "WEEDLEEE LEEE LEEE LEEE LEEE"

The Trio looked up into the tree and finds a Weedle on The Branch, Junior pointed his Pokedex at it and learned that it's a Weedle, Junior and Chef Pee Pee once again get's into a fight over who'll get the weedle, Chef Pee Pee Won and took out Magikarp thinking that Weedle is a Grass Type and that he'll use a Water Type, However, since Magikarp is the most useless/Weakest Pokemon in the world and how Weedle is up in a Tree and Magikarps is flopping on The Ground, Chef Pee Pee decides to instead grab Magikarp by the Tail and proceeds to Knock Weedle off the tree and brutally beat it Multiple times until Junior said that Weedle is just a Caterpillar, Chef Pee Pee then grabbed Weedle saying "Not so tough are you Stupid little Weedle? And threw him against The Tree in which Junior told Chef Pee Pee to catch Weedle and stop Torturing him.

Chef Pee Pee caught weedle without it even struggling, Junior again said that They're getting a Poliwhirl but Chef Pee Pee said that they searched near a Water Source and then they Came around The Tree in which Junior said that Poliwhirls are in The Woods behind them but they Find a Ekans crawling on The Floor in which Chef Pee Pee thought wasn't a Pokemon but rather a Ordinary Snake, Junior foolishly Tried to pet it in which it Bit Junior.

They rushed to a Pokemon Center in which The Nurse said that they can't Help Junior because He's not a Pokemon, Cody then proceeded to Suck The Venom Out which Cured Junior which They Then heard someone say "YO BRO" in whoch they turned around to find a Trainer with a Pikachu in which He said "I think you have to fight me bruh" Junior ask who he is and he introduced himself as Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu, Junior asks Chef Pee Pee if he should duel him in which Chef Pee Pee said Yes but told him to make a bet Junior asks Ash that if he win can he keep his Pikachu,

Due to Ash's Cocky attitude he naturally says Yes but also said that if he wins he'll have to take Junior's Pokemon, Junior told him that his Pokemon is Bulbasaur in which Ash laughed and they Battled, Ash sends out Pikachu while Junior sends out Bulbasaur, Junior went first and hit Pikachu with a Tackle, Pikachu used Thunderbolt which was surprisingly overwhelming to Bulbasaur even with The Type Disadvantage but Bulbasaur was able to hang in there, Junior told him to use "Thunder Leaf"

But since it was a Made up move Junior just use Tackle again, Chef Pee Pee and Cody was seen watching the Battle when Chef Pee Pee Blurted out "Hey Junior, Uh Buddy, You're Losing" Cody then said "Yeah Junior! You have a Plant Dinosaur for God Sake! Do Something Cooler!" Junior said that he knows but claims that his Bulbasaur doesn't know any other moves, Ash to,d Pikachu to use "Shock Wave" Which confused Bulbasaur, Panicking Junior screamed "Chef Pee Pee! Throw me something that'll help me out!" Chef Pee Pee was seen drinking from a Water Bottle and threw it to Junior saying "Junior Here!" Junior attempts to catch it saying "I got it I got it!"

But The water Bottle hit Pikachu in The Head Knocking him out with Ash Screaming "PIKACHU NOOOOOOOO" Junior Thanks Chef Pee Pee and asks if He technically won in which Ash replied with "I guess so bro" Which prompt Junior to scream "BULBASAUR WE DID IT!" But Bulbasaur was seen Glowing in which Cody said "I think he's evolving!" Ash said "Bro..." And Junior saying "Bulbasaur?" In which it is seen that Bulbasaur transformed into a Ivysaur, Chef Pee Pee laughed saying That Junior's Bulbasaur turned into Something for ridiculous but Junior didn't care as He got a Pikachu.

Ash was seen weeping screaming "PIKACHU BRO! SPEAK TO ME BRO!" Junior was seen ready to take Pikachu while Ash said "Aww not my Pikachu Bro it's like my Only Pokemon" But Junior said that he won fair and Square and returned Pikachu into his Own Pokeball Chanting 3 WOOO with The 3rd one in Ash's Face which made him angry screaming "OK!" And Junior saying "Yeah" and continues his journey.

Characters Edit

Pokemon Edit

  • Bulbasaur->Ivysaur (Junior's)
  • Squirtle (Cody's)
  • Magikarp (Chef Pee Pee's)
  • Pikachu (Ash's)->(Junior's)
  • Bellsprout (Cody's)
  • Weedle (Chef Pee Pee's)
  • Ekans (Wild)

Battles Edit

(In Chronological Order)

  • Cody V.S. Bellsprout-Winner: Cody- Cody Told Squirtle to use Punch on Bellsprout which Knocked out and then Cody caught It.
  • Chef Pee Pee V.S. Weedle Winner: Chef Pee Pee- Chef Pee Pee mercilessly Beat Weedle with His Magikarp and threw him against The Tree and then captured him.
  • Bowser Junior V.S. Ash Ketchum-Winner: Bowser Junior (Technically)- Ash Used Pikachu while Bowser Junior chose Bulbasaur, Bulbasaur used Tackle which had little effects on Pikachu, Pikachu used Thunderbolt which Hurt Bulbasaur but not a lot, Junior told Bulbasaur to use Thunder Leaf but it isn't a real move so he told him to just use Tackle Again, Pikachu uses Shock Wave and Confuses Bulbasaur, When all hope seemed lost Chef Pee Pee threw a Water Bottle to Junior only for it to hit Pikachu in The Head Knocking Him Out and Making Junior win The Battle, Bulbasaur evolved into Ivysaur Afterword.

Arenas Edit

  • Grass Bed
  • Behind a Tree
  • Pokemon Center

Events Edit

  • Cody catches a Bellsprout
  • Chef Pee Pee catches a Weedle.
  • Junior and the gang meet Ash Ketchum for the first time.
  • Junior has a battle with Ash and wins (with the help of Chef Pee Pee).
  • Junior's Bulbasaur evolves into Ivysaur.
  • Junior wins Ash's Pikachu.

Trivia Edit

  • This video marks the first time a scene was filmed inside of Logan's apartment.
  • It is unknown what happened to Bowser Junior, Chef Pee Pee, Squirtle, Psyduck and Cody between the end of Pokemon Part 3 and the start of Pokemon Part 4.
  • When Chef Pee Pee threw his Pokeball at the Weedle there wasn't any red glow on the center which implied that either The Weedle fainted and Chef Pee Pee caught him or he killed The Weedle and the Pokemon Center Nurse brought him back to life (Like how in the games she treats Pokemons at zero health).
  • This was the last video before the first video on the apartment.

Errors Edit

  • Chef Pee Pee says that Weedle is a Grass-type, though in reality, it's a Bug and Poison-type Pokemon. Meaning that he doesn't know much about Pokemon. He also thinks water beats grass types, even though it's the other way around.
  • When Pikachu uses shockwave, if one looks closely, right before the move is used, the shockwave ring can already be seen.
  • If the Weedle fainted or died Chef Pee Pee shouldn't have been able to capture him as he is either Dead/Fainted.
  • In the game, electric type moves are less effective against grass pokemon which means that Pikachu's electric moves would be less effective against Bulbasaur.
  • As a reward for Junior winning a battle against Ash Ketchum, Junior receives Ash's prized Pikachu as an award for winning. Technically, Pokémon trainers can't officially claim other opponent's Pokémon as theirs in the game canon.
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