"Pokemon Part 3" is the 101st video of SML Movies and the 3rd part of Pokemon.


Bowser Junior is on his quest to look for a Poliwhirl! But runs into a quacking problem!


The episode starts after the events of Pokemon Part 2 with Bowser Junior gloating over his victory against Chef Pee Pee saying "Haha, Chef Pee Pee I beat you and got my first gym badge!"

But Chef Pee Pee said "Look here you little-redheaded Brat! The only reason you won is because I have this stupid sucky Pokemon" Junior told him that he needs to get better Pokemons,

Junior decided to be kind and told Chef Pee Pee that The Next Pokemon they encounter is his unless it's a Poliwhirl but Chef Pee Pee said that they are not getting a Poliwhirl.

Junior told Cody to "Keep doing what you are doing because you are doing fine" but then Professor Brooklyn Guy appeared and told Junior that he forgot to give him a Pokedex which is a database of all The Pokemon that existed and how there's literally over 100 and they're all inside The Pokedex and how it tell them their weaknesses, What they like to eat, What they like to do.

He said that it's a Multi-Million Dollar Piece of Technology and how he can't believe it but he's just going to give it to Junior for free in which Chef Pee Pee said that he should have The Pokedex as he's more responsible than Junior, The Brooklyn Guy then told Junior that if This Pokemon thing works out for him he'll give Junior a bicycle for free too.

Junior then asked The Professor where you should go to find a Poliwhirl since he "Knows everything about Pokemons" in which he said to look near a Swamp, Lake, or River, Junior then said that he now knows where to go but Chef Pee Pee asks him how he's going to get to a body of water in which he said that he'll walk and if he doesn't want to walk The Professor will give him a Bike.

Chef Pee Pee then realized that his Labcoat looks just like Chef Pee Pee's shirt in which he ran off saying "Uhh You enjoy that have to go" and Chef Pee Pee saying HEY! And then he whined about how "Sucky people always ruin my life" Junior reminded Chef Pee Pee that they are going to a Lake or a Swamp to find a Poliwhirl in Which Chef Pee Pee is heard screaming "WHATEVER!".

A Few moments later The group comes to a bunch of tall grass and Junior decides to go through it, but since Cody is allergic to Beedrills but Junior countered that by saying "Or there are Wild Pokemons that we catch!" Chef Pee Pee decides to drive them to a lake. When they get there they argued about if a Poliwhirl is in The Lake when Cody said "What is that?"

A "Who's That Pokemon?" appeared with The Silhouette of a Psyduck but once again The Answer is Poliwhirl, Junior tried to captured The Psyduck but Chef Pee Pee reminded Junior that he has "Dibs" this time in which he promised that The Next Pokemon is Chef Pee Pee's so Chef Pee Pee brings out his Snorlax in order to catch it, Chef Pee Pee screamed "ALRIGHT SNORLAX NOW CRUSH HIM!".

When Snorlax is crushing it, they realize that if they don't get it off Psyduck, he's going to die, Chef Pee Pee, Junior, Cody, and Squirtle attempts to push Snorlax off while Chef Pee Pee screamed "Come on Snorlax! Wake your fat ass up!"

When they failed Chef Pee Pee then said that they need a Crane or Truck, Cody suggests that Chef Pee Pee returns Snorlax to his Pokeball, which he does, and catches Psyduck. Junior is disappointed that there are no Poliwhirls around the lake.

All of a sudden Wario and Waluigi (Team Rocket) pop out of nowhere in an attempt to get Psyduck, They sing The Team Rocket Song "Prepare for trouble! And make it double, To protect the world from Devastation, To reunite peoples within out Nation, To denounce The Evil of truth and Love, To extend our reach to the stars above, Wario! Waluigi! Team Rocket blasts off at The Speed of light! Surrender now or prepare to Fight Fight Fight! but they don't have Meowth yet.

The Group thought that they were Flash Models, They asked what they want, They demand the group to hand over Psyduck, but they refuse, so Waluigi sends out a Koffing to Smokescreen the group so they can steal Psyduck.

After the smoke clears, Wario and Waluigi, find out that they grabbed Bulbasaur, much to their dismay. Junior wonders where Bulbasaur went and finds him outside, so he lets him in the car, but can't find his Pokeball. With that Junior asks Chef Pee Pee where they are going as The Sun is setting, Chef Pee Pee said that they're going home and how they are not Homeless but Junior said that in The Show it was different, the group heads home With Chef Pee Pee telling Junior that he needs to stop watching TV Shows.

When they get home, they find Toad ready for a Pokémon battle Since Chef Pee Pee is still a Gym Leader, Chef Pee Pee brings out his Psyduck for battle, and Toad sends out Gary the Snail. After finding out that Gary's not a Pokémon, Toad kicks him out of the arena and brings in a Jigglypuff, Psyduck uses Smack in which Toad tells his Jigglypuff to sing Psyduck to sleep, which it does, and it also makes everyone else fall asleep.

Toad takes his gym badge and Chef Pee Pee's wallet while Jigglypuff draws on everyone's faces.



  • Bulbasaur (Junior's)
  • Squirtle (Cody's)
  • Snorlax (Chef Pee Pee's)
  • Psyduck (Chef Pee Pee's)
  • Koffing (Waluigi's)
  • Jigglypuff (Toad's)
  • Gary The Snail (Toad's)


  • The gang meets Team Rocket for the first time.
  • Chef Pee Pee catches a Psyduck.
  • Toad challenges Chef Pee Pee to a gym battle and wins.


(In Chronological Order)

  • Chef Pee Pee V.S. Psyduck-Winner: Chef Pee Pee- Chef Pee Pee calls out Snorlax and yelled "ALRIGHT SNORLAX NOW CRUSH HIM!!!" In which Snorlax simply falls on top of Psyduck, After a Moment of trying to get Snorlax off of Psyduck, Chef Pee Pee returns Snorlax to its Pokemon and with Psyduck knocked out, Chef Pee Pee threw a Pokeball and was successful in Capturing Psyduck.
  • Chef Pee Pee V.S. Toad-Winner: Toad- Toad Brings out Gary The Snail but Bowser Junior said that according to his Pokedex Gary isn't a Real Pokemon, Toad kicks Gary off of The Arena screaming "Oh...Well...GET OUTTA HERE GARY!" And decides to bring out a Real Pokemon: Jigglypuff, Chef Pee Pee brings out his newly caught Psyduck, Psyduck used "Smack" But It didn't injure Jigglypuff too much, Jigglypuff decides to use "Sing" to make everyone fall asleep except for Toad, Toad then took The Kitchen Badge and Chef Pee Pee's Wallet while Jigglypuff takes out a Marker and Drew on Everyone's Face (Including a Swastika Squirtle's Face along with The Word "Nazi".)


  • Lake
  • Kitchen Table


  • This is the second video that Cody appears in but Joseph doesn't appear in the episode, the first being Bowser Junior Goes To The Fair.
  • When Jigglypuff sang everyone to sleep, Toad is not affected. This could be due to the fact that he doesn't have ears or that a Jigglypuff can't sing its trainer to sleep.
  • Wario and Waluigi share similarities with Jessie and James from the Pokemon TV show, which is mentioned in this episode.
  • Cody reveals he is allergic to Beedrill.
  • Gary the Snail is not a Pokemon, he's actually a SpongeBob character. Another non-Pokemon (The Cookie Monster) was used by Jeffy in Pokemon Part 6.
  • It is possible that when Snorlax is crushing Psyduck, it is simply his lifeless body fall on top of Psyduck.
  • This is the first appearance of a swastika in SML.
  • This episode was uploaded 1 year after "Bowser Junior's Caprisun".


  • When Chef Pee Pee tries to catch Psyduck, he uses Snorlax. In the previous Pokémon episode, Snorlax died and the group left him at home. But Chef Pee Pee probably returned him to his Pokeball just in case.


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