"Pokemon Part 2" is the 90th video of SML Movies and the 2nd part of Pokemon.


Bowser Junior gets his first gym badge!


Bowser Junior is shown Shouting "Alright Guys! Are Y'all ready To start our Pokemon Journey? Joseph said that it is going to be so cool, Junior then said that the First thing that he want to do is to catch a Poliwhirl but Joseph Told Junior that they have to get their Gym Badge First but Junior whined and said "I don't wanna fight those Stupid Gym Leaders until I got a Poliwhirl!".

Joseph then tell Junior that he want to catch an Onix he doesn't see him running around in Random Places and that they need to get a Gym Badge First, Cody then said that he want to catch an Exodia but Junior corrected him saying that an Exodia belongs in Digimon but before the group can argue any further, they spot a Butterfree in the Nearby Tree, a "Who's That Pokemon? Appeared with a Silhouette of a Butterfree but It said that the answer is Poliwhirl

Cody uses his Squirtle to knock it out, and attempts to catch it, but fails miserably 4x for some reason, making the rest of the group frustrated.

Then, Joseph uses calls out his Charmander screaming "CHARMANDER, USE YOUR FIRE BLAST!" But Charmander Burns Butterfree into a Pile of Ashes killing it.

This makes Junior mad, so he calls Joseph a murderer and tells him that he and Cody don't want murderers hanging out with them, making Joseph leave the group with Charmander in anger, telling them that he doesn't want to be with losers anyway. After Joseph leaves, Junior decides to get his first gym badge.

The Scene skipped to The Kitchen where Chef Pee Pee is seen making a cake saying "Alright time to make some Classic White Deliciously Moist Cake before thinking to himself "That is very descriptive" when he spots Junior and Cody waiting for him On the Counter He asks them "What do you guys Want?" and Junior tells him "Oh well we were waiting patiently for you to stop making your Big Fat stupid cake because I want a Pokemon Battle to get my first Gym Badge"

Chef Pee Pee then said that he doesn't Have time for a Pokemon Battle because he's too busy making a Cake and how He's hungry, Then Junior shouted "Well I want That Kitchen Badge!" Which was on Chef Pee Pee's Shirt Collar and Cody saying "And I want that cake! Chef Pee Pee then said, "So you really want this Kitchen Badge Huh?" Junior then said "Yeah! And I'm gonna duel you with my... With my..." Chef Pee Pee Said "With your What?" Junior silently Mutters "Bulbasaur" making the Chef Pee Pee laugh, declaring that he will win, and a Pokémon battle begins.

Junior summons his Bulbasaur to the arena, while Chef Pee Pee summons a Magikarp Which came out of The Pokeball in a Puddle of water, Junior asks why Magikarp is making Choking Gasping noises, Junior eventually came to the conclusion that Magikarp is a Fish and needs Water in which he took a glass of water and poured it near Magikarps Mouth making him able to breathe again, Junior used Tackle while Magikarp used Splash which didn't do anything other than getting Bulbasaur Wet, Bulbasaur used Tackle Again and Magikarp used another Splash, Bulbasaur used another Tackle (Due to the fact that Bulbasaur doesn't have anymore Moves) Magikarp used yet another Splash in which Junior asked "You don't know any other moves Chef Pee Pee?"

Chef Pee Pee replied with "I kinda don't you know I was busy making a Cake I wasn't really preparing for Battle, Junior then suggested Putting Magikarp back into the ocean since it looks like he's about to die soon Chef Pee Pee returns his Magikarp back to it's Pokeball, shouting "Return Magikarp!" Junior then gloated over his victory saying "Haha Chef Pee Pee I beat your stupid Magikar, Now do you have any other pokemons I can beat Huh?" Chef Pee Pee then said "Alright Junior, I'll give you that one, You defeated my Magikarp but there's no way you're gonna beat my next Pokemon" He then took out another Pokeball screaming "ALRIGHT SNORLAX IT'S TIME TO DEFEAT JUNIOR!"

As he summons a Snorlax to The Arena, Not knowing how to beat it Junior told Bulbasaur to tackle it (In its Groin Area) with no effect simply due to Snorlax's Size, Chef Pee Pee then taunts Junior saying "That was a Nice move Junior, BUT IT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH" And Screamed "SNORLAX USE YOUR CONGESTED HEART FAILURE!!!" In which Snorlax's Snoring Stopped and in which Chef Pee Pee listened into Snorlax's Chest and "Ok so I think he just died so you won this one"

Junior said in astonishment "Really? So do I get my First Gym Badge? Chef Pee Pee (Much to his dismay) Said Yes, Junior then screamed: "OH MY GOD CODY I WON, BULBASAUR WE DID IT I GOT MY FIRST GYM BADGE!" While looking at The Camera Chef Pee Pee tells Junior that he will have to go with him on his Pokémon journey to find better Pokémon, because his Pokémons suck.

Junior said that he can get better Pokemons and help him find a Poliwhirl, Chef Pee Pee then said that he doesn't care about what Junior wants but ok, Junior then hugged Chef Pee Pee (In which Chef Pee Pee pulled away in Disgust) Junior asked what they'll do with Snorlax's Corpse saying that they might need a Crane, They decide to leave the Snorlax's body in the arena and not tell anyone, like it's a joke, and resume their adventures.


  • Bulbasaur (Junior's)
  • Squirtle (Cody's)
  • Charmander (Joseph's)
  • Magikarp (Chef Pee Pee's)
  • Snorlax (Chef Pee Pee's)
  • Butterfree (Dead/Died)


  • Joseph leaves the group and continues his journey on his own.
  • Chef Pee Pee is revealed to be a gym leader.
    • He is also revealed to own a Magikarp and a Snorlax.
  • Junior challenges Chef Pee Pee to a gym battle and wins.
  • Chef Pee Pee joins the group and replaces Joseph.


(In Chronological Order)

  • Cody V.S. Butterfree-Winner: Cody- Cody chose Squirtle and told him to use Bubble Beam which immediately defeated The Butterfree, He then tries to capture The Butterfree 4x But each time failing to catch it, Joseph Called out his Charmander and Burned The Butterfree Alive.
  • Bowser Junior V.S. Chef Pee Pee-Winner: Bowser Junior- Bowser Junior chosed Bulbasaur while Chef Pee Pee Chosed Magikarp, They went through a Process of Tackle and Splash 3x Until Chef Pee Pee was forced to return Magikarp into The Pokeball due to him dying of Suffocation, Chef Pee Pee then bringed out a Snorlax which Junior used Tackle but with no Effect, Chef Pee Pee told Snorlax to use "Congestive Heart Failure" in Which The Snorlax Died, Leaving Chef Pee Pee with no choice but To Give Junior The Kitchen Badge.


  • Near a Tree
  • On The Kitchen Table



  • Chef Pee Pee shares many similarities with Brock from the Pokémon anime.
    • They both agree to travel with the protagonist.
    • They are both gym leaders.
    • They both owned 2 Pokémon when they joined the group.
  • Chef Pee Pee's Magikarp and Snorlax both has something do with food with Magikarp being a fish which people usually cook and Snorlax is associated with eating.


  • An Exodia is not from Digimon, it is actually from Yu-Gi-Oh!
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