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"Pokemon Part 1" is the 86th video of SML Movies and the 1st episode of Pokemon.


Bowser Junior wishes Pokemon was real!


The video start with Junior and Joseph playing Pokemon on their 3DS with Junior saying "Come on Poliwhirl! Use Bubble Beam!" while Joseph said "Oh don't let that happen Charizard! Use your Fire Blast!"

When Junior said come on Poliwhirl lets murk this kid this kid is about to get Rekt and when Charizard was hit with Bubble Beam Joseph yelled "Dodge the attack! Come on Charizard Be a Man!" while they were both talking about how they loved Pokemon Junior asked what If Pokemons were real in which Joseph Replied with "Bro, I'll have a pet Charizard!" While Junior said that he'll have a Pet Poliwhirl but Joseph asked him why a Poliwhirl in which Junior said that Poliwhirl and him can be best friends and they can go to the beach together and can get him wet and stuff without him actually going into the water since Poliwhirl can use "Surf" and Joseph replied with, "And that's thrilling to you?" in which Junior was angered and said yeah! Well what would with your Charizard? Eat butt together? With Charizard eat butt attack? Stupid eating butt Charizard in which Joseph replied with anger saying that Charizard doesn't have an attack like that and that he spits fire, Which then Junior mocked him by saying well what will you do with spitting fire? Burn down an Orphanage?, Which Joseph replied with no! Why would we burn down an orphanage? Which prompt Junior to ask him what he'll do with his fire-spitting attack then, in which Joseph replied with that he'll probably get him to light birthday candles for his birthday in which Junior said "Light Birthday Candles?! Get Rekt Scrub, You're stupid" in which he said how dare you Junior!? Your idea's Stupider! In which Junior said that his ideas are amazing and that he is like Steve Jobs or something.

Bowser came in and told Junior that he needs to go to bed and tell him to "Tell his Ugly Friend to go home too" but Junior asked why he need to go to bed in which his dad told him Because it is dark outside but Junior corrected him by saying that it was only 5:00PM and it's getting darker faster because it was the wintertime but Bowser said that he doesn't care how dark it is, what time it is, what day it is, Junior then said to Joseph "Hey Joseph my ugly friend it's time for you to go home, in which he packed up his 3DS and went home, Bowser Junior asked Bowser why he was so mean and Bowser said that it's because he haven't took his nap yet and why he is asking so much questions in which Junior outsmarted him by saying "Then go take your nap then." Bowser refuses as he believes he's not tired and quickly slaps Junior. Junior then closed his 3DS and said that he wished that he can just play Pokemon all day in which he Suddenly looked at his window and see a Shooting Star, He got closer and tried to make a Wish "I wish that Pokemon were real" in which it was abruptly cut off by Bowser yelling at Junior to go to sleep. Unknowingly to Junior, His wish on the shooting star actually replaced his current universe with an alternate Reality in which Pokemon was real.

The next day Bowser told Junior to get up because he was "Running Late" which Junior in confusion asked late for what? In which Bowser explained that he needs to get his first pokemon. Junior in astonishment asked Bowser about what is belived to be his wish coming true. He replies and proceeded to slap Junior once more in the face.

He then spends eight hours trying to find the Pokemon Center in which it was then Nighttime he found a Sign that said: "Pokemon Center, Also rehab center for alcoholics" Joseph and Cody were seen arguing which of their Starter Pokemons were stronger with Cody pointing out that he had a Squirtle and that Water beats Fire but Joseph has a Charmander and that his View is that Fire EVAPORATES Water, Junior finds the Pokemon Professor Brooklyn Guy and finds out that they have only one Pokemon left, and it's a Bulbasaur.

Junior is not happy that he has to take Bulbasaur and begs the Brooklyn Guy to give him a Poliwhirl since it's his favorite Pokemon But since Brooklyn Guy doesn't have one he told him that they had a Pikachu but it was Takened by another kid that is also late but not as late as Junior was and goes on to comment on how Charmander evolves into a DRAGON and that's awesome and that Squirtle was okay but then evolved into a Turtle with Cannons on its back and how Bulbasaur kinda just evolves into "A Caesar Salad with No Ranch" Junior has no choice but to take it, and the Brooklyn Guy tells him that he can have it for free.

This leads to them questioning how weird the Pokemon world is and how is doesn't make sense at all. Junior tries to lie to his friends that he got the legendary Mewtwo, but they see through his lies, forcing Junior to confess that he got Bulbasaur.

As they laugh at him, he then yells at them saying that "MY BULBASAUR IS COOL AND IT CAN KICK ALL Y'ALL POKEMON'S ASSES!" Joseph and Junior do a Pokemon battle, Joseph attacked first using a Fire Blast in which Junior's Bulbasaur dodged it by jumping into the air and told Bulbasaur to use Razor Leaf but it didn't have any effects on Charmeander Joseph then tell his Charmander to "Charmander! Use another Fire Blast and make sure it's a BIG ONE!"

Bulbasaur wasn't able to dodge the Size of the Fire, Joseph's Charmander roasts Junior's Bulbasaur, so Junior returns him to his Pokeball. The Professor comes in and tells them that fighting is not allowed in the Pokemon Center. Junior asks him to heal Bulbasaur, which he does. Joseph suggests that they can go find more Pokemon when they start out on their adventure.

Cody shows Junior and Joseph his Squirtle, who is out of his Pokeball because he's claustrophobic, just like Cody. The episode ends with the group starting on their journey.




  • The gang claim their starter Pokemon and start their journey.
    • Joseph claims a Charmander.
    • Cody claims a Squirtle.
    • Junior claims a Bulbasaur (much to his dismay).
  • Junior challenges Joseph to a battle, but loses.


  • This is the first SML Movie of December 2014.
  • Logan reveals in the credits that his favorite Pokemon is also Poliwhirl.
  • Although Junior claims Poliwhirl is his favorite Pokemon, he did not understand that Poliwhirl is an evolved form of Poliwag.
  • The three Pokemon that Junior, Cody, and Joseph have are the three starter Pokemon that can be chosen in Pokemon Red & Blue when the player goes into Prof. Oak's Lab.
  • It is also unknown how Bulbasaur and Charmander get access to Razor Leaf and Fire Blast as Bulbasaur learns Razor Lear at Level 19, and Charmander learns Fire Blast with a TM.
  • If one listens carefully during the moments when Bowser Junior and Joseph were on the bed, the battle music of Pokemon Red & Blue can be heard in the background.
  • It appears that Bowser doesn't remember what he did last night to Junior, It could be the wish's Effect in which when the Alternate Pokemon Universe was created, The inhabitants in Junior's Area are fitted with other memory.
  • A lot of fans question why Junior didn't told his friends that he actually wished for Pokemon to be real, However it is possible that only Junior has the Memories of The Universe without Pokemon so Joseph and Cody would think that he was talking nonsense as THEIR Memories of the alternate reality tell them that Pokemon were real from the start, or it just can be that Junior was so excited he forgot to tell his friends.
  • It is unknown why Junior slept in and why he had to go to bed in the first place. He probably had school the next day.
  • When Bowser Junior slept in the next day and was late to get his starter Pokémon, It is a spoof of the scene from the very first Pokémon anime episode where Ash accidentally sleeps in and ends up late to get his starter Pokémon.
  • The Pokemon Junior made up (“Caterpillar with wings and dragon claws, with Ice breath and can bend the universe”) could possibly be Giratina, a legendary Pokémon in the Sinnoh Region.


  • The game on Joseph's DSi is not Pokemon, but Flipnote Studio. This can be seen as Joseph is leaving, as he bumps the top screen and exposes its contents. It's likely Logan either only had one copy or couldn't be bother to launch it
  • In the Pokemon anime. it is shown that you can be a Pokemon Trainer when you're 10, but none of the trio were 10 at that time.
  • Joseph claims that Charmander is a dragon during his and Junior’s battle, but he is actually a lizard.
  • Junior has a 3DS XL, but Joseph has a DSi so they couldn't vs each other, unless they were both playing a DS Pokemon game.


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