"Pinch! Pinch! Pinch!" is the 42nd episode of SML Shorts.


It's Saint Patrick's Day! So Junior is pinching everyone who isn't wearing green!


Bowser hits Chef Pee Pee with a baseball bat for not wearing green. Then, Bowser Junior does the same. Chef Pee Pee tells Junior to pinch someone once when they're not wearing green, not to hit them with a bat. Junior puts away the bat and pinches him like he said and he exclaims that he doesn't want to be pinched because he's explaining it to him and tells him to pinch his friends who aren't wearing green. Junior asks if that's racist, then Chef Pee Pee answers no because it has nothing do to with skin color. Junior tried to pinch Joseph, but he was wearing green. Cody comes to the house and Junior and Joseph pinch him because he wasn't wearing green, he was wearing blue. Cody starts to beat up Junior for pinching him, but Brooklyn T. Guy shows up and stops the fight. Brooklyn T. Guy asked Junior why he was pinching Cody and Junior said it's Saint Patrick's Day and Cody is not wearing green. Junior starts to pinch Brooklyn T. Guy because he wasn't wearing green so he shoots Junior. Brooklyn T. Guy gets fired from his job for this and at the end, Brooklyn T. Guy was wearing green this WHOLE time! However, the Blue M&Ms Officer still fires him for shooting Junior.



  • As of this video, Brooklyn T. Guy is no longer a police officer after he shot Junior, who was an unarmed minor. (But it is later revealed in "The Secret Door!" that it was actually his brother, Does Bad Things Guy).
  • Only about 53% of the video was the actual episode, Logan took almost half of the video explaining everything he needed to.
    • This was one of the shortest SML videos in a long time.
  • According to Logan, the video was filmed at the last minute as he remembered it was St Patrick's Day and invited the crew over. He always wanted to make a St Patrick's Day video but usually fans forgot.
  • Chilly uploaded a vlog that included behind the scenes footage of recording the video.
    • This video was assisted by Amanda, who is Chilly's cousin that visited during spring break.
  • This is the first St. Patrick's Day episode in the entire SuperMarioLogan series.
  • This video got age restricted either because of "Does Bad Things Guy" wearing the green tutu, or "Does Bad Things Guy" shooting Junior.


  • Someone can get arrested for pinching a police officer on Saint Patrick's Day. However, the Blue M&MS Officer is the head chief and says anyone can pinch police officers not wearing green, so he would probably get fired or arrested for allowing this.


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