Pikachu is an Electric-Type mouse Pokemon from The Pokemon Series.

He was originally Ash's partner, but Junior wins against him. Pikachu is now Bowser Junior's partner along with Bulbasaur.

 Pokemon Part 4

During Junior and friends stay at the pokemon center, they meet Pokemon trainer Ash Ketchum. Junior challenges his Bulbasaur to Ash's Pikachu and if Junior wins, he gets to keep Ash's Pikachu,and if Ash wins he gets to keep Junior's Bulbasaur. Junior quickly find himself and Bulbasaur overwhelmed by Ash's Pikachu so Junior asks Chef Pee Pee for help. Chef Pee Pee throws his water bottle at Pikachu which gave Junior victory, Bulbasaur then evolves into Ivysaur, which Chef Pee Pee insults. In the end, Junior claims Ash's Pikachu and continues his journey.

Pokemon Part 5

Pikachu was sent out to Defeat a Pidgeotto when Ivysaur Fainted and Ordered by Bowser Junior To Shock Chef Pee Pee when he attempted to Catch a Poliwag and Blasted Team Rocket Above The Stratosphere most likely killing them.


  • Thunderbolt: Not very Effective on Grass-Type Pokemon But it could have been a Critical Hit on Bulbasaur.
  • Shockwave/Thundershock: Chance of Paralyzing The Enemy However Ash says that Bulbasaur is Confused so Shockwave In SML May have a Confusion Effect.
  • Thunderape: N/A not attack in games or anime
  • Shocking Touch: (Similar to the character Raiden's attack in the Mortal Kombat video game series) Pikachu's Body will shock whoever Touches him, Used on Chef Pee Pee when he attempted To beat Up Junior. not attack in games or enemies however could probably be used in the anime due to pikachu having free control of his electricity


  • In the Pokemon anime, Pikachu is with Ash in every series and didn't have the deep voice. The SML Pikachu and Ash in are very braggy about Pokemon.
  • Along with the kanto starters in their first stage, pikachu's plush is from 2013-2014.
  • Pikachu blastining Team Rocket away in Pokemon Part 5 is a reference to the anime in which it happens to Team Rocket in nearly every episode since their debut.


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