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Pidgeotto is Bowser Junior's third Pokémon and is a Normal/Flying type Pokémon. It battled Ivysaur undefeating it with ease then battled Pikachu who defeated Pidgeotto with ease and was caught.


  • It has similarities with Ash's Pidgeot from the anime, as both were never seen as a Pidgey and were the 3rd Pokémon caught by them.
  • It is shown to be very strong as it defeated Ivysaur with ease though this could be due to Pideotto being a Flying type, as Ivysaur is Grass, which is weak to Flying moves.
  • Unlike most Pokémon, it does not say its name, instead, it says "Ca-Caw!" and will say "I said Ca-Caw!" if people have failed to hear it after it said "Ca-Caw" multiple times.
  • It seems to dislike Chef Pee Pee because it started attacking him in its debut.
  • Its known moves are "Peck" and "F**CKING PECK!". Ironically, Pidgeotto and the rest of its evolution line cannot learn Peck in any Pokemon game.
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