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"Mario? Mario?"
— Peach’s final words in the SML series
— Peach talking back to Mario angrily before she leaves discovering that he sleeps with her thong in Mario's New Girlfriend!
"We can start off as friends and maybe in the future we can start dating"
— Peach talking nicely to Mario in It All Comes to an End

Princess Peach Toadstool is a major recurring antagonist in the SuperMarioLogan series. She is Mario's ex-wife and Bowser Junior's biological mother by birth.

She married Mario on April 10th 2009. She divorced him over his bald head in "Mario's Hair". She was also the main antagonist of "Mario's Valentines Day Problem!".


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Peach was an ungrateful, bratty and unfaithful girlfriend who didn't care much about Mario late into their relationship and stayed with Mario only because she was attracted with his money (or hair in the case of "Mario's Wig"). She is a foil to Mario's current girlfriend Rosalina with her brattiness being the complete opposite of Rosalina's kind nature. Peach was also rather airheaded and oblivious (though not to the same extent as Rosalina). This contrasts her personality from the games, where she is kind, gentle and on good terms with Mario.


Early Life

Peach was born on January 3, 1967. She was raised by King George Toadstool, and during her childhood she was constantly spoiled by her parents.

Peach in High School in the 1980's

She was in the same high school as Mario, Luigi and Bowser. In the 1980s it's likely she was popular in high school and was the prettiest girl there. This is probably why Bowser fell in love with her and once took pictures of her at prom night, causing her parents to call the cops on him. During her senior year, she got in a relationship with Mario and would graduate in 1985. 

After high school, Peach would marry Mario, upsetting Bowser thus being the reason he kidnaps her. Mario proposed on their honeymoon at the Grand Canyon.

They likely got married in August 29, 1997 (as seen on a newspaper). After that, Mario and Peach spent most of their life in Loganville. When her father King George Toadstool died, she and Mario got an equal amount of his money.  


Peach as a zombie

At the beginning of MLSDA or Zombie Peach,Bowser kidnapped Peach (after being paid to by Mama Luigi) and later on after being knocked out, Peach is raped by Bowser.

At the end of Season 1, Peach discovered she was pregnant, and her and Mario’s relationship has now become a living hell. (Though he claimed it was her love.) After Bowser returned and tried to kill them. only for Mama Luigi to accidentally kill both of them with a bomb, Peach was one of the many friends that attended his funeral.

When she gave birth, her baby turned out to be a striking resemblance of Bowser due to the rape. Black Yoshi shot and wounded Junior after he kidnapped Peach, and then Peach falls in love with him to says, completely ignoring Mario.

When Bowser appears and knocks Mario out, Peach walks away while Bowser attacks Black Yoshi in a rage for killing his son. Though halfway through the scuffle, Black Yoshi accidentally shoots and kills her and once he discovers what he'd done, hides her body in a trashcan.

Later on, Bowser finds her body and resurrects her into a zombie like state, but she is quickly dispatched by Black Yoshi once she attacks Mario. Her death becomes one of the reasons Mario embarks on an adventure to change the past.

Later Life

Mario lying to Peach about the card

 She makes her husband's life a living hell. She constantly forced him to buy expensive things for her, though Mario was content to do all this simply so he could be with her.

Sometime into their marriage, Mario reveals to her that he is bald, this causes her to instantly file for a divorce. 3 years later, Mario is still depressed over her being gone and after encouragement from Toad, calls her, only to learn she's now with his rival Sonic. After Mario supposedly gains hair, she agrees to go on a date with him, though Mario quickly realises she's only interested in his hair. The date is ended instantly as Peach reveals she is pregnant with Sonic's baby (Chef Pee Pee starts laughing as he called it) and Mario reveals he was just wearing a wig. Peach and Mario argue and she takes the wig and leaves Mario behind.

A few months later, a small time before Mario and Bowser's Stupid and Crazy Adventure began, Sonic broke up with Peach for being 'clingy' and learning she's not pregnant with his baby but the baby of someone (Mario) else. Peach is then kidnapped by Bowser Junior (who wants to be like his father) but sends a tweet asking for help. Mario, seeing this tweet, decides to rescue her to win back her affection. Eventually Mario and Bowser (who believes the one who kidnapped Peach also kidnapped Charleyyy) manage to figure out Junior is the kidnapper. Peach is re-kidnapped by Sonic, who wants revenge on the duo for torturing him to learn Peach's location. Though in a twist of fate, when Sonic threatens to torture her in front of Mario and Bowser when they confront him, she gives birth to the baby. Deciding she's more valuable, Sonic tosses Peach aside and takes the baby.

Peach begs Mario to rescue the child, telling him she'll love him forever. Soon she is found by Toad (who wants to rescue her to win her affection) and though she tells him she was already rescued, he doesn't listen and drags her to a dinner date.

After Sonic is killed by Black Yoshi and Mario and Bowser rescue the baby. Mario and Bowser come across Toad trying to force himself at her, when the latter doesn't listen to reason, the duo waterboard him. Peach reveals that she once again deceived Mario when she reveals that she prefers to see him as a brother rather than a boyfriend or husband, though she admits that maybe in the future they could renew their relationship.

One year later after MBSCA ended however, it becomes apparent that Peach has zero interest in Mario and duped him. This is shown where it's revealed in Mario's Beautiful Date! that she's become friends-with-benefits with Bowser. Then in Mario's New Girlfriend! She files for a restraining order only to show up at his apartment demanding her favourite thong back, calling him a creep as she leaves after discovering he sleeps with it.

In Mario's Valentines Day Problem!, she shows up at Mario's house and wants to get back together with him. Mario, desperate to get back together with her despite now dating a woman named Rosalina, eagerly accepts and locks Rosalina in a closet. Throughout the date, Peach criticises everything he'd supposedly bought for her (originally intended for Rosalina) and acts like nothing he'd done on the date was enough.

Mario, finally realising a horrible human being that she was and how he already had Rosalina who appreciated everything he did and loved him for him, and he decides that enough is enough. Tricking her into thinking he's taking her to a fancy restaurant. Mario lures her outside before slamming the door on her before calling out to her "BYE!" before heading back to make things right with Rosalina and kicking Peach out of his life forever.

As of right now, her status in the SML series is over, though it's likely she was going to make one final appearance in The SuperMarioLogan Movie! as a minor antagonist before it was cancelled.



Before 2011, Mario and Peach met when the two where in high school and they later married, However, when Peach found out that Mario was bald, Peach filed a divorce with Mario, which led him heartbroken. Mario still liked Peach and wanted to remarry her. When Mario found out that Peach was pregnant with Sonic's baby, Mario now hated Peach since 2013.

In Mario and Bowser's Crazy and Stupid Adventures, Mario wanted to save Peach and hoped that she will love him again. When he saves her, Peach tells that if she saves her baby, she will love him forever. When and Bowser saves her baby, he finds out that Peach likes as a brother and she tells him that they can start their relationship over and then get married (which they never did). daydreams of killing Peach after she double-crosses him in MBSCA.

In Mario's Valentines Day Problem!, he tried to re-date Peach by pretending Rosalina's gifts were for Peach. Thankfully, he realized that she was not good for him and permanently dumped Peach to stay with Rosalina, finally ending his long standing depression of Peach leaving him.

In Jeffy's New Toy!, Bowser mentions kidnapping her to Mario in a message and asks him if he still cared enough to rescue her, But Mario, on the other hand, ignores the message, confirming that he's done with her, meaning that Bowser could have her now.

In Mr. Goodman's Revenge, it could be revealed that Peach and Mario are on good terms with each other (despite having them in their separate ways) since Mario texted her a Happy Birthday and she thanked him in return.


According to Just Like Saw and Bowser Junior's Clown Car!, he met Peach when, the two where in high school,  and he had a crush on her, and once took pictures of her in her senior prom night, causing her parents to call the cops on him. Bowser used to kidnap Peach all the time in the earlier videos but he stopped doing it for reasons unknown. It's revealed in Mario's Beautiful Date! that they've entered a "smash and dash on occasion" relationship, though Bowser confirms that they're nothing serious.

It's unknown whether this relationship is ongoing even though Peach hasn't made any new appearances since Mario has kicked her out, it's unlikely or maybe Peach has moved on with her life and forgot about him.

In Jeffy's New Toy!, Bowser mentions kidnapping her, hinting that Bowser still has a crush for her.


Peach and Sonic dated for a while but Sonic broke up with her because she was too clingy. Later in the MBSCA series, he kidnaps and intends to torture her as payback to Mario and Bowser for torturing him. After she gives birth to her and Mario's baby, he tosses her aside and kidnaps the baby instead. After Mario returns the baby, she doesn't question what happened to the blue Hedgehog, perhaps knowing he's dead.

Bowser Junior

In both MLSDA and the main series, Peach and Bowser Junior are shown to have a hostile relationship. Despite being his mother in MLSDA (as a result of Bowser raping her in season 1) he immediately kidnaps her for unknown reasons. When Black Yoshi shoots and kills Junior after the latter runs into him, Peach is happy and even praises Black Yoshi for the deed. In the main series, Junior kidnaps Peach in an attempt to be just like his dad. When Peach is complaining about not having a charger for her phone when she's locked up and realizes he's there, she shows a brief moment of fear before demanding a charger, only for him to laugh at her. After being rescued, she doesn't even bring him up.

Baby Peach

Peach is shown to care about her baby, deciding to keep it despite it being the child of a man she now hated and she was dating someone else. When Sonic kidnaps the child, she immediately begs Mario to rescue her, even deceiving him into thinking she'd love him again. It's unknown where the child is now, as throughout her sporadic appearances after MBSCA ended, neither she or Mario bring the child up when they briefly meet, leaving the child's fate unknown. It could be possible that Peach disowned her but that could be false since disowning your child is illegal in the United States. It's likely the child was placed in foster care.


They haven't officially met, but it's likely that Peach may (or may not) hate Rosalina due to her being Mario's new girlfriend and later new wife. When Rosalina saw Mario texting her in Mr. Goodman's Revenge!, it is implied that Rosalina hates Peach because she thinks Mario could be cheating on her.


They haven't officially met, but it's likely that Peach doesn't have negative feelings towards Jeffy, due to the events in Mr. Goodman's Revenge!.

Likes and Dislikes




  • Peach is considered to be one of the worst characters by many SML fans due to her bratty, mean, selfish, demanding behavior, which is nothing like the Peach in the official Mario series, because the Peach from the official Mario series would never be mean to the main protagonist as Mario saves her from Bowser.
    • She divorced Mario for being bald and then she was dating Sonic who lied to us about being fast which means that Sonic stole Mario's girl with lying. Peach also acts like a spoiled brat in Mario's Valentines Day Problem!. Before this, she was a nice person.
      • In Draw My Life - SuperMarioLogan, Logan confirmed that he made Peach bratty and then wrote her off the series because he was having issues and later broke up with his girlfriend, Chilly Jimenez, who was also Peach's voice actor. When he and Chilly got back together, he thought of reintroducing Peach and having Chilly reprise her role, but opted not to and instead introduced Rosalina into the series and had her voiced by Elaina Keyes.
  • It is revealed that Peach dislikes Star Bursts as shown in Mario's Valentines Day Problem!.
  • It is unknown if she would come back in the future; possibly The SuperMarioLogan Movie.
  • Her bedroom is exactly the same as Bowser Junior's old bedroom.
  • Mario's Valentines Day Problem! is Peach's final appearance.
  • Because of how she appears in less videos is because of how she was hated by fans due to her rudeness.
  • It's unlikely she'll ever return due to her personality, her hatred with the SML community and because her voice actor, Chilly Jimenez, has since broke up with Logan again which resulted in her also being hated by the SML community. However, she might return in the SuperMarioLogan Movie with either being voiced by Elaina or Audrey.
  • According to Mr. Goodman's Revenge!, Mario and Peach are probably in good terms. It's also possible they are acquaintances or their relationship status is one-sided.
  • Even though Peach hasn't been in newer videos since 2016, but she was mentioned by a few SML characters and was made in cameo appearances.
  • She appears in Jeffy the Boxer! where she gets punched in the face by Jeffy so he can get $1,000,000.


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