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Paul is a Goomba with no arms. He appears in the Bowser Junior's Summer School series. He was one of the students of his summer school class (Episodes 5-7).

He reappears in The Perfect Plan and Cody the Magician.


  • Since he has no arms, Tanner bullies him calling him no arms. Though he points out the fact Tanner has no eyes.
  • It is possible that he could return some day as Logan did get some Goomba Puppets as seen in one of the Vlogs in Chilly's Channel. But as of right now, it still remains unknown if he will return or not.
  • He states he cannot do much because he does not have arms. Ironically however, Goombas in the Mario franchise have been shown to effortlessly be able to hold objects without the need of arms.


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