"No Towel" is the 19th episode of SML Shorts.


Toad forgets to get a towel.


After becoming completely bored and frustrated, Toad sees an advertisement on TV narrated by Mr. Goodman for a lonely/no friends hotline.

Toad picks up his phone and calls 555-ihavenofriends and is put on the phone with Bubbles. Toad asks if he will be his friend, and Bubbles claims he will, exciting Toad. Bubbles then asks Toad what he is wearing (a jacket). When Toad asks the same question, Bubbles says he is wearing nothing. Toad then says he is sweaty and needs a shower because of the "hot" atmosphere.

After Bubbles sends his love to Toad, the latter hangs up. Toad takes his towel and starts singing as he gets in the shower.

Shrek heads to the bathroom and overhears Toad's loud singing. He slips inside and takes Toad's towel to prevent him from drying off.

When Toad gets out of the shower, he cannot find his towel. He decides to dry off using toilet paper.

Black Yoshi goes away from his Call of Duty to get grape Kool-Aid when he sees a "mummy," which is really Toad wrapped in toilet paper. Black Yoshi unknowingly attacks Toad and injures him.



  • When Toad is on the phone with Bubbles, he says he is wearing a jacket when he. in fact, is wearing a vest.
  • Toad claims he doesn't want anyone to come in while he is taking a shower. This problem could be solved if he locked the door.
  • This is the final SML Short of 2011.
  • This is one of the rare cases where Black Yoshi apologizes.


  • Somehow, Bubbles managed to used his cell phone at prison.
  • When Toad was singing in the shower, he mentions cleaning his fingernails despite Toads in Mario franchise do not have any fingernails.


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