"No Crust!" is the 35th episode of SML Shorts.


Chef Pee Pee cuts the crust off Junior's sandwich.


The video starts off with Chef Pee Pee giving Bowser Junior a ham and cheese sandwich that he was crying about. Junior was about to say one more thing but Chef Pee Pee starts murdering the crust. However, Junior is devastated about this and is sorry about the crust. Bowser Junior asks Chef Pee Pee why he cut off the sandwich. Chef Pee Pee realizes that Bowser likes no crust, but Junior doesn't.

Junior goes to the couch and Joseph and Cody ask what is going on. They get shocked at the scene. Junior dramatically explains to them what happens and Junior recalls Chef Pee Pee being evil and murdering the crust. Cody says, "That's messed up!" Joseph says, "I didn't know Chef Pee Pee was a murderer!", and Junior says, "He was a FREAKING BARBARIAN!".

They think they should call the cops and Brooklyn T. Police Officer comes in and Junior explains to him what happens. This time, Chef Pee Pee is shown cutting off the crust using a chainsaw with blood coming out from the sandwich screaming. However, Brooklyn T. Guy says he can't arrest Chef Pee Pee and says he prefers crust cut off, but Junior says that he's racist cause the crust is brown. They then try to find a way to get Chef Pee Pee back by giving Chef Pee Pee a pizza but the crust is only there, and he acts dramatically. Junior thinks they were too harsh and he wonders where the rest of the pizza is. The video then cuts to a screaming pizza.



  • This is the second SML Short of 2016.
  • This is the second appearance of Evil Chef Pee Pee, but only in Junior's false stories.
  • Logan revealed at the end of the video that he was going on a 1-week cruise, and also stated that there will be short videos over the time he's on the cruise. Also, he partly revealed his new house.
  • This is the first time in which Junior has a sad expression.
  • This is the 2nd last SML video to be fully set in an apartment unless you count the move out video, then it is third.
  • Junior was going to eat his sandwich anyway, which is still murder, so he should not be whining about Chef Pee Pee cutting the crust off.
  • This is one of many videos where Junior expresses his support for Black Lives Matter. It is unknown if he was joking or not.
  • This is first and only time that Junior calls Brooklyn T. Guy a racist after he sees that the crust is brown.
  • This is the third time we see Junior whine non-stop.
  • It is unknown why Junior cared for the sandwich being "killed" if he would have eaten it anyways.
  • It is revealed that Bowser likes his crust cut off.


  • The description says "Curst" instead of "Crust."
  • The title in the thumbnail has a question mark (?) instead of an exclamation mark. (!)
  • In the SML Question, it says "sandwhich" instead of sandwich.
  • After Chef Pee Pee opens the box, crust can be seen. However, a scene that plays after the scene where he opens the box shows cheese and pepperoni that can be seen on the pizza.


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