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"That's hot!"
— David Winkle, Catchphrase
"No more toys for all the hot kids..."
— David crying over his Toys R Us stores closing.


David Winkle is a major antagonist in SuperMarioLogan. He is a convicted pedophile, sex offender, and mass murderer/rapist who appeared as the main antagonist of the Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! series. He first appeared in Part 2 of the First Grade series, where he replaced Mr. Wilfred as the teacher after Joseph accidentally broke Mr. Wilfred's hip while he tried to take Joseph's phone.

In his debut appearance, Mr. Winkle revealed that he is a sex offender (to confusion and little reaction at first) and demonstrated perverted characteristics as well. He was arrested by Officer Goodman in Part 3 of Bowser Junior's First Grade after taking "school photos" of the students on his iPhone. The puppet for Mr. Winkle is from silly puppets George. This version of Mr Winkle is a 25" George, Peach Dad / Businessman, Full Body, Ventriloquist Style Puppet From Silly Puppets.

As of 2021, he still makes appearances but rarely.


Mr David Winkle was born in Kentucky and had a half brother named Mr. Dinkle, at some point he moved to Detroit, it's unknown how he became a pedophile and his history, other than he is a convicted sex offender, and may also have a prison record.

Mr. Winkle decided to eventually to became a school teacher, during an interview, he called Principal Steinbeck and Officer Goodman hot, they also didn't get to finish his background checks, but eventually hired him.

He first appeared in "Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 2", as Bowser Junior's first grade teacher. He reveals to the class that he is a sex offender, and demonstrates abnormal, inappropriate, creepy and perverted behaviors. He also appeared in "Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 3", where he was arrested while taking photos of the students. He was replaced by Jackie Chu as Bowser Junior's 1st Grade Teacher in subsequent episodes of the series.

He appears in "Bowser Loses A Tooth!" disguised as a tooth fairy, saying "that's hot" to Bowser Junior while sleeping at the end.

In Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 5, Winkle returns to the school disguised as Jackie Chu. He fools everyone (except Cody and Jackie Twu). It is unknown how most people were oblivious to this even though he wrote "Mr. W" on the board, kept saying things "were hot", exhibiting his usual peverted behaviour and saying he was Jackie Chan instead of Jackie Chu. When the school burnt down from Junior lighting the paper on fire, he was arrested yet again, this time by Brooklyn T. Guy.

While he did not appear in this video, Mr. Winkle was mentioned as the murderer in The Gun! where he murders 15 kids at a playground, going from being a child predator to a child murderer with no explanation. He was arrested again after the police found his gun under the slide.


  • "I'll take that! Ha! No gum in class kids." (First lines)
  • "That's hot." (Catchphrase/repeated line)
  • "Duck, (humming), duck, (humming), goose! You're a goose!"
  • "I am living the American dream right now."
  • "Why didn't you tell her?"
  • "That is not hot! That is not hot at all!"
  • "Sorry kids, I'm going away for a while!" (Mr. Winkle's comeuppance)
  • "Me Chinese. Me make joke. Me go pee-pee in your Coke." (impersonating Jackie Chu)
  • "Shut up you hot little s**t, you're blowing my cover!" (whispering to Jackie Twu)
  • "G is for...uh...goddamn, what is that?"
  • "I had that American laser eye surgery."
  • "Everyone, there's a fire in the classroom! Get in the corner and panic, now!"
  • "E is for chicken!"
  • "No more toys for all the hot kids..."


  • In Part 2 of Bowser Junior's 1st Grade, Mr. Winkle says his name is David, but later claims it is Daniel in Part 3. (it was possibly a mistake)
  • It is also stated in an early appearance that Winkle lived in Kentucky but in his later appearances he reveals that he was born in Detroit, but it's possible he may have moved to Kentucky at some point or might just be lying. 
  • Him calling Mr. Goodman and Principal Steinbeck hot, may also imply that he is also into grown men as well.
  • It's currently unknown how Winkle got out of jail, as he broke into Bowser Junior's apartment.
  • Despite getting jailed twice, he somehow still escaped and made a cameo in "Bowser Goes To The Movies!" as a moviegoer.
  • Mr. Dinkle heavily resembles Winkle. It is speculated, though unknown if they are related or they're truly half-brothers that look exactly alike because they have different last names.
    • It is possible Mr. Dinkle and Mr. Winkle are one in the same.
  • According to some fans, he sounds like he was voiced by Patrick Warburton (the voice of Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove, Joe Swanson from Family Guy, Ken from Bee Movie, Flynn from Skylanders, and Brock Samson from The Venture Bros.) even though he is actually voiced by Pooby.
  • Mr. Winkle is probably bisexual (meaning he likes men and women) since he molested Cody and told Zelda to "Meet him after class".
  • He is disliked by several fans due to him being a pedophile.
  • He appears to have got out of jail according to "Bowser Junior's Bad News!" He ended up going back to jail sometime before "Jeffy and Junior Go To Prison!".
  • Jeffy did not know him until "Jeffy and Junior Go To Prison!".
  • He is portrayed by a Silly Puppets George Dad (peach).
  • Mr. Winkle has been in prison and/or police custody for approximately 6 years (if you disregard "Bowser Junior's Bad News!").