"Hey, Woody, can I have a shrimpo?"
— Mr. Pig's final words.


Mr. Pig is a former main character from the SuperMarioLogan franchise. He was one of Mario's best friends and a main character in Season 0. Mr. Pig mostly disappeared after Season 0, only making sporadic appearances in Season 1 and 2. Mr. Pig made one last appearance when he was revealed as the true main antagonist in the Black Yoshi and the Birds series in it's finale. In Season 9's episode, "Jeffy Breaks His Helmet!", it was revealed by Mario that at some point, Mr. Pig had died through unknown circumstances. This confirms that Mr. Pig would never appear again but he still remains a favorite among older fans, however, it is possible that Mario lied to the audience that Mr. Pig died (possibly out of anger because of being called out on by one of the members of the audience in the episode).


Mr. Pig was born on November 22, 1995 to Mr. Magoo and his unnamed mother (possibly Mrs. Magoo).

It can be assumed he was raised in the "hood" like Black Yoshi,  his father often abused him since his mother died and once told him to get a job which he often refused then one day he took him in the pound where he meet Woody and gets a job with him making them best friends in the same day Tony the Tiger is dropped in the Pound eventually Mario adopts Mr. Pig and Tony the Tiger.

He used to be a main character, before being overshadowed by Tony and Mama Luigi. it is unknown if Mr. Pig still lives with Mario or not.

He reappears in Black Yoshi and The Birds Episode 7 as the true main antagonist (similar to Miles Axlerod from Cars 2). He wants Black Yoshi to kill the birds but Mario sees him in the kitchen holding Black Yoshi hostage. He gets killed from Taliban blowing up the bed with Black Yoshi.

He made a reappearance in The Big Thanksgiving. Here, Mario and Bowser are in the front of the table, and Mr. Pig is near the back, referencing the fact that Mr. Pig is no longer a main character, and the newer characters such as Bowser, Bowser Junior, Cody, Joseph, and some of the other main characters have taken the mantle.

In Jeffy Breaks His Helmet!, an angry fan demanded to know where Mr. Pig was, to which Mario declared him dead, though this may be a joke that he is a retired character and no longer appears in videos.

Role in American Idol Mario Edition

Mr. Pig appeared as a contestant in American Idol Mario Edition. Mr. Pig made it to the finals in Hollywood, where he beat Woody, and he was crowned the winner.



Likes and Dislikes



  • The Angry Birds
  • Black Yoshi (in Black Yoshi and The Birds)
  • The fans that don't like him


  • The Puppet used for Mr. Pig is a hand-puppet of Hamm that was given out at Burger King to promote the theatrical release of Toy Story in 1995.
    • Because of this, Mr. Pig isn't actually a pig, he is a piggy bank.
    • Logan probably lost it when moving out of The Old House, likely explaining (at least in part) why Mr. Pig retired.
    • However, Mr. Pig has return in a Lance Q&A meaning that he still has it, brought another one or found it when visiting the old house.
  • He rarely appears in the videos and when he does, it's just a brief cameo.
  • He can change his voice to Black Yoshi's voice.
  • In Jeffy Breaks His Helmet!, it was revealed that Mr. Pig is presumably dead.
    • Although it was confirmed in Jeffy Breaks His Helmet! that Mr. Pig was dead, it’s most likely just a joke as Mr. Pig is just a forgotten or retired character in the series.
  • He is also the only character to be a friend of Mario’s that did not appear in Mario's Family Moves Out!
  • In Lance's Character Q&A and Character Talk, he's not in videos because no one really likes him, however many people like him, it is possible that Lance stated that so he can be sided with the younger fans instead of the older fans.


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