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Mr. Magoo is a minor character that appeared in Logan's early videos. He didn't make big appearances in the early videos. He is a parody of the cartoon character Mr. Magoo and was revealed he was the father of Mr. Pig in Mr. Pig's Life Story.


In Mr. Pig's Life Story, Mr. Magoo is the owner/father of Mr. Pig. He gets very angry whenever Mr. Pig burps on purpose. Mr. pig walks away from Mr. Magoo but he comes and helps Mr. Pig find a job. They find the job at the pound that is owned by Woody. He applies the job and that's were he and Tony was found by Mario


  • "Did you know that 1.2 million people died last year due to animal crackers?"


  • Mr. Magoo resembles that of Uncle Sam, America's mascot.
  • His full name is Paul Magoo, as "Paul" was what he was referred to as in Main Character Judging.


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