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Mr. Corndog (also known as Corndog) is one of the plush who Competed in the Main Character Judging who the SML fans really like due to his funniness. Mr. Corndog is a tan or yellow dog who really loves corndogs. Corndog looked like he was going to win Main Character Judging but lost to Shrek, Taco Bell, Dog, and Tour Guide Goofy. Fans were really upset about this but then they also got upset about Mama Luigi losing. But in the SML Christmas Special, he is seen in the line to see Santa (Shrek), maybe because he wanted to ask for a main character spot. Now, Corndog hasen't been seen since then. He was voiced by Lance.


Mr. Corndog starts out his introduction by humming a slow tune and proceeds to shout "Hello" at Mario. He then shows excitement and says "aw you shouldn't have!" to Mario, although does not know why he says such a thing. He then starts crying about how he wants a corndog but quickly changes his mood and explains "You make my day Mario." He makes various uncomfortable noises and shouts "corn dog" as he goes back to being hungry. Mario asks what Mr. Corndog would do if he gave him a Corndog in which Mr. Corndog replies saying that he would eat it in one bite and proceeds to make disturbing chomping noises. This is the last he is seen other than his appearance in the caramelldensen. Everyone seems to like how funny Mr. Corndog is. Even Mama Luigi, another contestant wants to vote for Mr. Corndog. This may be Lance trying to push Mr. Corndog to being voted but clearly Mr. Corndog did not win.