"Monkey Business" is the 3rd episode of Mario & Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures.


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Yoshi and Mama Luigi are flying on top of Mario, who were returning back home from the Grand Canyon. Mario plans that once they reach inside, they'll find and confront Toad for making them go through the Grand Canyon, and finding nothing but Yoshi, or a "demon", if that's what Mario calls him. Inside, they crash land in their room, and Mario reverts back into his normal status. Yoshi is seen knocked out, presumably from the hard blow from the crash. Mama Luigi and Mario leave him behind to "rest for a minute". The duo starts guessing where Toad is, and they try the house next door. There, they find a sleeping Toad. Mama Luigi starts pounding on him before he could say anything. Toad tells them that he gave them the "wrong directions" and that Bowser would show up at Seaside Valley. Mario then threatens Toad to beat him up when he comes back. The brothers leave. It is then revealed that Bowser was in Toad's room, and was hiding from Mama Luigi and Mario. When Toad tells Bowser he sent them to Seaside Valley, Bowser is noticeably worried, because "a monkey man" lives in Seaside Valley, where he kills anyone who trespasses his property. Bowser punches Toad as a result, and he had no choice but to follow the duo to make sure they're alive.

Back in Mario and Mama Luigi's house, they see a rejuvenated and an awaken Yoshi, who had apparently been eating some of Mario's mushrooms. They decide to let Yoshi join in with them, and before they can go to Seaside Valley, Mama Luigi gets a blue Sharpie marker to "draw mustaches on each other", even though they both have it. They have to pass the Dark Creek, a narrow and pitch black creek in order to get there. They eventually find light, where the Brown Elephant is seen chewing on a dead creature. Mario tries to ask him for directions, but he just mutters "vroom". Mama Luigi then speaks an in unintelligible language that the Brown Elephant can understand. He points them to the direction they need to go, and they leave. Immediately after that, they encounter Bow, a somewhat vicious cat, and they speedily ran past.

When they finally arrived at Seaside Valley, Mama Luigi notices that the place is familiar. We then flashback to A Retarded Beginning, where Mama Luigi is at Seaside Valley calling for Bowser. Mario denies it, and due to Mama Luigi's stupidity, he accepts Mario and forgets that he went there to see Bowser. Yoshi then spots a puzzle where one has to hit a Donkey Kong piece into a bullseye target using a faux Wii Remote. After many failed attempts, Mama Luigi manages to hit it on the bullseye. Nothing happens afterwards, rendering the puzzle pointless. They've waited for thirty minutes, and nothing still hasn't happened. Eventually, a crazed Donkey Kong shows up and approaches Mario, Mama Luigi, and Yoshi. Mama Luigi pets him, and Donkey Kong reacts by punching him. He then punches Mario afterwards, then Yoshi. Donkey Kong begins to repeatedly hurt Mario by grabbing him and throwing him to the ground, where he then throws him across the valley. Mama Luigi then runs out of Seaside Valley to get Mario mushrooms. Yoshi then tries again, where he successfully beats him.

Back at the lair, Toad is seen bringing himself back on the bed to rest. Then, the Evil Croco shows up, and starts sniffing Toad, where he then tries to eat his bottom. He throws him away from the room, where the Evil Croco lays there.




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