Minelli was a cashier in the SuperMarioLogan franchise. His only appearance is in "Bowser Junior's Midnight Snack!". If you look closely on his nametag, it says Minelli.


He works at a gas station. When Chef Pee Pee comes to the store with Bowser Junior, Bowser Junior is loud, obnoxious, and makes messes. After they buy twizzlers, Bowser Junior leaves. When Chef Pee Pee tells Minelli that he is sorry that he had to bring Bowser Junior to the store, the cashier tells him to get out. Minelli later returns and tells Bowser Junior that if he ever returns to the gas station, he will kill him. Minelli was never seen again for rest of the series after this though it can be implied that Minelli was so fed up with his job that he had to quit as presumably revealed when he threatened to kill Junior if he ever walked into that store again.


  • "85 cents."
  • "Get out!"
  • "If you ever come to my store again, I'LL KILL YOU!"


  • Minelli was Tito's first character that he played. Minelli is also Tito's real name.
  • Minelli was replaced by Donald Rodriguez.


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