aka Colin Steveson

  • I live in California, USA
  • I was born on October 28
  • My occupation is Wikia, Video Games
  • I am Not the guy who (insert something here)
  • Bio Oh hey there, I am InternetProblem
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Hi I am InternetProblem and welcome to my message wall just follow the rules then you can post anything that's allowed!

Internet Problem Pictures

Rules Edit

This will be edited when I have something good to go here,

What you can post:

  • You just wanna have a chat with me
  • You want me to remove useless and add useful categories.
  • You want me to undo a edit by vandals and trolls.
  • You want to be on my friends list.
  • You want me to report a user to an admin.
  • You wanna know what my opinion on a video/character is.

What you can't post:

  • Swearing (especially the N word).
  • NSFW Linking also don't force me to watch it.
  • You wanna violate the wiki's policy.
  • You wanna advertise a wiki you founded.
  • Troll/Gibberish.
  • Calling me names.
  • Any drama (the most important rule)
  • Asking for personal information

Threads that has something to do with what you can't post here will be immediately removed.

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