"Mario The Babysitter!" is the 179th episode of SML Movies.

This episode is also the debut of Jeffy, who was originally the main antagonist in this episode, and is now a main character.


Mario is having a good time until he gets a knock at the door!


The episode starts with Bowser dangling Rosalina over a Piranha Plant. Mario then appears, wearing a Superman costume and also having long black hair. Bowser then asks what he's doing there with his "gorgeous hair", to which Mario replies that he "shampoos and conditions." Bowser then says to himself that Mario's hair is his only weakness. Mario flies up to Bowser, asking him if he's ready to die.

Bowser is shocked at Mario's ability to fly, and Mario's hair causes Bowser to flee terrified, but not before tossing Rosalina high into the air. Mario catches Rosalina, who thanks Mario for saving her, but Mario crashes into a wall, revealing it was just a dream. There is then a knock at the door. Mario answers the door to a kid who asks Mario if he wants to see his pencil. The kid reveals his name to be Jeffy, and that it says it on his shirt.

Mario then finds a sticky note on Jeffy's shoulder that says, "Please babysit.-Sorry". Jeffy reveals that his mom dropped him off, and then tries to put the pencil in his nose. Mario stops Jeffy, telling him not to put the pencil in his nose. Jeffy then asks why, and Mario replies with, "Because you're gonna hurt yourself! Don't do that!" Jeffy then says that Mario's "just givin' him the bad boy," and starts slamming his head against the doorway.

Mario calms Jeffy down and tells him to leave. Mario then lets Jeffy into the apartment. Mario gets Jeffy Scooby-Doo gummies. Jeffy thinks he is a giraffe but Mario says that Jeffy is not. Mario talks about how he is wearing a diaper because he won't poop his pants anymore.

The diaper is supposed to be in the inside of his pants. When Mario gets the gummies, Jeffy tries to put a pencil in his nose. Mario calls Rosalina, but finds out that Jeffy actually put his pencil in his nose. There is a knock on the door and Rosalina was here. She brings him a coloring book.

In the bathroom, Jeffy is covered in toilet paper. Mario then got Jeffy's pants cleaned up and let Jeffy finish his Scooby-Doo gummies, until he starts patting his diaper. He turns silent and Mario tells Jeffy to stop, but Jeffy won't answer him. Rosalina then comes in the living room and tells Mario that the cops are on their way. When the cop arrives, Mario shows the cop to Jeffy, but notices he has a crayon in his nose.

Mario then asks Rosalina why. She said that she tried to stop Jeffy but he was so "existent". Mario then tells the cop that Jeffy likes to put stuff in his nose. The cop then asks Jeffy some questions. Jeffy reveals his full name, "Jeffy Jeffy". He then revealed that he lives on the address of the same name.

The cop then asked what house number Jeffy lived in. He said "7", which reveals he is "Jeffy Jeffy" that lives on "7 Jeffy". Jeffy then drops his pencil out of his hand and starts patting his diaper. When Mario says "Bad Jeffy", Jeffy hits his helmet and starts crying and banging his head on the couch. When Mario and Rosalina said that he is a good boy, he calmed down.

Jeffy then raised his hand in the air, aimed the hand at his diaper and starts spanking it. It was a dream, but in reality, Mario answers the door to Jeffy with the crayon in his nose and saying if he wants to see his pencil. Mario then screams and the episode ends.



  • This episode marks the first appearance of Jeffy.
    • In the SML Reacts video, it's revealed this was also supposed to be the only appearance of Jeffy.
    • Jeffy was also the primary antagonist in this episode.
  • Many fans complained by saying that Jeffy is offensive and that he makes a mockery out of mentally disabled people. Later, Logan stated that Jeffy is supposed to be funny like Chef Poo Poo, not mentally disabled.
  • This is first time someone had to babysit Jeffy, the others were Shrek The Babysitter! and Chef Pee Pee The Babysitter!
  • This is the first video since Bowser Junior's Caprisun to have a bloopers video on SuperLuigiLogan.
  • In the Bloopers video it is revealed that the pencil Jeffy has in his nose is a snapped pencil and the cast used the end of it to stick up Jeffy's nose.
  • A square version of the thumbnail can be seen on Logan's Instagram.
  • It is revealed that Jeffy's favorite number is 7 just like Bowser Junior although later videos such as Jeffy's Biggest Fear! reveal that Jeffy is afraid of the number seven. It could be possible that the events of that video were likely non-canon or Jeffy might have developed that fear at some point after the events of this video.
  • In this video, Jeffy correctly pronounces the word "giraffe", despite in recent videos, he pronounces it as "gi-da-raffe", most namely Jeffy's Homework!