Mario Plush Collection!-0

Mario Plush Collection!-0

Mario Plush Collection! is a video in which Logan shows his Mario plush collection. It was released on SuperLuigiLogan on March 9, 2016.



  • Logan announced upcoming videos during the video.
  • Logan has his Red Yoshi now, but a Yoshi's Family series has yet to be created.
  • Logan announced that the main Bowser Junior plush he used would be retired due to the cut it got from Bowser Junior's Fireworks!. However, Logan has continued to use the plush as newer videos show the plush with the same mark as in this video.
  • Logan said that he would use the Dry Bowser plush in a future video. He eventually used it in Bowser Junior's 11th Birthday!.
  • There is an unknown Mario plush that is exactly the same style as Mama Luigi, so that would be Mama Mario. (It was actually a Kellytoy Mario next to him.)
  • Logan announced new characters that will be in future videos (Daisy, Dry Bowser, Tommy's Mom).
    • Daisy has not yet been introduced and likely won't unless Logan switches back to plushes and goes back to using characters other than the current Junior/Jeffy cast.
  • Most of the plushes Logan owns are pretty rare as the Mario Party 5 Luigi Plush is one of the rarest ones in his collection.
  • When Logan said all of the Bowser Juniors' bibs are off when he packs his stuff for a future video, it was for Bowser Junior's Candy Bar!
  • It has been true that Logan lost his Former Bowser plush from 2008-2015 during his move out and he said that the new Bowser plush (which was a plush from Japan) that he used in every video from 2015-onwards.
    • Even though numerous retired Classic Characters are absant from this video (e.g. Mr. Pig), this may not neccisarily imply the plushes and/or puppets for them suffered the same fate as Logan's Former Bowser plush from prior to 2015.
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